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Hands of Hope
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Information Snapshots
The Hands of Hope Mission was started in the mid-2000s in Prospect as an Expanded Homeless Shelter, Soup kitchen and medical clinic. It has always offered classes and supplemental classes to children and adults in both life skills and extracurricular activities. Through numerous generous donations from many of the city elite as well as a solid foundation of connections within the community, te shelter was able to expand into a school for students who have been given into its care to support struggling families. Later through more charity from the citizens of Prospect, they were able to construct a chapel and rooftop garden. Despite the Missions church connections, they have a no prejudice policy and all are welcome no matter who they are and the free clinic turns no one away, no questions asked. There are rumors that because of this the streets keep an eye out for the place.
Story Hooks Description


  • If you're hurt you can come to this place and be treated for free and as long as there's no fucked up signs of abuse they won't ask questions.
  • The shelter takes in abused or harmed spouses and children without question and will help find them new places to live in safety.
  • If you need a quick meal or a bus ticket and don't want any questions asked this is one of the places you can go.


  • There is a Chapel here
  • The chapel is used by many religions.
  • The chapel can be requested for ceremonies
  • The Chapel, like the Clinic, is open 24 hours a day as a place of contemplation and faith.
  • Above the Church is the Rooftop Gardens a place for spiritual reflection.


  • The clinic is free,
  • The clinic runs a blood drive. They turn no one away.
  • The Clinic does have the necessary paperwork to fill out -however- they do not ask questions in incidents that do not involve domestic abuse.


  • They are always welcoming volunteers. This includes Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, People willing to run services for their faith, Lawyers, Cooks, People willing to do janitorial work, Bookkeepers, Psychiatrist and Social workers.

Vampire - IC knowledge needed

  • This has been Constance Osti's personal Domain for over a decade.
  • The Sister will do her best to aid Kindred in need provided they do no harm to the flock.
  • She has fended off several attacks on her domain easily.
From the street, one enters the receiving area where there is a desc with a sign-in book: red for volunteers and blue for guests. (Names do not have to be real but everyone must sign in to aid in the census to see how much the church donates to the Mission every year.) There are couches across from the desks and a long hall that leads deeper into the old building. To the immediate right of the door is the Chapel. To the left of the sign-in desk is the sliding doors that lead to the 24/7 free clinic. Nearer the rear of the building, the soup kitchen is set up across from the large converted gym armory that has been turned into the sleeping area for those in need. At the back of the building, a door opens to the rear of the building leading to a community garden and small playground for children. Opposite it is an alley that is sandwiched between the Mission and the Hands of Hope School. Here you can acquire bus tickets and other community items such as shower tokens and toiletries.

The Chapel is a small but modern build room with movable chairs. It is a nondenominational chapel that can be booked for any ceremony and religious observance of any religion or creed. There is a staircase within that leads to the rooftop garden.

The rooftop garden is open to the public only during the day. At night it is reserved for those who run the Mission as a place of quiet introspection. It hasn't stopped the curious from finding ways up anyway.

The Clinic is a free clinic. Some personal information must be provided but it kept absolutely confidential and they are rumored not to ask questions regarding possible crime-related injuries. The only issue any staff will take is if they find any evidence of any sort of domestic abuse, spousal, or child. Otherwise, the doctors and nurses at the clinic respect their oaths and their patients privacy.

The Kitchen is set up so that people can come in at all hours. They offer different fair depending on sensitivity or religious reasons. They serve:

  • Early Breakfast at 3:30-5 AM - Usually fruits and cereals with coffee and juice.
  • Breakfast 6 AM-9 AM - This is a full cafeteria-style breakfast: eggs, ham, sausage, cheese, toast, bagels, milk, coffee, tea or juice
  • Lunch 1130PM-2PM - This is dependant on what food has been donated and what is seasonally available from the garden. There are also sack lunches offered to anyone who is going to school or to find temporary or permanent work.
  • Teen Feed 230PM-5PM - This is lunch leftovers, sandwiches, and other fair. This time is exclusively for teens on the streets who want to come in and meet their peers or grab a snack before classes or after school activities. There are classes run during this time about various teen issues and the lounge area of the kitchen is set up to accommodate a shared gaming experience.
  • Dinner 5 PM-9 PM - Self-explanatory. Served on trays (dietary substitutions are allowed) This is the busiest time of day for the Mission as the people staying as well as those coming in off the day, not the streets come to gather and be fed. Food largely dependant on what is in season and donations.
  • Late Dinner 9 PM-12 AM - Light fair, mostly leftovers or late-night snack fare. This is a very quiet time as the rest of the Mission is asleep. This is also the time when Volunteers and staff clean.

The Mission garden is in the back of the building. It's fenced off and housed ina small area. Here people at the mission and from the community come to grow and gather supplemental fruits and vegetables.

The Mission playground shares some space with the garden area. It's a small jungle gym designed for younger children of those who stay here.

The sleeping area are bunk beds for families and friends that are separated at night by curtains for privacy. The room is large and provides lockers for personal property storage that come with little orange keys on safety pins. This is a QUIET AREA between the hours of 8 PM to 8 AM.

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