White Wings Antiques

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White Wings Antiquities

Brief History

White Wings Antiquities has been a quiet staple of the town for years now. Often passed by in its nearly hidden spot, wedged into a corner. But always here. Ownership has passed from hand to hand to hand over the years. And now is not the first, nor probably last time it will pass.


Kasumi: Owner, operator


Owner: Kasumi
Location: Market St. and Third Ave.
Hiring: Maybe, you'd have to ask at the desk.


Antiques: That is the name of the shop after all, though it is not all that is dealt with there.
Information: Amazing what little tidbits you can pick up while sorting through things.
Nick-Nacks: Maybe even some paddy-wacks.
Rare Items: Are you looking for something special? Perhaps she can get it for you?