A New Leash on Life

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A New Leash On Life

"24 Emergency Animal Care"



The lobby and waiting area for A New Leash On Life 24 Hour Emergency Veterinary Services resembles all the cliches of a Vet's Office, recently renovated with updated security measures. Soothing sea-foam green walls are covered here and there with posters about animal health and the cute picture of a kitten hanging from a branch. The floors are tiled incase of pet accidents. and the chairs are hard plastic but comfortable. Good thing too, because the wait can get pretty long here. The staff is good at what they do, and have great bedside manner. Prices are reasonable and 24 hour service keep this place open, but they also bring in clients who can't afford manners or hygiene. There is usually some soothing music playing, to keep things nice and calm and professional. The reception desk is built into the wall opposite the main door, though it has obvious metal shutters that can be rolled down for security, alsong with security camera's. The door next to the desk is equally secure, solid metal with a little shatter resistant window, with a cute paw print curtain on the inside. This places is built with security and comfort in mind as well, for both the staff and your furry family members.

The office area is a little better kept than the lobby, which is to be expected with access restricted to staff and pets. There's a hall way with half a dozen doors on one side and only three on the other. The six door side is exam and treatment rooms for the animals, while the three door side leads to doctor's offices. While the six doors are numbered one through six, the first office door is blank, while the next two read Dr. Marcus Reed and Dr. Richard Spencer in order. Inside they are all rather bland, framed degrees and pictures of animals being the most remarkable features. Opposite the hall, behind the receptionist, are a storage area for medical supplies and stairs leading down to more storage, all hidden from the lobby by a decorative wall.


  • Dr Marcus Reed - Head Veterinarian
  • Jordan Roberts - Veterinarian
  • Dr Richard Spencer - Veternatian
  • Chris Sanderson - Head Janitor
  • Brandon Martin - Veterinarian Assistant
  • Isabella Larson - Veternarian Assistant
  • Daniel McClean - Technologist
  • Talitha Jordan - Receptionist
  • Lauren Oisin - Technologist
  • Mackenzie Karlovitz - Technologist
  • Anderson Deer - Receptionist
  • Nicollete Breedlove - Janitor
  • Michelle Dou - Animal Care and Service Worker
  • Samantha Narverud - Animal Care and Service Worker
  • John Horvitz - Animal Trainer
  • Casper Conte - Pet Groomer
  • Charles Esmann - Pet Groomer


Services such as:

  • Grooming
  • PetHotel
  • Doggie Day Camp
  • Dog Training
  • Veterinary Care
  • Pet Adoption
  • Pet Charities

Payment Arrangements can be made as needed


Dr Marcus Reed, Head Vetrinarian

Dr Jolene Addison, Owner