Shangye Shinsha

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Shangye Shinsha
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xxxxx The Shangye Shinsha a is a Shinto Shrine that can be found within the confines of Chinatown's Shangye District. The Shangye Shinsha is dedicated, over all, to Amaterasu-no-Kami, the chief Deity of the Japanese Shinto Gods. Shangye Shinsha offers all sorts of traditional services, such as blessings, weddings, festivals, ceremonies and the like. Akimasa Hotsuin, the Shrines Kannushi (Priest) is usually present at the Shrine Office during the day and able to have an appointment set to sit and talk. If Kannushi Hotsuin isn't about, one of the two Maiko usually are and can be of equal help, night or day, for those with questions and the like.

Shinsha Layout

Torri Gate and Bridge

Haiden & Holden

Shrine Office Entrance

Staff Rumors
AH1.jpg Akimasa Hotsuin
(Shinto Priest)
Junko.jpg Junko Sato
(Shrine Maiden)
Maki3.jpg Makiko Shima
(Shrine Maiden)
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