New Era Garage

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Update: 4/17/19

  • Fencing: It seems that someone's added coils and coils of barbed wire a top the tall front section of fencing that is visible from the street. This is on top of the ten feet tall corrugated iron fence to reach an additional two to three feet into the air. It should keep most curious souls out.
  • Light It Up: In addition to the new barbed wire on top of the fencing, new flood lights have been installed on the garage and the front gates that can burn out your eyes they're so bright. One set, on the garage, is pointed into the parking lot and the second set, on the gate, are set onto the street.

Update: 4/16/19

  • Locked up Tight: Due to recent discoveries, Dawson has the whole place locked up as well as he can.
    • This, however, should not stop the more curious folk from investigating if they want. Just message me if you want to hop the fence

Update: 4/15/19

  • Clean Up: The new owner, Dawson, has put word out that he is looking for help to get the place cleaned up. He's willing to pay relatively good money and feed people for a few days work to help haul away the scrap metal, junk and old bits of this and that which should be removed, burnt or buried. He leaves a phone number where he can be reached.
    • This will be an ongoing rp theme for the location for a while. Just stop on by or page Dawson to set things up.
  • Locked Up The new owner, Dawson, has locked up the garage and kept the main gates sealed when he's not on site. The idea is that he doesn't want someone wandering in and either stealing stuff he might want to keep or get themselves injured and try to sue him in court. When he's around he'll have it open - an old pick up truck hauling out this and that to the dump.
    • Those who want to explore it at night or when Dawson's not ICLY there are welcome to do so - just page me.
  • Weird Vibes Even on a brief walk through of the grounds and poking his nose in and around the garage has left Dawson with a weird feeling. His own talents have registered a weird and unusually potent resonance of the place that he can't seem to lock down to a single source.
    • He's going to be looking for other people to come and see if they get the same vibe and if there's anything to be done about it.

Update: 4/12/19

  • Pats Radiator Repair: was purchased by some new feller name Patrick Dawson.
  • He sold off a lot of the wrecks in the back as scrap to clean it out.
  • He's more of a bike mechanic but he will look at cars too.

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RP Hooks


  • Bike Repair: Rebuilding, repairing and reclaiming old bikes for the discriminating rider.
  • Towing: For when those bikes refuse to drive anymore, he will send his truck out to pick it up.
  • Bike Parts: For those bikes that can't be salvaged, they're hauled to the back and stacked for scraping.


  • Felon / Ex-Con Looking for a job?
  • Out of work Vet needing to score?
  • Homeless scrapper needing some cash?


  • You needing a crew because the streets are dark and the nights are long?
  • You a criminal and wanting to move up in the world?
  • You a dealer wanting to carve out some new territory?


  • You a witch? Not the new-age pagan crap but an O.G. Blood and Storm, Fire and Shadows kinda witch?
  • You made contact with the other side? Do they listen? Do they obey?
  • You lookin to expand your magic and walk a little on the dark side?

  • Streetwise (1): The place has a new owner, His name is Dawson. Initially he was calling for people to come help him clear it out and then suddenly he told everyone to stay away. I wonder what he found?
  • Streetwise (2):
  • Streetwise (3):
  • Streetwise (4):
  • Streetwise (5):

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New Era Garage

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Name New Era Garage
Type: Business
Owner: Dawson
Location: 4th and F Street
Influence: Street (2)
Sphere: Mortal+


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D Street and Mission Drive

      Here in the rundown section of town, buildings seem to be far older, dating back to the early 1800's. Their cracked and crusted surfaces tell the tale signs of old age, wear and tear on the ancient structures. The streets within the area are also have seen better days as the cement is cracked and caked with dirt, oil stains and grime in many areas from parked used cars sitting there on the side of the streets for God knows how long.

      Trash lies strewn about the gutters every which where and about as cigarette butts fill within and around the sidewalks. There's a heavy drag of despair and hopelessness that seems to fill the 'air' within the area, simply lingering about like a second pungent wind. Definitely not a place for the faint of heart as one that doesn't seem to know their way around these parts could tend to find 'trouble' all too quickly.

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