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Why charter a seaplane? It's convenient, it's safe, and it saves time! What more could you ask? Chartering eliminates the delays associated with commercial flights, connecting flights, taxis, or ferries. In Prospect our amphibious seaplanes depart from the Market and Canary Seaplane Base in the Harbor District taking passengers to their favorite destinations throughout the lower Pacific. We can take you directly to your favorite resort, island or chartered private yacht.


Sandpiper's new seaplane service takes destinations that once lived on a wish list and moves them to reality. With easy, convenient, frequent flights to key locations like Prospect, Escondido, Oceanside and beyond, you can skip the hassles of traffic, long lines and a ticking clock. Now, you can spend less time getting to your business appointments, to your vacation hotspot or home to your family in a fraction of the time it would normally take by car or traditional air travel.

The beauty and excitement of taking a seaplane flight can mostly be attributed to the aircraft, the Cessna Imperial Caravan 602. This spacious 14-passenger aircraft has the capability to land on either water or land. Every seat is a window seat, offering a spectacular bird's-eye view.




For frequent flyers, consider QuickTix, our discounted pre-paid book of ten (10) one-way tickets.


(Made possible by generous donations from Johnson Construction, Caravelli Food Services, and the UC Prospect Alumni Foundation. Investment opportunities available, call (619) 555-2323 or visit