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Location: Bayfront, Chula Vista.
Flavien duComte

The Shop

            Tannhauser Gate is a collection of art and curios spanning the breadth of wonders available in the natural world. Everything from crystals, minerals, and fossils, to skeletons, mounted insects, and taxidermy - as well as a selection of fine art, jewelry, and apothecary goods. Sourced responsibly and ethically from artisans locally and worldwide, Tannhauser Gate's goods celebrate the beauty in life, death, and what comes after. By embracing the bizarre and abnormal, we embrace all of the world, even the weird parts. As Roy Batty said, "I've seen things you people wouldn't believe..."

* - this isn't terribly common knowledge. He doesn't work at the shop, although he is around occasionally.

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Event Space

            The second floor of the building is home to an indoor-outdoor event space facing Chula Vista Bay. This space houses private events and classes year-round and is available for rental - inquire within.

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Coffee and Cocktail Bar

            Offering a selection of espresso beverages, fair trade coffee, and craft cocktails. Innovative menu changing seasonally. Vegan and gluten free items always available!

Current Menu:

  • Floralia Latte - Rose, lavender, violet, & honey with steamed milk and espresso.
  • Beltane Latte - Verbena, orange blossom, cardamom and vanilla with steamed milk and espresso.
  • New Moon Mocha - Darkest cacao, molasses, and anise with steamed milk and espresso.
  • Water Lily - creme de violette, fresh lemon juice, floral gin
  • Ramble in the Bramble - blackberry simple syrup, cucumber, lime juice, vodka
  • Sweet Talkin' Son of a Gun - Brandy, Peychaud's, maple syrup, mint, lemon juice

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