Edgewater Beach Resort

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News and Events


Dear Members of the Carlsbad Fief,

       Effective Immediately, the Carlsbad Elysium, Is under the management of Keeper Daphnne Reinne Cunningham. Please give her a warm welcome, and reach out to her should you need anything.

Jolene Addison
Primogen of the Roses



* Vampire and you are New to Town, @mail Duchess: Madeline or Keeper: Daphnne Reinne Cunningham
* New to Town, Please read ALL posts for +bb 18 & 19
* Event Venue for Camarilla - If you wish to use the Elysium for a special event, please reach out to @Daphnne
* Rules of Elysium posted at +bb 19/10, Elysium is open only to those who respect the rules. Disrespecting the rules will be cause for removal or worse.


Edgewater Amenities

Grounds Atrium Pool Great Hall Great Chamber
Secured Grounds Atrium Bar Boat Dock Great Hall Conference Room
Members Only Atrium Grill Gardens Ample Seating Piano
Must Present ID Reception Desk Lounge Chairs Private Bar Luxurious seating
Beautifully Landscape Spa Picnic Tables Dance Floor
Golf Course Concierge Outside Showers Professional Sound System
Tennis Courts Waterfall Alcove



Duchess: Madeline Blanchard

Keeper Daphnne Reinne Cunningham

Located in Prospect County - Carlsbad - Southwest Quadrant, Edgewater Beach Resort is a Members Only Resort.

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