Granny and Pa's Flea Market

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Granny and Pa's is a rather large permanent flea market located at Comet and Fourth.

         The main room of this permanent flea market boasts two floors full of little 10 x 10 booths, all squished together in meandering paths that wind in and around each other, almost like a maze. Just inside there is a counter sitting by a huge window with a shelf there filled with all sorts of plants that grow wild and haphazardly in their pots. You can also get coffee and some cookies, but a sign warns that those things are to be eaten up here at the picnic table and not taken further into the store. There's a door to one side that claims it's a bathroom (And a sign inside that says 'Jiggle the handle to make it stop running, please.) 
         While things change just about every day in here, there's a wide variety of trash and treasures that range from little McDonald's toys that you get in a Happy Meal to some ancient tuba that might not be worth what you'd get for scrap, or it might have been Arnold Jacobs' first tuba from when he was a kid. You just don't know and that is the frustration and the glory of places like this. 
        Each booth is wildly different from the one next door. This one holds nothing but clothes and that one has a collection of toilet seats. This one has bibles, and that one has biker gear. Over here, kitchen stuff and an old recipe book. There, scented candles, brand new. 
        You could spend hours wandering the winding paths of the booths and never see it all. The upstairs is much the same.