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== Caring Angels: ==

There may come a time during a serious illness when efforts to cure or slow the illness in your elderly parent are no longer working and can even be harmful, rather than helpful. If your parent is seriously ill and facing a poor prognosis, you and your family should know that there's a special type of medical care that can help ensure that the final months of life are as good as they can be. We here at Caring Angels are specialized in this situation, and our goal is to give your parent control, dignity and comfort during their final months of life.

What is Caring Angels?

Caring Angels offeras a specific type of palliative care, which means we focuses on caring, not always curing. We provides pain and symptoms relief, helps your parent and your family plan your care, and guides you through the health care system.

Caring Angels provides:

  • Pain and symptom relief
  • Bereavement counseling for family members and loved ones
  • Assistance in organizing financial affairs
  • Help in navigating the healthcare system%r

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Caring Angels

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