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RP Hooks
  • Art Museum
  • Event Venue
  • Exhibition Hall
  • Fundraising Venue
  • Performance Theatre

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Current Events


Art Exhibit
At the Crown Museum




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The Crown Museum - Main Room

The two story, circular room is bright, from strategically placed lighting, and from several windows along the upper story walls. It shines down on the circular floor below, bringing the distinct flooring into view. Visitors walk across a large, Old World Map as they head to the different galleries available, the few displays down here staggered to keep from interrupting the flow of traffic. The circular desk that makes up the information kiosk is set up near the top of the map, at the back of the room. There is always at least one person manning the booth, though often more than not, two or three to help with the phones, visitors and scheduled tours. Along the building's left wall is a large, handicapped accessible ramp that provides everyone access to the second floor.

The old classic architecture has been updated to better match the modern artwork on display. Several lesser-known pieces by notable artists like Henri Matisse and Rousseau are prominently displayed in the main hall, along with a number of abstract sculptures. A smaller gallery alcove is currently displaying a few pieces by local artists.

The Crown Museum - Courtyard

Nestled snug in the center of the museum, close enough that one can hear the muted strains of music and the occasional peal of laughter from the open doors of the theater, this charming little iron-fenced garden has been styled after those more common around the turn of the last century, the trees and bushes look starved for the nourishing rays of the sun, but it's clear that a great deal of effort and attention has been invested in keeping the graceful old willow trees and carefully pruned roses green and healthy. Brick walkways set with modern renditions of Victorian gas lamps at regular intervals crisscross the gardens, their smooth paths lined on either side with scores of different kinds and shades of roses, each carefully marked with a brass plaque that announces both its common and Latin name.

Little cast iron and wood benches of a similarly Victorian design are tucked here and there beneath the trailing branches of the willow trees, offering strolling patrons a place to stop and rest. Nestled in the far corner of the gardens, a large gazebo stands wrapped in the thorny embrace of a climbing rose bush, its interior deeply shadowed now that the sun has completely slipped from the sky.

A roll in bar has been added in here, serving up drinks, including several kinds of wine, a craft beer from a local brewery and also non-alcoholic options.

The Crown Museum - Theatre

You step into the modern Crown Theater, there are entrances both upon the main floor and at the back of the balcony. The chamber is set in a horseshoe with the stage against one wall and thrusting out into the center of the seats. The incredibly tall arch is hung with curtains and it is clear this space can be utilized for many things and in many ways. Acts can perform on the main stage beneath the proscenium arch as is traditional, the stage can be used as a thrust, with the audience on three sides - or the seats can even be adjusted to create a classic theater in the round setting.

The seats are a soft grey, the walls painted black, the space is a blank canvas begging to be created upon. The main floor orchestra can seat about 400, and the balcony another 300 beyond that. It is not a totally intimate space but it will not house massive concerts either.

The Crown Museum - Green Room

The Greenroom isn't necessarily green, it's just the traditional name for the dressing rooms and space where acts and actors chill out before going on stage. This space has dressing rooms, showers, makeup mirrors with great lighting and in the main room, really comfortable sofas and chairs. The walls are covered in framed works - historic theater playbills, posters and photographs. The atmosphere is quiet, relaxing and geared to be anything a performer needs before going on to be amazing.

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Crown Museum Gallery

Current Exhibits

Past Exhibits

Ravine Lilichu Gallery

Ravine Lilichu Gallery Menu Catered by Vieux Carre

Jaume Plensa Gallery

Past Concerts

Lirva Venenal Saturday, April 18, 2020 Gallery

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Crown Museum

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Founder: Madeline Blanchard

Curator Dr. Jolene Addison

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Upcoming Events

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