2018.05 22 Fire Fighter and Policemen Charity Gala

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Fire Fighter and Policemen Charity Gala
Sunday Night Art Exhibition at The Crown Museum - Theatre
IC Date July 15, 2018
IC Time Night
Players Jolene Sharpe Wilder Madeline Alexa Heathen Mikael Martha Edgar Phoenix Eric Ilias Amelie Vegard Hailee Phillipe Guivre Alexa Azrael Caerus Brittney Devin River Drake Nettle Crown_Museum On_Wings_of_Angel's_Foundation
Location Crown Museum
Spheres All
Theme Song Officer Down by Hannah Ellis [1]

Fire Fighter and Policemen Charity Gala, Sunday May 22, 2018

The Crown Museum - Theatre

Jolene steps back out into the Main Room looking over the last minute touches and appearing a bit frazzled, wondering if there is anything she has forgotten, and looking to see who is here and what is left to be done.

Jolene looks down at her phone wondering where he could be as it won't be that much longer before the event starts.

Sharpe usually arrives on time, he was a few minutes late. But he had to pick up a few things on the way here. He steps in through the doors and is dressed to the nines as usual in the latest fashion of suits. Though he is the Prince's ghoul he has a sculpted silver rose pinned into his lapel this evening. He spots Jolene and makes his way over towards her, a box tucked under one arm. "Follow me." He says with a little grin crossing his features.

Jolene slips her arm around his and lets him lead her wherever he plans to lead her with that box in his arms and kisses his cheek. "You are going to save me this evening Malcolm. I owe you for this!"

Wilder's eyes lift briefly looking between Jolene and Sharpe before he turns his focus back to those trays, The man adjusting a few things here and there before the typist falls idle for a bit.

Sharpe leads you quietly through the museum towards the green room "Not a worry at all." He'll put the box down on the table and open it up to reveal a new black dress, new pair of peep toe pumps and even a pair of thigh-highs if needed or wanted. "Besides, if you've got it, you should flaunt it. And you absolutely have it."

Jolene leads him to a room she knows is available and he can see a few other large ball gowns hanging ready to be changed in tonight. One Blue and the Other Looks like it exploded. She grins at him and kisses him softly. "I have to have atleast one gown that leaves them with their mouths hanging open and I trust you to see I can do that right?"

Jolene bends down to slip out of her current heels and turn around so he can help her with current dress she is in. An unmistakable blush on her cheeks, "Is that why this looks.. Scandalous, Sweetheart? You are trying to make them talk. I just know it."

Sharpe steps in against you to help with the dress, does he need to run a hand down along your curves to pull down a zipper? Not one bit, but he does it anyway "Oh, it's scandalous because I know you can pull it off, and let them talk." He slides down that zipper to actually help though

Jolene leans her forehead against his own as he runs his hands down to help make sure the dress fits her perfectly and gently sets her hand on his. "You are enjoying this far to much." Her green eyes looking into his hazel ones.

Sharpe's lips quirk up into a mischievous grin. He meets your gaze and then tilts his head to lean forward and claim your lips with a slow kiss "Oh I absolutely am."

Jolene brings her hand up to softly touch his cheek with her fingers. "You are so hard to resist Malcolm." Her voice like a whisper. "How am I supposed to focus tonight when my thoughts are going to be so focused on you?"

Sharpe grins again and leans in to nip at your neck playfully "The same way I get by, just focus on -after-" He lets his hands wander some more using the excuse that he's making sure the dress fits perfect.

Jolene blushes and knows better as his hands wonder, and tries to bite back a soft whimper. "Are you sure it is just right, Malcolm." She wraps her arms around him and hugs him close. "Do you ummm." He is making it so hard for her to think. Curse him!

Sharpe smirks faintly at the umm. He just nibbles some more playfully at your neck "Feels right" He'll let his hands wander over once more before resting them easily on your waist "Do I umm?"

Jolene shakes her head out of the fog that he puts her head into, as her hands try to grip his own to keep them still. "Do you like?" She finally manages as she steps back only slightly so he can look more fully.

Sharpe smiles and doesn't let his gaze wander, instead he keeps his locked onto yours "I really do."

Jolene despite her really wanting to stay right there with him, she knows the evening will be starting and she should be out helping to greet guest. "Come with me? We can watch over the donation table for awhile? Please?"

Sharpe steps in one more time to claim those soft lips in another kiss before offering his arm "Thought I was your date tonight gorgeous?" He smiles and lets you lead to the guests though.

Jolene offers softly, "You are my date tonight Handsome, I just have to perform tonight too. Mostly this is Mom's show tonight. I am just playing a part in it."

Madeline is greeting guests as they arrive and smiles, nodding to Martha "The entertainment will be beginning shortly in the main theater, please feel free to explore and enjoy yourself"

Mikael smiles at Madeline's kiss, and catches her hand to brush his lips across her fingertips. "You look beautiful. Heath should be here soon, I have our things to put backstage."

Alexa nods "I will thank you." she heads over by herself, as she doesnt know anyone, just looking over the displays.

Madeline smiles at Mikael's kiss to her fingers "merci cher"

Jolene comes in from the courtyard area with her arm draped over Sharpes, dressed in a a black almost scandalous evening gown to start the evening off. (https://tinyurl.com/ya6z6y4m) and heels that make her look atleast three inches taller than normal. (https://tinyurl.com/y7s4an7k).(appearance 5). It isn't often she does so, or that she has a date for the evening either, but tonight She is here clearly with Sharpe as his date.

Heathen makes his way inside, chit chatting and making small talk with the various recipient's of tonight's event on the way, lopsided grin well in place, until finally reaching Madeline and company.

Madeline is a lovely young blonde, about 22 years old with the graceful body of a dancer. She stands about 5'6" and her blue eyes sparkle with energy as her quick smile warms the room around her. Tonight her hair is pulled back into a soft bun with a few wisps of blonde hair escaping to frame her angelic face. Tonight she is wearing a creation of crimson, the fabric draped and woven about her shoulders and torso, never sewn so hints of skin tempt now and then when she moves. Her sweet decolletage is framed by the swirls of crimson fabric giving the hint of more to be seen but never revealed. The fabric gathers about her waist in a sweet embrace that then allows it to spill out behind her in a crimson train that whispers behind her whenever she moves, the front of the skirt is deeply slit to reveal the beauty's stunning legs. Her feet are embraced by strapy red, 3 inch heels, the sway of which only adds to the alure of her figure when she walks. http://us.cdn281.fansshare.com/photos/jessicaalba/jessica-alba-wallpaper-1070181378.jpg http://media3.popsugar-assets.com/files/2013/07/17/744/n/1922398/a69de8d5d27126b3_65b14b0ee9e411e2a9d822000a9e29af_7.xxxlarge/i/Jessica-Alba-got-glammed-up-red-dress-recent-photo-shoot.jpg

Sharpe walks in alongside of Jolene, and of course is no slouch himself when it comes to getting dressed up. He was decked out in only the most fashionable suit tonight and even has a silver rose pinned into his lapel for this evening. Wilder remains near the table of the few hor dourves he had provided for the evening, The man keeping close to his things and largely to himself just watching things for now as the evening seems to just be getting started.

Madeline smiles and drifts over to greet some arrivals, Heathen is kissed then Jolene and sharpe, the crimson fabric she wears whispering softly as she moves "bon soir. I was just about to step into the theater and see if the first performance is ready to start" she reaches out and adjusts Sharp's rose pin with a wink

Long wavy red hair done in a simple updo to show off the lines of her long neck, pale skin with a hint of freckles, brown eyes, with thick lashes she is a bit on the tall side for a woman, with a lithe trim form showing some definition. To show off her face and features light tasteful makeup has been applied, and she wears her silver and pearl teardrop earrings.

Tonight Martha wears a simple boat necked gown in a silver grey with black and grey embroidery, with it she carries a black beaded clutch, and wears simple black pumps. https://www.gravity-fashion.com/grey-sleeveless-evening-party-wear-indian-gown-in-silk-d17026.html

Mikael smiles, nods and greets the others gathering as he checks in with Jacques, "Bonsoir, merci for coming this eve." He then lugs the gym bags, and assorted toward the stage seeming a bit preoccupied.

Martha is quietly checking on things, as to her outfit she is dressed a simply cut silver grey gown, with lovely embroidery on it in black and grey. Her hair is down, and styled to show off it's lovely color as she is a red head, and well a very tall one at that. She spots people she knows and nods to them or greet them with a soft, "Evening." Others she does not know she smiles to with a little bob of her head.

Jolene smiles as she sees Mikael here with the refreshments for his tables, and Martha here checking on security and Madeline meeting guests. After all the work she has done to get things ready for the evening, with everyone present so far, It is nice to just be able to relax with her date as she steps over to the Donation table to make sure everything is in its place. She then smiles at Sharpe, before she pulls him back towards the courtyard with her. "Let me show you the Guest Book Malcolm! You have to sign it!"

Jolene smiles as she sees Mikael here with the refreshments for his tables, and Martha here checking on security and Madeline meeting guests. After all the work she has done to get things ready for the evening, with everyone present so far, It is nice to just be able to relax with her date as she steps over to the Donation table to make sure everything is in its place. She then smiles at Sharpe, before she pulls him back towards the courtyard with her. "Let me show you the Guest Book Malcolm! You have to sign it!" (repose for Vegard)

Mikael nods to Jolene then, giving her a bright smile as well as he hastily snitches a stuffed fig, and slips off after Madeline towards the stage.

Sharpe returns the kiss to Madeline's cheek and offers a warm smile before he is being lead away by Jolene "Alright then, let me see." He chuckles and shakes his head, though that smile doesn't leave his features.

Edgar makes his way in, dressed in a nice suit, having a look around as the gala seems to be attracting a crowd.

Madeline smiles as people begin to meander about "Ilias and Amelie seem to be a bit late

Jolene steps back into the courtyard with her arm still wrapped around Sharpes and offers him a soft kiss on the cheek. She then steps over to Madeline and offers her a warm kiss on the cheek too. "Everything looks so wonderful Miss Blanchard! You have really outdone yourself!"

Madeline is so unused to hearing her name from Jolene that she laughs then nods "Merci mademoiselle, your assistance has been invaluable"

Sharpe watches Jolene make her way over to Madeline, so he takes the time to step over to the guest book and scribble down his signature

Jolene smiles as Madeline steps into the theatre and as Sharpe signs the guest book before she heads into the Theatre she doesn't wish to miss any of the performances at all. Holding out her hand for Sharpe when he is ready.

Madeline is on the stage as the audience gathers "Thank you, please take any seat you like, our first performance is beginning momentarily"

Phoenix follows in behind Mikael, looking over the place

Mikael lugs the gym bags towards the backstage but pauses, glancing over his shoulder, and gets a bright smile on his face. He waits until Phoenix joins him, then tells him, "Bonsoir, I brought along your costumes as well, cher."

Jolene steps back into the theatre with Sharpe as the audience begins to gather and leads him down towards the bottom closer to the stage so they have good seats for the performances, holding two LED Candles that everyone should be getting before they come in!

Phoenix laughs as he follows along. "yay" he teases blandly.

<Phone> (Text from Eric) Good evening my dear Jolene. I have heard about a new charity gala coming up, complete with an auction and everything. And amongst the to be auctioned items I saw something catching my eye. A name actually. Yours. A most wonderful trip it is that you offer! Paris is most wonderful. Especially at night. But there was one item and I do not truly know why it caught my attention. But the necklace that is to be auctioned.. I find it rather stunning! And I would love to make a bid on it. Or even have an opening bid already set. What do you think would be a good starting bid? Sincerest, Eric

Jolene looks down at a text on her phone and up to Sharpe and down to her phone again before she makes types a reply and takes her seat.

<Phone> (Text to Eric) It is a rather stunning necklace and I would start the bid at atleast 10,000. It had caught my eye too.

Madeline smiles as the audience gathers "Thank you all so much for joining us tonight, now I am very happy to introduce our first performance by Mademoiselle Renoir and Lord Elijah Hemingway" she says then steps into the wings

Sharpe follows along with Jolene, moving towards the seats she's decided to claim. He glances down before speaking quietly "Everything alright?"

Brittney smiles as she makes her way into the theatre as the first performance is getting ready to start.

The curtain opens to reveal a stage band, dressed handsomely in black tuxedos and black dresses. The lighting is staged to focus on two leather-topped stools at the front of the stage. The lighting begins to dim on the band, as Ilias comes walking from the right hand of the stage. Simultaneously, Amelie walks from the left hand side of the stage and they both come to stand before the audience at the stools. A quiet set in the area, and a stillness until Ilias begins to lightly snap his fingers and it echoes through the room.

As the beat becomes more consecutive, Amelie begins to lightly sway and come to life with the beat of the music. Ilias looks towards her, and then towards the crowd with an expression like hes impressed with this. After another moment, he continues to snap and begins to tap his feet a bit, adding to the beat and summoning a bit more momentum in Amelies dance.

Ilias offers his hand out towards Amelie, taking her hand and the two begin to dance on the stage, swirling around and letting her gown lift beautifully as they dance very classically together for a few moments. The silent dance is beautifully choreographed, and the couple looks magical on the stage with the light cast over them.

After a few minutes of beautiful dancing, the couple stops on the stage and Ilias ends the momentum with a slow dip of Amelie towards the stage and brings her up so he can look into her eyes. A moment of pause is given, silence.. And then he begins to sing:

  o/~ Fly me to the moon..   
    ..and let me dance among the stars.      
     Let me know what Spring is like..       
 ..on Jupiter and Mars.o/~   
In other words, hold my hand 

In other words, baby, kiss me

The man gently twirls the woman back up lightly to a standing position once more, and fades back behind the stool.

Arriving by way of an old '57 Chevy truck, Hailee gets out and bids the man inside farewell before turning to walk inside. Wearing a fascinator top hat in a shade of royal purple over her blonde hair, the rest of her matches. The evening dress is royal purple with silver shinies on the bodice and on her feet are royal purple Converse. With an excited smile she heads inside and to the theater where she has a seat. pose smiles at him and nods as the performers start.

Jolene smiles at him and nods as the performers start.

You whisper "Just a friend asking for thoughts on a opening bid. Nothing to worry about. He had his eyes on the Necklace." to Sharpe.

Heathen finds himself a seat as the couple performs the first act of the night.

<Phone> (Text from Eric) Stunning indeed! And in this I shall follow your lead. Could you pass this starting bid on to the auctioneer please? And I shall give you the leeway of.. Let's see.. Another 70 grand in case someone tries to overbid me. Does this sound reasonable? It would be 80 grand in total. Although. Less would always be better ofcourse. Would the final price stay under the 40 grand with me as the highest bidder, then I would like to donate it back for another round. And ofcourse I shall be partaking in that one as well, bidding with the money left from the first round.

Madeline is watching from the wings, smiling warmly at the performance on stage

Regaining her footing, Amelie smiles happily, with a hint of a blush. Joining in after Ilias, she takes a careful seat on one of the stools as she sings to him,locking eyes with him as she sings with all her heart. Her sweet soothing voice lilting over each note as she sits there, legs now crossed as her lovely gold gown sparkles in the light. She turns a bit on her seat, as she places her right hand over her heart. As she sings the next few lines, she reaches out toward Ilias, gesturing to him.

  "Fill my heart with song, and let me sing forever more..   
    ..You are all I long for, all I worship and adore..      
     ..In other words, please be true..      
   ..In other words,... I.. love.. you."     

Amelie looks to Ilias, locking eyes with him as she sings with all her heart. Her sweet soothing voice lilting over each note as she sits there, legs now crossed as her lovely gold gown sparkles in the light.

Ilias chimes in:

     Do you hear me, Im talking to you       
Across the water across the deep blue ocean  
 Under the open sky, oh my, baby Im trying   

Amelie counters beautifully:

Boy, I hear you in my dreams 
     I feel you whisper across the sea       

I keep you with me in my heart

   You make it easier when life gets hard    

Then together:

   Lucky I'm in love with my best friend     
   Lucky to have been where we have been     

Lucky to be coming home again

      Lucky we're in love in every way       
 Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed   
      Lucky to be coming home someday
   Lucky I'm in love with my best friend     
   Lucky to have been where we have been     

Lucky to be coming home again

Vegard remains at the entrance, quitly watching the performance and smiling and offering a wave to those he spots that he knows, which really isn't many his eyesight is awful. Most of his focus is on the stage as he watches Amelie and Ilias get vocal.

<Phone> (Text to Eric) What else would you like to bid for if you can get the necklace for less than 40k?

Phillipe lingers near the back as well, listening to the performance and sipping at this glass of champagne. His head tilts to one side a time or two - used to considering these two songs as separate rather than a single unit - but performance arrangements are sometimes done that way.

Jolene shakes her head and grins as she watches the two of them performing and then as it comes to a close she claps madly for them, clearly enjoying the performance this evening, and then taps out a new reply on her phone, realizing she has just turned into a proxy bidder for the evening.

The last to enter, Dusk makes space for any other late arrivals before his attention returns to the performance. Brown brows knot with doubt but he continues to pay attention regardless of how much he dies inside.

Amelie starts again, letting her voice carry incredibly with passion to the audience as she sings:

      Lucky we're in love in every way       
 Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed   
      Lucky to be coming home someday

Ilias comes around the stools, and spreads his gloved hands outwards - and continues from where Amelie left off:

 Fill my heart with song..   
Let me sing for ever more..  

The man reaches up his gloved hand, gesturing towards Amelie as he turns to look towards her - tap dancing gently to the side and sweeps his hand to take hers in his own.

      You are all I long for, All I worship and adore

In other words, please be true

The couple begins to dance once more, twirling gently across the stage and close in an embracing whirl. Ilias draws them both to pause, so they can look into each others eyes once more silently for a moment. Then they both begin to sing, first Ilias:

      In other words..       

Then Amelie, with her beautiful voice:

     , in other words..      

Then together:

I love you.  

Madeline smiles from her spot in the wings, enjoying the performance

<Phone> (Text from Eric) Nothing. I want to donate the necklace back to the charity if that happens. That way they can immediatly sell it again. And with the remainder of the money, I shall bid on it again. And if I succeed a second time, I shall keep the necklace.

Martha slips into the back where she can watch and still head out as needed when needed. She is quiet and really well dressed this night.

<Phone> (Text to Eric) I understand now! Oh you are sly! I love it!!! I shall see that Amelie knows.

<Phone> (Text from Eric) Thank you my dear. I am happy that you like the idea. And who knows! Maybe I shall have a most expensive necklace at the end of the evening! I shall transfer the money to your account. That way you will be able to pay for it if I indeed win.

Jolene may have posed clapping to early and recends that clapping early and claps at the appropriate spot in the performance because she is not that rude! And refocuses her attention back on the performances and the reason she is here this evening.

Madeline applauds as the performance ends and smiles brightly at the pair

Mikael listens and peeks from backstage, smiling and applauding the couple.

Guivre slips in and lingers near the back of the room where he can watch the show without actually settling in.. yet...

Edgar is also sitting in the back, and he nods at Martha and Guivre as he applauds politely for the act that's finishing.

Taking a moment before he joins in on the applauds, Dusk turns his head and exhales a long breath in a tortured fashion before he, too, claps.

Alexa applauds the couple standing. "Bravo. That was beautiful man."

Martha smiles and nods to Edgar as she claps then peeks out the door then looks back to the show.

Ilias takes a light bow, and gestures towards Amelie and takes a step back. Her voice clearly superior and he applauds lightly as he withdraws from spotlight for the next performance now.

Taking just a moment after the performance is over, here eyes on her partner, she takes a breath and then turns toward the audience. "Merci, merci. Thank you. Tonight's silent auction is open. Please text your bids in. All the money goes to a wonderful cause."

Amelie will wait and walk off stage with Ilias.

Heathen gives loud and robust applause as the couple exits the stage

Madeline smiles and steps out onto the stage applauding gently "Merci Beau Coup Mademoiselle & Monseiur, thank you for opening the evening so beautifully" then turns to the gathered audience "Please take a moment to bid or refresh your drink, our next performance will begin shortly"

Vegard joins in the applause and he nods to the pair exiting the stage.

Martha quietly directs people as needed, greeting or making sure the doors move quietly with no loud bangs from entrances or exits. She is dressed in a simple but lovely silver grey gown with black and grey embroidery on it in an intricate pattern.

<Phone> (Text to Amelie) Starting bid for the Heart Necklace on Behalf of Eric should be 10,000

Madeline smiles as everyone mills about then steps into the light again "For our next performance, please welcome Phoenix and Mikael" she announces, stepping back once more to give them the stage

The lights come up and the stage is set like an old, emptied and stripped out church, with greenery outside cut out windows. The spotlight is on a beautiful red haired dancer kneeling center stage, his head hanging downward. There is a very dim light on the front of the stage to the side where Mikael can be seen with a cordless microphone, dressed all in black and seeming almost part of the shadows there, only his face clearly seen. The dancer begins to move as he starts to sing, ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-tW0CkvdDI )

"My lover's got humour, She's the giggle at a funeral Knows everybody's disapproval, I should've worshipped her sooner If the Heavens ever did speak, She is the last true mouthpiece Every Sunday's getting more bleak, A fresh poison each week 'We were born sick, ' you heard them say it, My church offers no absolutes She tells me 'worship in the bedroom', The only heaven I'll be sent to Is when I'm alone with you, I was born sick, but I love it Command me to be well Amen, Amen, Amen"

Mikael turns more to look straight at Phoenix, watching him do those incredible moves, his voice becoming more emotional and powerful as he sings the chorus,

"Take me to church I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife Offer me that deathless death Good God, let me give you my life..."

Alexa shivers at the next song. Such beauty, its like a choir of angels tonight.

The small redhead is dressed in a flesh toned leotard. Long hair always hangs loose around him, almost an extension to himself. He starts out leaned back against the wall, then slowly begins to move with the sensual sounds of the music, as if slowly coming to life, then beginning to move into a sensual dance, his leaps and falls in perfect sync with the music, his whole body portraying the song and the passion of its movements. His leaps are long and with such grace and ease that it looks effortless. Long hair flails this way and that as if it had a mind of its own, falls to settle lightly around him when he finally comes to a stop, sliding to the floor on his knees.

At the announcement that the bidding has started, Dusk withdraws his iPhone from the inside breast pocket of his suit and even while doubt clouds his visage. Head bows while he looks over items and then frowns darkly. Lifting his head to wear another duet, Dusk returns his phone from where hence it came while he stands and makes his way out.

Guivre finds himself a seat conversationally isolated from everyone else and he takes his phone out, texting discreetly as he watches the performance.

Jolene gasps at the performance, and she should not be surprised as her hand gently holds to Sharpes, while she watches

Phoenix dance so beautifully and she is amazed as well by Mikael's performance.

Madeline seems to be watching Phoenix intently from the wings

Azrael comes into the Theatre, pausing just to the left of the door to take in the area. People, lots of them. Activity. Lots of it. He smirks a little and starts into the room, heading towards Madeline and Jolene to see what is on the agenda and where he might fall on it.

Alexa pulls out her cell phone and texts something. At her age, this is probably a sign of being impressed and sharing her thoughts with the interwebs.

Mikael continues to sing, his voice haunting and beautiful, but the spotlight remains on the amazing dancer,

"If I'm a pagan of the good times, My lover's the sunlight To keep the Goddess on my side, She demands a sacrifice To drain the whole sea, Get something shiny Something meaty for the main course, That's a fine looking high horse What you got in the stable?, We've a lot of starving faithful That looks tasty, That looks plenty This is hungry work..."

(repeated chorus x2)

Phoenix finishes up his dance powerful at the last verse, almost running into walls from the powerful leaps, but instead continues to perform the precision moves with perfection. He drops back down to his knees at the final notes of the song lingers in the room.

"No masters or kings when the ritual begins, There is no sweeter innocence than our gentle sin In the madness and soil of that sad earthly scene, Only then I am human Only then I am clean. Amen, Amen, Amen."

And the stage goes to black.

Alexa frowns at something. Huh. Battery's gone. She notices the performance is over and gives a passionate applause. "Damn. They're pretty good."

Madeline steps forward and applauds with a warm smile "Bravo!" she calls.

Having come in mid-performance, Fiona waits by the door, watching, until the lights go down again; only then, applauding, does she make her way to a seat.

Immediate activity can be heard from the dark stage as the setting is changed for the next number.

Alexa goes to the bathroom between numbers. Maybe she can get a signal there or something. Weird.

Jolene sets her phone done for a moment to offer an applause for the beautiful performance of the night! Offering a can't help buy smile from her seat next to Sharpe as she watches the amazing performance and smiles as she sees Vegard has come, and so has Azrael! She can't help but be happy to see they have both shown up this evening. She then looks down at her phone to make a bid on one of the auction items, this one for herself.

Madeline steps into the light with a bright smile "As you can see you are in for an amazing night. Please take a moment to view the silent auction or find a seat that is to your liking, our next performance will begin shortly"

Alexa nods. Dead Zone. Ok then thats understandable. She heads back to the performance area, returning to her seat. The internet will have to be without updates.

<Phone> (Text to Amelie) 15,000 for the Table and chair set for Jolene and 5,000 for the Heart Ring

Amelie applauds for dance performance. What a fantastic song to dance to.

Mikael peeks from backstage, smirking a bit at something.

Heathen joins in all the applause, smiling at the performance and making his own way to the side of the stage.

Martha looks about at all as she claps, staying in place by the door.

Hailee applauds from her seated position as she watches one act after another, content to be there and listening.

Vegard walks through the crowd and he steps onto the stage and he moves to the center microphone. Raising a hand up he waves and says with a trace of his Norwegian accent, "Prospect is a wonderful city and one of the things that makes it great are the people. This gala is for the heroes. The fire fighters. This is our thank you to our best." he gestures around the room vaguely as he continues to speak, "It's been ten years since these next performers have played live. I hope you enjoy it." he then raises a hand in a metal salute.

Caerus makes his way in, or was he already there? He moves amoungst the crowd until he comes up next to Jolene and bends to whisper in her ear. He is dressed in a formal tux tonight, with white ruffles and tails.

The members of the black metal band Imperator and a lot of crew walk onto the stage to join Vegard. Extra amplifiers are wheeled in and gear is quickly set up in seconds as the band straps on guitars like Viking mercenaries who are taking their places on the front line of battle. They make their last second tuning checks. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHPNYKI1-fY)

Caerus whispers "I am here."

Madeline smiles and steps back into the wings to watch the performance

The lights dim and a song begins with a haunting melody as one of the guitarists plucks the strings with practiced precision. Vegard is then spotlighted as he and the drums drop in. Pulling back and sustaining long notes over the initial segment, his sorrowful black, wailing Ibanez glistens as the lights break through the shadows around the performers in the darkest reaches of the stage. He steps up to the microphone and smiles.

"Good Mourning.."

The melody raises in tension and Vegard's fingers are cascading over the fretboard at a frenzied pace until it sinks once more into the slow driving dirge.

"Hey, I don't feel so good. Something's not right. Something's coming over me. What the fuck is this?!"

Vegard howls out in travail as the momentum begins to build once more. The whole band decends into a cacophany of ever rising tension and technical guitar work.

"Killer, intruder, homicidal man, If you see me coming , Run as fast as you can, A bloodthirsty demon who's stalking the street, I hack up my victims like pieces of meat, Bloodthirsty demon, Sinister fiend, Bludgeonous slaughters, My evil deeds..

My hammers a cold piece of blood-lethal steel, I grin while you writhe with the pain that I deal, Swinging the hammer, I hack through their heads, Defiant defilers, you're next to be dead,

I unleash my hammer with sadistic intent,

Pounding, surrounding, slamming through your head. Yeah!

Jolene smiles up at Caerus and gently squeezes his hand too inviting him to join beside her and Sharpe and Azrael if he is joining them too. She isn't sure of the lineup now but is giving her attention to the state. She looks relieved too that Caerus is here.

Alexa is taken by surprise. Suit man is fuckin' metal. And the words. The words hit home to her. This is /not/ the style of music she expected. Norwegian metal. She puts her hand up and gives the horns.

Shredding his way through he jumps back into the violent lyrics,

"Their bodies convulse in agony and pain, I mangle their faces til no features remain, A blade for the butchering, I cut them to shreds, First take our the organs, Then cut off the head, The remains of flesh now sop under my feet, One more bloody massacre, The murders' complete, I seek to dismember, a sadist fiend, And blood baths are my way of getting clean, I lurk in the alleys, Wait for the kill, I have no remorse for the blood that I spill,

A merciless butcher that lives underground, I'm out to destroy and I will cut you down,

Cut you down!

I see you, And I'm waiting...

For Black Friday!

Azrael smirks a little as Vegard and his crew take the stage. A shake of his head when the music starts. Not his thing, but certainly a powerful expression none the less. He moves over near where Jolene and Sharpe are. He finds Hailee in the crowd and offers her a wink and a smirk.

Guivre grins faintly when the music breaks out into Metal but he doesn't have any other outward reaction to the performance. He retains his seat alone in the back and carefully checks his phone every ten minute or thereabouts. Mikael slips out from backstage enough so he can watch Vegard perform. He stares intently, and then smiles at something, touching his ear and glancing backstage.

Hailee lifts a hand and bends four fingers a few times in a little wave to Azrael when she catches his wink and smirk. Vegard's lyrics and music is pretty intense though and she gives him due attention.

Vegard raises his hand in a metal salute, and the curtains close. He exits the stage and heads back out into the crowd to rejoin the event.

Alexa applauds as well. But she notices other people looking down at their phones. In what she knows is a dead zone...weird.

Martha claps and smiles at the hand signals, but does not flash one from her place at the door.

Jolene smiles brightly at him, her friend standing up at this event and making a such a dramatic statement through his art and backed up by his band. She can't get the smile off her face this evening and waits for the signal to be available before she bids again.

Caerus rocks his head with the music and then raises his hand in a metal salute to Vegard and the band.

Mikael flashes the signal back not knowing if it was seen from his spot on the side, and applauds. He leans then, his eyes traveling over the audience, and then back expectantly to the stage for the next performance.

<Phone> (Text to Amelie) 8,000 for the heart ring. and 7,000 for the Royal Cajun

Madeline smiles and looks curiously at those odd hand gestures as if she's no idea what they mean

Edgar is listening politely, looking a bit confused though but he doesn't seem to be that thrown off.

Guivre eventually tucks his phone away into his the pocket of his suit coat without any indication of annoyance for it not having worked... he looks calm and he watches the performance in a steady sort of silence.

Madeline steps out and applauds Vegard and the band

Ilias has found a seat, crossing one leg gentlemanly over the other in his tuxedo and watches the performance on stage with intrigue. When it concludes, his applauds and nods his head approvingly. Clearly not a metal groupie by his demeanor, though he seems to have enjoyed the show none the less.

Madeline steps out onto the stage as the bands equipment is cleared "Bravo! What did you all think of that?" she asks of the crowd

Hailee applauds to let it be known what she thought about that. It was amazing, and she even throws in a whistle.

Caerus whistles and applauds!

Mikael applauds again, grinning, then frowns at something that shows on his cell before he is tapping another bid in.

Madeline smiles "The silent auction is running and bids are pouring in, please make sure to keep bidding on yoru favorite item, our next entertainment will begin momentarily!

Jolene smiles as she looks betwen Sharpe, Ilias, Azrael and then towards Vegard and whistles loudly for Vegard and clapping for him again. Bravo indeed!

Alexa smiles. "So many different types of music. Im impressed."

Edgar applauds politely, exactly the same as he did for the first act. His expression remaining unchanged.

Phillipe does not find a seat between performances, more comfortable with lounging against the doorway Vegard vacated to do his set. There are occasional glances at his phone - a few items to keep an eye on - and applause for each of the performers, but he seems... perhaps a little distracted, tonight. Perhaps more champagne is required.

Azrael touches Jolene's arm lightly and mutters something softly before moving towards where Hailee is sitting. He nods to a familiar face here and there and approaches Hailee, stopping near her and takes a seat near her for now. Azrael whispers "Time to get things ready."

Martha watches it all from her place with no sound, or even reactions, just scanning over all from her place near the door.

Hailee looks up at the approach of Azrael, turning slightly towards him when he has seated himself nearby. "Hi," she says softly. "Everyone is so talented," she speaks really softly.

Jolene nods her head to Azrael and offers a soft kiss to Sharpes cheek, and as she stands, one to Azrael as well. So she can head backstage to get ready for her performance too.

Sharpe was watching with rapt attention, a smile crossing his features for most of the performances. He turns his attention back to Jolene once he gets that kiss and sees her get up

Madeline smiles and nods to the next act to invite them up on stage

Brittney watches the different performances, while occasionally looking over the different items that are up for auction this evening.

Azrael nods to Hailee and settles in for the moment,"I was hoping to see more of it, but that isn't always the way." He winks and adds,"Are we going to be able to follow that production?"

Madeline seems to vanish a moment as the stage goes dark to be set for the next performance

<Phone> (Text to Amelie) 2000 for Dinner for 2 at Vieux Carre, and 2000 Bourbon and Bedlam Evening and 2000 for Jolly Dragon, 2000 for meditation and 5000 for Photography Session

<Phone> (Text from Ilias) Good luck on your performance my little Ballerina, I will be watching.

Mikael slips backstage for a moment, then reappears in his position where he can see the whole room clearly.

Phoenix slips into the back room, following Madeline and Mikael

<Phone> (Text to Ilias) Thank you so much Daddie!!!

Alexa knows she's already been way priced out of the auction. She'll donate to the cause anyways. This is way out of her league. Rich folk stuff.

One of the staff comes out on stage "Ladies and Gentlemen, May I present Monseiur Phoenix and Mademoiselle Madeline"

He steps off the stage and the music begins


Amelie takes a seat next to Ilias, and taps away on her tablet, keeping up with bids, and trying to watch the show.

Alexa Watches the production, keeping quiet from her bubble.

The stage lights come up slowly. Suspended from up above is an ornate picture frame with nothing in it. On one side stands Phoenix, shirtless with red hair down and upon his face and shoulders are written words - Fag, Small, Unworthy, Weak.. Failure. As the Music begins, Madeline in a simple black shift dress steps up to be his mirror image, she draws a deep breath and begins to sing.

"I am not a stranger to the dark, hide away they say, we don't want your broken parts. I've learned to be ashamed of all my scars, run away they say, no one will love you as you are"

Her hand reaches through the frame to try and touch his face but Phoenix turns away. As Madeline continues to sing, Phoenix steps further away and begins to dance, his movements as graceful as they are tortured - the song speaking through his movements

"But.. I won't let them break me down to dust, I know that there's a place for us.. for we are Glorious"

Hailee flashes a grin to Azrael with a shake of her head, "Not a chance will we be able to, but we can have fun trying." As Madeline comes on with Phoenix, she falls silent again to listen.

Mikael watches the performance with rapt eyes. This is obviously what he has been standing here to get a perfect view of. He shifts to lean in a way that he can still pay attention to the audience. He tenses slightly, touching his ear again, but then a little smile crosses his features, and he continues to watch the performance.

Then you see many other frames, large and small suspended from the black ceiling above. Madeline stands in a pool of light, singing as Phoenix dances - he returns to her and she touches his face then turns him back to the audience and sends him forth into the music

"When the Sharpest words want to cut me down, I'm gonna send a flood gonna drown em out. I am Brave, I am Bruised, I am who I'm meant to be This is Me. Look out cus here I come, and I'm marching on to the beat I drum, I'm not scared to be seen I make no apology, This is Me"

When Phoenix reaches another frame, Madeline is there waiting for him. She reaches through the frame and takes his face in her hands, smearing some of the cruel words written on his skin. Phoenix steps back and continues dancing, leaping and expressing the movement through his movements.

"Another round of bullets hits my skin, well fire away for today I won't let the shame sink in. We are bursting through the barricades reaching for the stars, we are Warriors, yes that's what we've become"

Phoenix possesses the stage with his movement, and then runs back to Madeline. They begin to walk along the stage, from frame to frame as she sings, the cruel words now wiped from his face.

"I won't let them break me down to dust I know that there's a place for us, for we are Glorious! When the sharpest words want to cut me down, gonna send a flood gonna drown em out. I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I'm meant to be this is Me!"

The meet and part at each frame until Madeline reaches through and takes his head in her hands again, singing directly to him. And when the last note sounds, Phoenix turns back to the audience - now the words upon his skin are worthy.. standout.. champion.. strong.. survivor. He stands there in the pool of light as the last note of the song fades and the stage goes black.

Alexa watches, transfixed by the meaning behind this. She shivers a bit, holding her purse close to her.

Caerus whistles and applauds! "Bravo! Bravo!"

Madeline steps forth with her hand in Phoenix's, so he can bow and she sink into a lovely curtsey before they leave the stage

Heathen gives a slow, but heartfelt applause, a soft smile coming over him.

Phoenix offers a bow and smiles over to Madeline, waiting for her to lead the way off the stage

Mikael catches Phoenix's eye and winks to him, giving him a thumbs up type of signal, and then applauds enthusiastically, "Bravo, excellente!"

Azrael claps as well and then stands again, offering Hailee his hand as he offers,"Shall we step to the back to get ready?" He looks to the stage as the darkness falls and then winks at Hailee,"See if we can bring down the house?"

Vegard is actually still here, he applauds for all of the performances. Taking advantage of the dimming stage, he heads out and is accompanied by two gentlemen in black suits exiting the theater.

Hailee was amazed by the performance and she gets to her feet, applauding. At the offer of his hand, she easily slips hers into it and smiles, "That was so beautiful. Vegards was great. We will see what we can do. I have every confidence in you." Following him to the back to get ready.

Martha watches and just looks well puzzled at tome points tonight, then back to scanning and watching the people again from her place by the door. There a bit of a look to the others as she claps, then makes sure the door is open for the ones coming and going quietly as not to disturb the preferences.

THe staff member comes out again applauding with a smile "Thank you all, now dont forget you can refresh yoru drink or put in a bid the next act is starting momentarily"

Martha does her lottle door duty thing here and there checking in by text with her people here and there.

Madeline returns to the stage once more in her crimson gown. She brushes a lock of hair behind her ear and smiles "Thank you all, please feel free to refresh your drink, our next performance Mademoiselle Hailee and Monseiur James"

Daniel is here! Swearzies. He's been wandering around from place to place and making sure people working the gala have everything they need

Alexa prepares to watch the next act, still enjoying the shows.

Azrael walks out onto the stage, hand still linked with Hailee's as they do. He looks at the crowd once, more or less to see it and get a feel for it, then his attention moves to Hailee as the music starts to play. He settles his gaze on her eyes and almost instantly the rest of the room falls away.

I'm tired of watching me hurt you
I'm tired of being the teardrops on your face
I'm tired of watching me hurt you 
I'm tired of being the teardrops on your face 
I'm tired of loving this way 
I'll set your heart free 
And if you're mine 
You'll come flying back some day 
But I'm tired of loving this way 
I'm not the one that you really need I'm not the one in your dreams 
I can see it in your eyes 
This ain't the way it should feel 
I don't know how we got here 
Love's no longer blind 
If that's just how it is

Martha watch the performance tending the door as needed with her eyes mostly on the stage for now, then something else catches her eye for a moment before she turns back to watching them on stage.

Hailee follows Azrael to the stage and stands facing at an angle towards both him and the audience, her hand securely in his. As he sings his parts of the song, she smiles, watching him, only singing when it is her turn. Her voice is lovely, almost haunting in the soft melody.

I'm tired of loving this way I know your every weakness I can find one in everything you say I'm tired of loving this way

The chorus comes and she sings her part with him, a slight smile curving up one side of her lips.

I'm not what you really need I'm not the one in your dreams I can see it in your eyes.

This ain't the way it should feel I don't know how we got here Love's no longer blind

If that's just how it is Can we go on like this Oh, baby what do you say I'm tired of loving this way I'm tired of loving this way

As it comes to the ending and Azrael sings to his part, she finishes with her own and then the two finish the final two verses together.

Can we go on like this? Oh, baby what do you say? I'm tired of loving this way. I'm tired of loving this way.

Alexa smiles at the two. Another beautiful song. She applauds their performance.

Caerus listens to the silence a moment and then starts of soft clapping and when it is echoed by others, claps louder and louder.

Madeline lifts a hand to her eyes a moment then applauds

Martha claps for them with a bit of well a press of her lips for but a moment, then back to her smile for guest going in and out as she makes sure the door does not make too much noise.

Madeline steps forward with a smile "Please everyone take a moment to check on your bids, the next entertainment will be beginning momentarily

Nettle males her way int with her bag slung scross her body hanguing at her hip. As she makes her way into the museium/theater she looks around from face to face as she mingles with the crowd.

Martha is tending the door as people go in and out making sure there is not too much noise from it as people get drinks, or return from the court yard or main room. She has the oddest expression on her face for a moment before she schools her expression.

Alexa checks her bid. SHe knows shes way out of her league and way outbit. She shakes her head. "Thats as high as I could go."

Madeline steps out with a smile "And now, please welcome Mademoiselle Amelie to the stage"

Azrael raises Hailee's hand, the one tangled in his, and kisses the knuckle gently. After that he seems to more or less find his way back to the here and now. The song is over after all. He turns towards those gathered and offers a slight bow and then turns to leave the stage with Hailee.

Mikael applauds from the wings, but oddly it sounds like something is on his hands. It is more a knocking sound. He perks his ears so he can at least hear Amelie sing. He tries to get the figgety Heathen to stay still.

Hailee watches as he kisses her hand and dips her head as she offers a curtsy in return, "Thank you for the honor of allowing me to sing with you." The words given softly to him as they leave the stage, back towards their chairs.

Jolene offers a soft applause as she peaks out from the backstage holding gently to the curtain and heads back to the changing room.

Amelie walks up on the stage and curtsies to the audience, having changed her clothing from earlier. She stands in front of the microphone in her black formal dress and speaks, "Some of you have seen this performance before, and I thought it would be fun for this event as well. I have taken an Aria from Offenbach and matched it with a song a little more contemporary. Hopefully, many of you will recognize it."

She signals the musicians to setup, and when they are all ready a nod is given to the string quartet and the pianist to begin. She holds still, and begins to sing the song - hitting every note as clear as a bell, from high notes to low.

"Les oiseaux dans la charmille Dans les cieux l'astre du jour

    Tout parle a la jeune fille d'amour!     

Ah! Voila la chanson gentille

La chanson d'Olympia! Ah!... 

Amelie's intonation and pitch are spot on, her vocal runs that of a seasoned opera singer that she is. Her enchanting voice lifts the music from the paper and gives it life.

Nettle smiles as she sees martha and walks over to geeet her. She gives a slight touch of the elbow rather than a hug as well they just met and are not there yet. "Miss martha it is lovely to see you again!" She speaks in hushed tones.

Madeline steps back to listen and smiles warmly as Amelie sings so beautifully

Martha looks over, "Evening again." in a soft voice, "I hope you will enjoy your self tonight." with a smile for the woman. "It has been a busy night." her voice low and soft so people can enjoy the performance.

As the song gets about a minute in, the guitarist with the rest of the band starts hitting familiar rifts. Amelie sings as though she is surprised, until suddenly the guitar rifts takeover, the strings and piano stop.

Amelie rips off her skirt revealing leather pants and a gold chain belt, grabs the microphone from the stand next to her and belts out the song that has taken over for the aria, as she stands with her feet more than shoulders length apart, digging in to this anthem:

 "Living easy, living free   
      Season ticket on a one-way ride
Asking nothing, leave me be  

Taking everything in my stride

She starts striding one direction toward the audience, and then makes her way across toward the other side.

    Hey mama, look at me     
    I'm on my way to the promised land!      
 I'm on the highway to hell  
   On the highway to hell    
      Highway to hell
I'm on the highway to hell!" 

As she gets to the end of the song, she has moved back to the middle of the stage, and takes the last note to a higher octave, in the most powerful metal voice she can give it.

( https://youtu.be/BRiQB6WgOJU )

Madeline blinks in surprise and stares a moment then she smiles and applauds!

Alexa bobs her head to the music, smiling at the song.Another incredible and different performance. She applauds when Amelie changes costumes.

Caerus whistles and stomps his feet, "Rock on!"

Heathen grins and applauds at the sudden switch.

Azrael helps Hailee to her seat and then takes his as well. He smirks as he sees what Amelie is doing. A soft laugh when the Highway to Hell catches the air. He settles into his seat and watches her do her thing.

Devin makes his way back to the main event, finished with his conversation. Finding a convenient place, he makes his way and listens to the performances from the assembled talent in the theater.

Caerus makes his way over to Azrael and Hailee and speaks softly but just loud enough for them to hear, "That..that was awesome. Thank you." He then moves back where he was not waiting for either of them to answer him.

Hailee is delighted with the performance from Amelie and she applauds as it turns louder and she gets the rock on. Surprised when Caerus comes over, she gives him a smile and a thumbs up gesture, since he departed before she could respond.

Jolene is hiding behind the curtain clapping for Amelie and laughing, as she waiting for the stage to be set up.

Madeline Applauds brightly as Amelie finishes her performance "Brava!" she calls

Martha claps I mean really claps for Amelie as she does her rocking song.

Mikael makes that knocking sounding applause from the wings again, and his voice is heard going, "Bravo!"

Amelie curtsies, and walks off the stages, and slips back into her seat next to Ilias, remaining in that rock outfit.

Madeline steps out onto the stage, still applauding and giving Amelie a bright smile. "I do hope all of you are enjoying the evening! We will continue now with our next performance from Mademoiselle Jolene!"

The lights dim and up on the screen behind the video chosen for this performance begins, while down below on the stage off to the side, Jolene sits with a single blue spot light that shines on her. Tonight she is dressed in a dark blue Valencia two piece Mori Lee Dress.(https://tinyurl.com/ydaho53r)

Her eyes are closed as she begins to sing with as much emotion as she can, trying her best to pay tribute to the song and the message that she needs to convey because tonight is not about her, but those who here who serve and protect and deserve her respect.

---Officer Down: by Hannah Ellis---

Red and blue lights cover 75 like a train Miles of cars, full of people with nothing to say The sun's out, you'd think that it's just another November day Oh and I can't help but be mad, knowing I'll leave and you're gonna stay


Her voice cracks with emotions as she feels the song deeply and she tries her best to keep her own tears from falling. This evening touches her heart though coming on the heels of losing someone she loved dearly.

They called me on the cell phone Telling me there's an officer down And we prayed for a miracle, but you didn't come back around I've kissed you goodbye a thousand times But never like I'm doing right now Oh with twenty-one shots going up for the officer down

I begged you to throw out that t-shirt that I sleep in now And badge number 457 is all over town People keep asking if there's anything they can do But no one can give me back you

Madeline smiles saddly as she listens

Sharpe shifts his weight in his chair, turning his attention back to the stage as Jolene starts to sing

Caerus sways the the rhythm of the song, nodding along.

Her voice cracks with emotions as Jolene feels the song deeply and she tries her best to keep her own tears from falling. This evening touches her heart though coming on the heels of losing someone she loved dearly.

They called me on the cell phone Telling me there's an officer down And we prayed for a miracle, but you didn't come back around I've kissed you goodbye a thousand times But never like I'm doing right now Oh with twenty-one shots going up for the officer down

I held ya tight when they told me it's time to let go And I know that somehow you knew that you weren't alone

They called me and told me It's my officer down And I talked to you and begged you, but you didn't come back around I've kissed you goodbye a thousand times But never like I'm doing right now Oh with twenty-one shots going up I wish you had more time with us 'Cause thirty-three years ain't enough for the officer down

The lights fading out as Jolene's voice does as well.

Caerus is simply silent, nodding his praise to the singer.

Madeline wipes at her eyes a moment then applauds "Brava cheri"

Martha claps for Jolene, then looks about the place again as she claps some more.

Hailee feels the emotion from the song and cannot help but dip her head a little and holds Azrael's hand tighter. Her eyes lift to his, her own looking much like the Boov from the movie Home, all deep and dark and sad. The song did it! Both songs!

Ilias slowly stands up, and begins to clap his gloved hands together in a muffled but distinct praise for the performance.

Mikael claps long and slow from the wings, obviously moved.

Alexa applauds the next performance, moved as well. So pmuch pasison in this group.

Azrael listens to Jolene's song, clearly caught up in it. He looks towards Hailee and seems to get the sad. A little too well. The two look at each other for a long time, Azrael forgetting the crowd again. Must just be the light or something.

Heathen applauds the performance from the spot he's in backstage.

Madeline smiles warmly at Jolene and then looks to the audience "Thank you so much, this night is truly about aiding our heroes those still with us and the families of those fallen. Now to our next performance I welcome back to the stage Mademoiselle Hailee"

Amelie finishes up her work, and stands up to applaud the performance.

Jolene stands as a single spot light hits her and offers a respectful curtsey to those she had hoped to move and moves back to the backstage again to prepare for her last performance of the evening.

Only just barely manages to hear her name, but she is startled out of the moment. Hailee squeezes his hand gently, rises, then kisses his cheek before making her way to the stage to maybe pick things up a little this time. No more sad for her, hopefully!

<Phone> (Text to Ilias) Love you too!

Nettle wanders out as well, to many people in one place. She looks around and wanders towards the outside area to get a little air.

Hailee takes to the stage again, still wearing a royal purple gown with her matching Converse. As the music begins, she looks out at the audience and gives a saucy smile accompanied by a wink as she starts singing.

I heat up, I can't cool down You got me spinning 'Round and 'round 'Round and 'round and 'round it goes Where it stops nobody knows

Every time you call my name I heat up like a burning flame Burning flame full of desire Kiss me baby, let the fire get higher

Abra abracadabra I wanna reach out and grab ya Abracadabra, Abracadabra

You make me hot, you make me sigh You make me laugh, you make me cry Keep me burning for your love With the touch of a velvet glove

I feel the magic in your caress I feel magic when I touch your dress. Silk and satin, leather and lace Black panties with an angel's face I see magic in your eyes I hear the magic in your sighs Just when I think I'm gonna get away I hear those words that you always say.


The music of the end of the song plays out as Hailee takes a bow and tips her little fascintor top hat before sashaying off the stage with a saucy smile back to her seat beside Azrael.

Madeline laughs softly and applauds the fun number "Brava Hailee"

Caerus applauds and cat calls!

Devin smiles at Hailee's bow and return towards the wings with applause for the attitude as much as the singing.

Azrael offers his applause as well. A smile for her performance. He settles into the seat again to wait and see who else will be taking the stage.

Madeline laughs as she steps out in her crimson gown, swishing the skirts a little "Thank you all.. next I wish to welcome to our stage Monseiurs Heathen and Mikael!"

The lights come up on the stage, and it shows a large setting that looks like a road with a large screen in the back painted like a forest scene, making the stage the trail through it. It is hard to tell exactly who comes out onto the stage, but LOOK, it's SHREK and DONKEY! They chatter for a few minutes, Shrek having to deal with the enthusiastic Donkey and his determination that they sing the Travel Song. ( please watch the video of the performance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LckyTbYsiII and for full lyrics of the song - https://www.allmusicals.com/lyrics/shrek/travelsong.htm )

Martha claps and smiles at it all.

Caerus laughs! And applauds! And laughs!

Heathen is now green! With antennae like ears and a bouncy, rotund gut. Falling in step behind Donkey Mikael (what an ass!), strutting to the music and sounding suitably put out, at least until the 'rabbit', (a hot blonde dressed like a playboy bunny) runs by. "Delicious!" before she shrieks, giggles and finishes running past. 'Donkey' clutches his heart with an audible 'no'.

Madeline looks terribly confused but she laughs and shakes her head at the silliness

Laughter as the Donkey states, "I just got the whole 'He must be compensating for something joke"! Several different props come up as they continue to sing and dance across the stage toward a bridge set up at the edge of the stage.

Alexa shakes her head. Now this is getting to be weird. Fun but weird. She chuckles and applauds.

Heathen gets to the end, and 'steam' roils out at their feet. "Don't look down..." and as the song finishes up and as DonkeyMik finishes up with the 'what did I do', OgreHeath picks him up and carries him back offstage.

"What did I do to deserve you?" Donkey says, putting his head over onto Shrek's shoulder. And gets carried off the stage, grinning for flopping ear to ear!

Hailee settles back in beside Azrael and offers her hand over again, comfortable where it had been. As the others take the stage, she turns to watch, smiling as she realizes what it was.

Caerus applauds and laughs.

Madeline is laughing as she applauds the end of the piece "Bravo!!" she calls

Jolene giggles from off stage behind the curtain again, and shakes her head for her silly friends.

Caerus stands and goes backstage.

Mikael sticks his greyish-white, donkey eared face out from behind the curtain, grins, dragging the green Heathen out with him, and takes a quick bow.

Alexa applauds. Good act, she smiles brightly.

Madeline steps out onto the stage again, the lights shining on her golden hair "Thank you Heathen, Mikael that was terribly... interesting" she laughs and smiles at the gathered crowd "We are nearing the end of our evening together with just two more performances. Please welcome to the stage Monseiur Caerus and Mademoiselle Jolene"

River makes her way into the theater with an impish smiles on her face as she looks around the crowd and mingles to see if she recognises anyone. Of course being a trip to the museium she does have her sketch nook in hand.

Ending Performance - The Show Goes on - Hans Zimmer from Backdraft (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiCa1pOQvOU)

As the Lights come up to the Last Performance of the evening, there is a Piano in the center of the stage, where Caerus is sitting, dressed sharply, and on the stool next to him is Jolene, dressed in a orange, red and black ball gown. She is looking sad her cheeks moistened as if she has been crying. When Caerus begins to sing to her.

Jolene's Gown - https://tinyurl.com/ybojrbbs Caerus Outfit -

What's the long face, what's all the crying for Didn't you expect it when you opened your door To the man with the long coat and the long list of victims Everybody watching knows he's the one keeping score From where she sits, everyone stands in judgment People watching as the curtain falls down See the lights do a long slow fade

The show goes on, and the sad-eyed sisters go walking on Everyone watching all along The show goes on, as the autumn's coming And the summer's all gone Still without you, the show goes on

Azrael takes Hailee's hand back to watch the next few acts. He smiles at the antics, laugh and then settles some as he sees Jolene come on the stage again, waiting and watching.

Enjoying the acts, Devin applauds even as he shifts his eyes to note some of the others coming back into the area. He tries to remember the names that he has overheard and match them to various faces, still not really knowing them and knowing that he would be keeping out of the proverbial light for at least another week. But as he is looking them over, he turns again as the ladies continue with the next act.

Martha watches and listens from her place, then a look to her phone before slipping it back into her clutch with a look about again, then sign over something or another.

Hailee is settled in after her performance and watching those after. Laughing at the antics of Shrek and Donkey, she applauds after they finish, only to fall silent again to listen to Jolene and Caerus as they take the stage,

She dances softly around the stage, careful hesitating, and then standing there with her head lowered, her arms and steps graceful, her arms stretched out from her and raising above her as she spins and jumps around the stage like a flame dancing in a fire.

Some say she's alright, some say she'll never learn Some rush into things, some stand and wait their turn I've been here all along standing here all this time But you never noticed, just let the same tired flames burn From where she sits, everyone stands in judgment People watching as the curtain falls down See the lights do a long slow fade

The show goes on, and the sad-eyed sisters go walking on Everyone watching all along The show goes on, as the autumn's coming And the summer's all gone Still without you, the show goes on

Jolene pushing herself away from him with an internal struggle and looks back over her shoulder as if he will never get her, and never understand, and it breaks her heart, before she looks out over the crowd and shakes her head and takes each slow step away back towards him. Hesitating as time slows down and each step is taken on the offbeats and eventually she step slowly past Caerus as if she is going to walk off the stage before she spins around, and runs the otherway. Each step and movement a struggle, a choice of following her heart or her mind. Finally she slips off the stage leaving him alone, on his own, with the spot light on him alone and then fades to blackness

When the lights rise again, a 21 gun salute echoes through the air in the theatre honoring the fallen heroes and leaving everyone to face a moment of silence in tribute to those fallen heroes and those heroes who are present.

The moment of silence is honored and then Madeline applauds

Alexa gives an applause after the moment of silence, and then looks at the analog watch on her arm. "Crap. Shes probably up now." she stands. "It was a good show but I must be going."

Caerus stands and applauds to the audience and then heads off stage.

River watches the performance stunned as she sways slightly to the music for the moment. then a lucky thing she is in the back as she starts to dance to the music closing her eyes as if she is suddenly the only person in the world. Evdently not the type that worries if people think she is touched.

Mikael steps out from backstage, still in costume but his hooves off his hands, clapping and nodding to the couple. "Beautiful..." although he seems a bit choked up at the sounds of the salute.

Martha smiles as she watches the woman just dance and enjoy her self right there, her eyes follow the young woman with a real bit of pleasure in her over the show for a bit of time.

Caerus comes back and takes the stage. He is dressed simply in a comfortable pair of jeans and grey button down shirt buttons open to show the white t-shirt beneath. His bare feet patter to the piano and he sits and plays a few random notes. He says into the mike, "This is for everyone that has lost a love. This is a thank-you for all those that have saved all of ours, risking their very lives for the love of our lives. This is the salute to you from our hearts." He starts to play softly and then sings 'When I Look to the Sky'.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KipSEcE6gGM )

When it rains it pours and opens doors And floods the floors we thought would always keep us safe and dry And in the midst of sailing ships we sink our lips into the ones we love That have to say goodbye

And as I float along this ocean I can feel you like a notion that won't seem to let me go

'Cause when I look to the sky something tells me you're here with me And you make everything alright And when I feel like I'm lost something tells me you're here with me And I can always find my way when you are here,

He nods softly as he plays, eyes closed as if he lost to memory.

And every word I didn't say that caught up in some busy day And every dance on the kitchen floor we didn't dance before And every sunset that we'll miss I'll wrap them all up in a kiss And pick you up in all of this when I sail away

Whether I am up or down or in or out or just plane overhead Instead it just feels like it is impossible to fly But with you I can spread my wings To see me over everything that life may send me When I am hoping it won't pass me by

And when I feel like there is no one that will ever know me There you are to show me

Caerus allows the music to slowly fade away and then bows his head reverently for a moment.

Heathen makes his way back out finally, costume gone, making himself comfortable in an open seat, a bit of green smudge still at his his hairline.

Madeline smiles gently as she listens, eyes closed as the music fades. When Alexa applauds, the lovely blonde opens her eyes and does so as well "Bravo!"

Jolene had stayed off the stage caught up in Caerus performance tapping her toes and clapping along to the beat. Still dressed in that gown that looks like a fiery explosion and applauds to his song when he is done. She steps up onto the stage and offers Caerus a hug regardless who is there to she. He deserves it for that performance.

Alexa is almost stunned by the beauty of this whole performance. each act more beautiful then the next.

Drake nods in approval. He salutes during the 21 gun salute. After it ends, he applauds.

Caerus stands and instead of taking a bow applauds to the crowd, "Thank you for supporting and remembering those who have come before us. Thank you Fallen Heroes." He then exits the stage, Jolene on his arm.

Then there is only one person left in the room and it is the owner of the voice at the piano. Hailee doesn't even recognize him at first, not expecting it to be the person it is. A soft sigh, a hand over her eyes as she closes them briefly and has to wipe the mascara away when he finishes. She sniffles and gets to her feet. "I should go see if I won anything I bid on," trying to change moods really, really quick. "And pay for what I did win, as well as make a donation." Her words are a little disjointed, having not gone unaffected by the song at all. "Pardon," she says softly to Azrael.

Madeline smiles and applauds warmly then steps out onto the stage "Ladies and Gentlemen thank you so very much for joining us tonight to honor our heroes both still with us and fallen, your presence, bids on the silent auction and donations will go a long way to helping the families here in Prospect. Thank you again for coming tonight!

Alexa smiles. "Thank you for the performance. I am glad I stayed for hte grand finale." ooc loves everyone dearly and would definitely stay around to help Madeline clean up but I need to go to bed now!!!

Martha looks between the dancing one then the hot detective in the suit and just tilts her head with a little smile and rake of her eyes over the man from head to toe before moving back to looking to the stage.

Azrael notes Hailee's departure and nods to her,"Of course my dear." He watches her go her way for a few steps, then turns his attention back to the stage as Madeline takes it once more and starts to talk. He glances at Hailee once more, but moves his attention to the stage again.

Quinn applauds with enthusiasm, at that as he stands and others fill the room with the sounds of approval