Whispers Of Widow Paris

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Located in the Gaslamp District.

Harry Potter would be right at home in this interesting curiousity shop with its oddball displays of gris-gris, potions and all kinds of memorabilia pertaining to Voodoo Queen Marie LaVeau

Marie LaVeau1.jpg

'A 19th century priestess, and one of New Orleans' most colorful characters.

A large selection of items of both Voodoo and Hoodoo, along with Louisiana Voudou items and supplies can be found for sale or trade here.

Occult books, herbs, coins, bones and other unusual items and concoctions are also available, and line the back wall as well as the various display tables through the shop.


Most seem like the touristy sort of items, but if one makes discreet inquiries of the sales clerk there could be something found here of the more rare nature. Perhaps even something truly magical.

It is also said that if one is looking for spiritual or psychic readings they might find such here.


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Special orders are welcomed. Most arrive in 7-10 days, but up to 30 days for overseas orders. Also, no live animals kept on premises for sale.