St. Martine's Church

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St. Martine Inclusive Church
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Information Snapshots
St. Martine's Church was once a Catholic Church but recently it's been adopted as an Inclusive Church. A Sanctuary for any faith to attend their spiritual needs without pressure or judgment. The Church can be reserved by people wishing to bolster the community with talks, classes, or even sermons. It's always kept neat and tidy and it's said there's always someone in the Church even if they cannot be seen. It's a quiet place for quiet reflection and occasionally it can be eerily calm.
Story Hooks Description


  • St. Martine's is a safe place to go for sanctuary and they don't even push religion.
  • St. Martine's is haunted


  • This is a small but functional worship center
  • The chapel is used by many religions.
  • The chapel can be requested for ceremonies, talks, sermons or sessions including Anonymus Meetings.
  • The Chapel is open 24 hours a day as a place of contemplation and faith.


  • Donations can be left in a donation lock box. People have also said you can leave information there.

Vampire - IC knowledge needed

  • This is part of Constance Osti's personal Domain.
  • The Sister will do her best to aid Kindred in need provided they do no harm to the flock.
  • She has fended off several attacks on her domain easily.
St. Martine Inclusive Church is far from large and extravagant. Simple white stucco covers the outer stone walls of the church and it's alcoves. The floor is stone but has been covered by various area rugs. Thick wooden beams run accross the ceiling of the Nave to support the church's roof and wrought iron candle holders that bear LED candles. Wooden pews are arranged with a central isle which leads up to a small raised dias though there is no pulpit but a long wooden bench in the back. Next to the main entrance is a bowl of "Holy Water" and mounted at the back of the stage is a large cross with Jesus mounted to it. The entire Nave is kept dimly lit by red LED candles mounted along the walls in wrought iron holders. Giving the entire building a calm beauty to it.

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