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“We cannot expect people to have respect for law and order until we teach respect to those we have entrusted to enforce those laws.”
Hunter S. Thompson
Fabrizio Belotti & associates

Type: Business/Legal
Resources: $$ +
Location: Broadway and Third Ave (#289)



  • Fabrizio Belotti

==Active PCs==

About us

xxxxxFabrizio Belotti & associates is commercial law firm based in the center of the Prospect. Our practice encompasses all aspects of business, corporate, social and criminal law. We represent businesses and individuals in challenging commercial, tax and regulatory disputes. We provide legal advice on business contracts and range of operational matters. In particular, our law firm has a strong international focus. We are known for assisting international companies doing business in or through the Prospect.

xxxxxWe also work closely with the Department of Justice, Court and local Police Institutions. We are ready to help individuals who face issues related to social or criminal laws, and we are ready to offer affordable services.

xxxxxClient by Client, we strive to promote excellence, leadership, loyalty and trust in client service, and add real value to our clients' business and promote the trust in Court and Lawyering institutions within our society.

xxxxxWe can help you.

Exterior & Interior

xxxxxStanding three stories tall, this building has a modern style, one wall facing the parking lot is poured concrete with a black ‘stripe’ across the middle which has several square lights to illuminate the area. The rest of the building is glass with black metal framework, though the glass is clouded preventing anyone from the outside looking in.

xxxxxA railed walkway wraps around the front and sides of the building, where a couple doors lead into the lobby. Clear glass panes attached to the railed balconies displays the name of the business, "Fabrizio Belotti & associates" which is in bold, easily-read blocky letters.

xxxxxThe lobby of the law firm consists of bold, sharp angles. Dominating the middle of the room is a wrap-around dark, hardwood desk with a raised white granite counter on two sides which is decorated by a simple clear vase with flowers. A raised wall stands behind the desk in matching dark hardwood, which bears the name of the law firm. A receptionist can be found behind the desk to direct clients and potential clients to the various law offices, as well as answering the phone and handling paperwork.

xxxxxThe floor under the desk consists of gleaming white marble tiles, with the same tiles bordering the entrances to the various offices. Between is dark carpeting. Seating is provided by the outer walls for those waiting for appointments. The offices themselves have all glass walls, but like the outside are clouded so those inside cannot be seen clearly.

RP Hooks
  • Employee: Check out 'Career' field on this wiki. You can join Fabrizio Belotti & associates and start your marvelous career as a lawyer, administrator, manager. It will be up to you to find clients, of course. Though, the clients will be more willing to hire you if you will be representing a respectful and well known company than hiring just a wanderer. Also, you will also have wonderful colleagues.
  • Student Internship: Fabrizio Belotti & associates accepts students for an exciting Internship programs. It will look great on your CV!
  • Defendant: Were you blamed for the crime which you did not commit? Do not trust Government Lawyers. They may be cheaper, but also they have low salaries, care less for their clients and are grumpy. We promise you freedom!
  • Charger: Someone committed a crime against your business, you or your family? Of course, you can pick one of the cheap government lawyers. However, have you check statistics? So many unsolved cases lay down on dusty shelves there. We promise you justice and we make the job done!
  • Business: Each business needs a good lawyer. Let's cooperate, and we promise you prosperity!


Currently we are looking for:

  • Bankruptcy Lawyer
  • Business / Corporate Law Attorney (Experience: at least 5 years)
  • Civil Rights Attorney
  • Criminal Defense Attorney (Experience: at least 5 years)
  • DUI- DWI Attorney
  • Employment Lawyer
  • Immigration Lawyer
  • Estate Law Attorney
  • Environmental Lawyer
  • Office Manager (Experience: at least 3 years)

The candidates must have strong research, writing, and speaking skills, and have proven experience in writing appeals, writing substantive motions, and arguing in the State Courts and the Appellate Division. This is an excellent opportunity to work in a fast-paced, dynamic environment alongside well-respected, experienced appellate attorneys. Salary is competitive and commensurate with experience.


Send your CV and motivation letter to FabrizioAsociates@belotti.com. If you have any questions call: XXX-XXX-XXX.

OOC: Contact Annastasija (Ann) for more questions. You can send me an @mail or page! For the sake of fun - send me IC @mails if you try to apply for a job. Lawyers are fun to roleplay, trust me! I encourage guests to apply and old law players to just join a law firm and not be a looner! Haha.