The Lost Art

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The Lost Art
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Information Snapshots
The Lost Art, a store for all things occult. It touches on all cultures possible to gather things on, and all beliefs. The store is sorted by Culture, World Location and Religion.

It includes everything from African Shamanism, Christianity, Eastern Religions to Metaphysics, Alchemy and Numerology. Of course there is a section for high-school girls with the desire to divine their next school crush with the use of a tarot deck, but it's in the front and no where near the rest of the place.

Throughout the whole of the shop there is a theme of varied and many books. They vary from the most beginner subjects all the way into some very real rare treasures.
Story Hooks Description
  • There's a Wraith who has made this place his Haunt.
  • There is a Kinfolk who co-owns the place.
    • The Kinfolk seems to give 'readings' by appointment only.
  • There is a Shifter who co-owns the place.
  • If one looks hard enough they may actually find something that's relevant.
  • The shop also sells various items:
    • The front sells typical 'Occult' Store fare.
    • The back stores special items for sale by the owners only: clay vessels of virgin spring water, willow branches, other various items. (Please page/@mail Zillah)
  • There is a 'reading area' that has tea available to customers. The service has several canisters of hot water, a few dozen types of tea and varying sweeteners. Also there are no paper cups,m there is a bus bucket to put the many varied porcelain cups that are offered to drink from and the spoons.
  • More to come
A path runs through this dark portion of the yard, overgrown as it is. In a small section there is a night garden, and the fence has been allowed to overgrow with rose bushes and ivy. Its kept to the standard of the city laws but no better. Theres a small herb garden covered in chicken wire to one side and a lovers swing tucked under a large tree. In general it keeps in with the Haunted House motif. The path to the door is made of path-stones and the front porch has columns and a few plants, it's covered in morning glory ivy.

This leads into the main portion of the house that has become the Lost Art - Occult Books and Sundries. The warm scent of light incense greets those who enter, along with the soothing sounds of soft music. The store takes up almost the entire bottom floor, however, it is arranged in a very organized, yet home-style way. Three small, comfortable cushioned dark blue armchairs sit by the store window with a little round table that has a doily and a human skull centered on it between them. Even the store window has a warm, homely feel to it with it's antique lace curtains that are pulled back and thick fabric drapes with designs of blue roses curled up and down them. Several candle arrangements sit in the window, along with example books for those passing by outside to see what the latest books available are.

Further in the room are aisles of shelves. All along the shelves are books on obscure alternative method of occult nature can be found. Along the walls of the shops are supplies that one might need along with the books; velvet black boxes full of different types of rough crystals line one wall, while another has medicine balls and hundreds of different styles of candles that could be used for just about anything -- some scented while some are not. Along one row are different utensils for acupuncture, and simply things that hold candles or velvety bags to hold supplies.

On the opposite side of the small couch area, along the front entrance, is a long glass counter that has a register on it. Inside the glass counter are more rare items that one could potentially want or even need for the different styles of occult practices found around the world. Towards the back of the room is a set of stairs that lead upwards with a wood railing to end at a small landing and a door. Next to the stairs is a beaded curtain, apparently heading further towards the back of the store -- though there's a sign above it that says, 'Private Appointments'.

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