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There was a time when the universe was in balance. A time when the Weaver, Wyrm, and Wyld worked in peace and harmony to maintain the delicate fabric of existence. A time when spirit and flesh were both as one. A time when the laws of nature ruled with a mighty hand...or paw...and crushed all opposition before it. Like all things, times have changed. No one's sure exactly how it happened, but things went awry. Some speculate that the Weaver started to question her purpose in the Tellurian while others think that her constant machinations of spinning webs upon webs drove her to insanity. Whatever exactly happened, all we know is that somehow things went wrong, horribly, horribly wrong.

There are tales that tell of how the Weaver captured the Wyrm. For millennia the Wyrm writhed in rage, twisted upon itself in its own madness, and split into the forms of corruption. Now in its own insanity, and fury, it has turned upon the spirit of the earth-- that which we call Mother Gaia. The Weaver continues to spin countless webs in an attempt to calcify all within and under her control while the Wyld grows out of its bounds and births utter havoc with its maddened, chaotic creations. Now the very fate of the world lies within the hands of those few warriors birthed with a blessing as well as a curse. Those few of Gaia's chosen children are left to fight what may be a hopeless battle against the Wyrm and its minions that try to infect our Mother and tear her body apart only to devour her and bring forth the end of all times. Now is a time of war.

Now is a time to rage against the dying of the light in hopes to save the earth and all that exist upon it. The Great Serpent's minions are many and we are but few. We are left to fight against a world that not only has shunned us for what we are, but filled with a mass of enemies of all kinds that try to hunt each and everyone of us down. Now is a time to raise up against our foes and fight those that oppose us. To live and possibly even die a glorious death all in the name of peace and justice. Here in the city of Prospect with all its false promises of hope and the mask of paradise that it wears lies a sickening, vile, truth behind it all. Even here there is a great evil that threatens the existence of all and we must do whatever it takes to stop it.


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Ongoing Shifter Plots
Next Date Storyteller Name Description Logs
Past Shifter Plots
Storyteller Name Description Logs
Brooke The Great Hunt 2019 All Garou welcomed 2019.06.21: The Great Hunt Pack 1
2019.06.21: The Great Hunt Pack 2
2019.06.23: The Great Hunt Pack 3
Torsten Black Stag Forge BBQ All Garou and known kin invited TBD
Hel Nightmares of Purgatory Shifters & Kin. IC hooks can be through Gavin Rosenthall Coming Soon
TBD Phillipe Bastet Field Trips Opportunity for Cubs and Tekhmet to grow, learn, and earn renown with a bit of a safety net in place lest things go sideways. First Outing

Feel free to add your name here if you're interested in running one-shot PrP events.

  • Brooke: Gaian Garou mainly, Fera/Kinfolk welcome to join.

Character Generation

Nagah are not allowed as PCs.
(They don't play well with others.)


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