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Coyotes have the gift of seldom being seen; they keep to the edge of vision and beyond, loping in and out of cover on the plains and highlands. And at night, when the whole world belongs to them, they parley at the river with the dogs, their higher, sharper voices full of authority and rebuke. They are an old council of clowns, and they are listened to.

--N. Scott Momaday

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The Trickster's Laws

  • Let Fools Die a Fool's Death

It is our responsibility to save the humans from themselves and to protect them from the Wyrm. It is not our place to stop a suicide or force a person to live who is in pain. It is our place to teach those who will listen. All others are on their own. We do not interfere in wars, and we do not punish the sinners. That is for others to do. The Garou have made clear that we are not welcome to infringe on what they see as their personal mission. Coyote dictates that we let the werewolves handle matters as they will. Leave justice to the Garou. We are their teachers, not their masters.

There is an exception to this rule. We are always to make the Wyrm suffer.

  • Teach Those Who Need Teaching a Proper Lesson

Let the punishment fit the crime. I've just explained that we do not commit acts of vengeance. That is true. But there is no rule against helping the foolish on their way. When you find someone who desperately needs to be taught the error of his ways, you may help him. You may help him in Coyote's way, by which I mean you may prank him endlessly until he can no longer stand the thought of what he did.

I once ran across a murderer who felt no guilt or remorse for the crimes he committed. More often than you might imagine, the ghosts of those killed by murderers find their own vengeans. In this case, no ghosts lingered in hopes of revenge. I took their place. For three weeks, I imitated the voices of those he killed. I whispered in his ear when he slept, and dropped personal items of the people he killed where he could not help finding them. Before I was done with him, he knew remorse for his deeds. He confessed to his crimes and was punished by the humans. Later, after he'd spent four weeks in prison, he committed suicide.

I met thieves who grew frustrated when the bounty they stole was in turn stolen from them. I also took whatever else they had that I found interesting. I replaced the bullets in every gun belonging to a violent gang with blanks. Imagine their surprise when they discovered the truth. In that case, they didn't live long enough to learn from their mistakes.

  • Always Prank the Wyrm

The Children of Worm are our enemies. They do not care for others or teach lessons that need learning. They kill and destroy for the sheer pleasure of doing so. We return the favor to them many times over. There are tricks, and there are pranks. Tricks are for friends. Pranks are for enemies. Pranks are normally fatal, or at the very least debillitating. Don't befriend the Wyrm, save in preparation of a prank. Never trust the Wyrm, for he is surely as much a liar as Coyote and twice the braggart as well.

This is more than a matter of right or wrong, this is a personal vendetta. Worm scorned Coyote, and Coyote always remembers a slight. In torturing the Wyrm, you honor Coyote.

  • Be subtle

Humans do not take well to seeing our Nuwisha nature. Many will imagine they have seen something else as time goes on. That is Brother Wolf's gift to us. We are under the Veil of the Delirium. But there are always a few who are willing to believe in us. For that reason, we do not flaunt our differences. In other lands, in distant times, the humans killed the Changing Breeds. We do not want to see this happen again.

  • Respect Luna

Coyote wronged Luna, and this he knows. We serenade the moon because this is the promise of Coyote.

  • Think, Then Act

Coyote gifted us with wits. Use them. Don't enrage an enemy you cant escape. Don't betray the location of a kiba, for we have few left. Don't mingle with the Wyrm, for he is dangerously seductive. Don't lash out in anger, for we are weaker than most other shapeshifters. Always find the humor in any situation, for laughter is our greatest gift, and can cure more than you could ever imagine.

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