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Full Name: Ashkii Nakai
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Nature: Predator
Demeanor: Survivor
Occupation: Pentex: Security
Sphere: Shifter
Breed: Ursine
Subrace: Gurahl
Tribe: River Keepers
Rite Name: Red Harvest

Place Holder

RP Hooks
  • Warrior:
    xxxxxHe is a warrior, a soldier through and through.
  • Shifter:
    xxxxxA bear shifter that has recently woke from a long hibernation, somewhat displaced in time.
  • Wyrm:
    xxxxxWith out others of his kind to help him he was an easy target for corruption, now he serves the wyrm.

  • Gallery

    Ashkii2.jpg Ashkii Bear.jpg Ashkii3.jpg Ashkii Bear2.png

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  • Logs
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