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  • A Guide to submitting Renown Requests.
  • A Renown FAQ if you have questions about the system
  • A Cheatsheet for creating a Mokole


Life, uh, finds a way


Local Sanctuaries

Where What Type Contact
Sunhome Solar Forge Mixed Fera Robert or Paul

Active PCs


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No pages meet these criteria.

Bad Lizards

The Duties

  • Cull the Fallen
The creatures of the Dissolver, Mokole who have fallen or broken the Duties, and Gaia-wrecking humans are fair game. The corollary of this Duty is the obligation to avoid unlawful prey. Likewise, Mokole do not hunt Garou or other shapeshifters wantonly.
Reality - Mokole cant keep killing humans, or so many reptile Kin will be killed in return that more Mokole cant be born. Garou, thinking that the Mokole themselves are Dissolver-spawn, have slain so many of the Dragon Breed that missions against the Dissolver are rare. The Mokole have enough problems of their own.

  • Let No Shade Accuse You
At all costs, avoid breeding with other Mokole. When judging, judge fairly. When making war, remember the death that it brings. Accept a surrender when you can. There are not enough Mokole left to waste. Moderation is the way to bring justice to Mokole society.
Reality - Mokole seldom breed with other Mokole, and regret it when they do because of the Innocents, who harry any Mokole in the Umbra. Mating rites ensure that Mokole have suitable Kin partners. Mokole often deal leniently with violations of the Duties, as so few Mokole remain that the harsher punishments would only weaken Sun's children further. Duels are almost unknown anymore save in Mnesis.

  • Guard the Wallow
Children, Kin, and old or sick Mokole as well as the sacred sites and objects of the Dragon Breed need protection. The laws of sanctuary mandate refuge for the needy. Likewise, respect another wallow's territory and Memory, including the wallows of Nagah and Corax. As for the wolves, stay away. The Setting Suns never ask how many foes there are. Only where they are.
Long ago, rivalry between Mokole and between clutches ended in violence. Nowadays, the rarity of Mokole means that the lives of the Dragon Breed are too precious. To kill a clutchmate is the ultimate horror. Warding Mokole have recently asked whether, as Gaia dies, non-Mokole shapeshifters could also be clutchmates.
Reality - The Setting Suns are still ready to die on a heap of the slain to save the clutch. Merely fighting isn't enough, though. Mokole now have to manage things like acquiring legal title to land and protected status for their reptile Kin. Strangers are more and more commonly accepted as it becomes painfully obvious that the Mokole need help just to survive. Killing a clutchmate is still punished by death. Unlike the Garou, the Mokole enforce tending a relative's sickness rather than forbidding it. The hurt and sick can be tended more easily in the wallow than on the trail with a wolfpack.

  • The Veil Must Not Be Lifted
The Veil ensures the Mokole's survival, and their existence must be kept secret. Likewise, the lore of Mnesis is for those who can use it, and is to be kept for its rightful owners.
Reality - The Delirium helps out a lot here. As the Mokole drop in number, even the other shapeshifters begin to believe that they are extinct. In most chronicles, a non-Mokole character will need Mokole Lore even to know that the Dragon Breed exist at all.

  • Test the Clutch
The tricksters see what other Mokole don't. They prepare their clutchmates for the unexpected by being it themselves. Many tales mention the elaborate practical jokes and teaching pranks of the No-Suns. There are tales, dances, and shapeshifting plays that convey the wisdom of the Midnight Suns in a way that everyone can understand and enjoy.
Reality - The Shining perform their function gladly, to the chagrin of their clutchmates.

  • All are of Gaia
Know that Kinfolk, humans, reptiles, and other Awakened are here for a reason. You have a place, and so do they. Respect the Crowning, listen to the Concealing, follow the Gathering. Leaders may be questioned, but authority does not come from winning a fight. Honor the Eighth Sun, who enable Mokole to survive. Make sure that all resources, including food, are distributed fairly and in proportion. Heal the sick, help the wounded, allow the dying spirit to pass on into Gaia's Memory.
Reality - The mokole do not understand why many Garou treat their Kinfolk so brutally. Mokole are much more concerned with having children than the Garou, but their attitude is that mating is there to be enjoyed. The Zhong Lung are the most dedicated to the 'play of clouds and rain', and have made endless 'pillow books' and 'springtime pictures' about the art of love. Both same-sex and opposite-sex love have their places in Mokole society, although opposite-sex Mokole couples must not exist.
The decimation of the Mokole in the Wars of Rage means that the old hierarchies are gone. Few clutches have a Crowning, and many Mokole are without a clutch at all - they are born to 'clutches' of Kinfolk who wait lifetimes for a true Mokole to come.
Food and money were distributed more equally in the old days when human Kin were tribal. Nowadays, as social inequality worsens in the tropical nations where they live, observance of this Duty is fading. Mnesis helps a great deal in making this Duty real, however. Mokole know the pain of childbirth, the bite of hunger, and the lash of slavery. Almost all Mokole have Mnesis from members of the opposite sex, from humans and reptiles. This makes them unusually understanding (as residents of the World of Darkness go).

  • Remember
Sun made you Mokole for a reason. You are part of the Memory of Gaia. Don't forget this.
Reality - Many mokole are too busy fighting for their lives to worry about Gaia's great plan. However, their mere existence and the perpetuation of the Dragon Breed are enough to assure that Gaia has a memory.

Rank Requirements

Rank and Auspice


Rank Any Combination
1 (Hatchling) 3
2 (Son/Daughter) 9
3 (Brother/Sister) 14
4 (Father/Mother) 19
5 (Grandfather/mother) 24

Unshading and Crowning

Rank Glory Honor Wisdom
1 (Hatchling) 1 1 1
2 (Son/Daughter) 2 4 2
3 (Brother/Sister) 3 6 3
4 (Father/Mother) 4 8 4
5 (Grandfather/mother) 5 10 5

Concealing and Gathering

Rank Glory Honor Wisdom
1 (Hatchling) 1 1 1
2 (Son/Daughter) 2 2 4
3 (Brother/Sister) 3 3 6
4 (Father/Mother) 4 4 8
5 (Grandfather/mother) 5 5 10

Striking and Warding

Rank Glory Honor Wisdom
1 (Hatchling) 1 1 1
2 (Son/Daughter) 4 2 2
3 (Brother/Sister) 6 3 3
4 (Father/Mother) 8 4 4
5 (Grandfather/mother) 10 5 5
  • Zhong Lung and Makara can be found in Hengeyokai Renown, using the Eastern Renown system, unless specifically set to use the Western Renown system found here.

If a player is approved at Rank 0 and then goes through their First Trance and tutoring to Rank 1, then they gain gifts and renown as usual for Rank 1 and their Breed/Auspice, assuming they have earned their first Rank.

  • These gifts don't cost XP.
  • Any previous renown unconnected to the Mokole rite of passage is retained on top of the rank baseline.

Sample Renown Awards

Note: These are not uniformly objective. They may be rejected/reduced/increased based on circumstances.

Note: These are not exhaustive. If something doesn't seem to fit here, or isn't found in this list, but still serves one of these types and the Mokole's purpose, then go ahead and submit a request.

The following types have been tinted for ease of reading and browsing:

  • These awards and penalties are directly from the established renown lists, with changes limited to specifying the Mokole breed.

Items in Black are positive renown awards.

Items in Red are negative renown penalties

  • These awards and penalties have been either created from scratch, or taken from lists and more heavily reworded for the Mokole breed.

Items in Blue are positive home-brew renown awards

Items in Purple are negative home-brew renown penalties

Sources: Players Guide to the Changing Breeds pages 170-173, WtA 2nd ed pages 190-193

Combat and Encounters

Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Award given once per combat, not per enemy
Showing restraint in the face of certain death 3 1
Ending a threat without serious harm to any Mokole 5
Surviving an Incapacitating wound 2
Surviving any toxic waste/flux attack 2
Attacking a minion without regard to personal safety 3 Actions above and beyond attacking like a lunatic
Attacking a much more powerful force without aid -3
Losing to an enemy without even harming it -3
Summoning help when there is no real danger present -5
Conscious cowardice that results in the death of a Mokole -5 -7 -5
Dying in defense of Gaia (posthumous) 7 7
Threats associated with the unbalanced Triat
Threats determined by actual threat posed, not rank
Defeating a minor threat 2 Below your strength level
Defeating an average threat 3 An even match
Defeating a strong threat 5 Stronger than your strength level
Defeating a very powerful threat 7 Much more powerful than you
Other supernatural threats
Defeating a strong threat 2
Defeating a very powerful threat 3
Bonuses for either type of threat
...drawing first blood in combat +1
  • Given to the FIRST person to draw blood in combat.
  • Exception: If two people acted on the same turn and inflicted damage on the enemy.
...permanently destroying or killing the threat in question +1
...without a single other Changer being hurt +1
...without personally being hurt +1
...when the threats were armed with silver +1 N/A if you have the Merit: Silver Tolerance
...when the threats were armed with gold +1 N/A if you have the Merit: Gold Tolerance
...utterly destroying an enemy stronghold +7
...being captured by the enemy -1 -1

Detecting Threats of the Dissolver, Designer and Devisor

Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Revealing, with certain proof, that a human or kinfolk is tainted 2
Falsely accusing a Kinfolk of being tainted -3 -2
Revealing, with certain proof, that an area or object is tainted 3
Revealing, with certain proof, that a Changer is tainted 6
Falsely accusing a Changer of being tainted -5 -4
Giving false testimony against a Changer -5
Purifying a tainted object, person, or place 2


Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Resisting a frenzy 1
Succumbing to a berserk frenzy -1
Succumbing to a fox frenzy -1 -1
Succumbing to a fox frenzy and abandoning your clutch -1 -2
Succumbing to a berserk frenzy and injuring fellow Changer -3
Succumbing to the thrall of the Dissolver -4
Succumbing to heinous acts while in the thrall of the Dissolver -3 -1


Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Summoning an Incarna avatar 2
Summoning an Incarna avatar for no good reason -3
Dealing with a spirit rather than Binding it 1
Knowing and offering the correct Chiminage without being asked 1
...Dealing generously +1 +1
...Dealing extravagantly -1
Helping another fulfill an agreement with a spirit 1
Breaking an agreement with a spirit -3 -2
Completing a Chiminage quest 1 2
Successfully completing a spirit quest in the Deep/High Umbra 3
Successfully defeating or evading Innocents to succeed in an Umbral quest 1 1
Having an Umbral quest thwarted or derailed by Innocents -2
Failing to succeed in a spirit quest in the Deep/High Umbra -3
Releasing a spirit from a taboo-induced Slumber 1
Causing a spirit to fall into Slumber -1
Releasing a spirit from unjust bondage 2 1 Including fetishes
Traveling to any of the Umbral Realms and surviving 3
Spending a year in ritualistic seclusion 5
Besting someone (including a spirit) in a riddle contest 3


Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Having and properly following a Mnesis Dream of great import 5
Following another's Mnesis dream 2
Consulting an oracle and successfully interpreting its advice 2
Completing a Mnesis quest 1 2
Giving a Backwards-Mnesis warning that later comes true 5
Giving a Backwards-Mnesis warning that does not come true -4
Ignoring omens, dragon-dreams, and the like for no good reason -3
Unleashing a Dream Hunter -2 -1
Killing or returning a Dream Hunter 2 1

After following mystic signs and advice...

Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Discovering a talen 1
Discovering a fetish 2
Recovering lost Mnesis 3
Discovering mystic lore 2
Discovering an ancient Sleeper 4
Discovering an ancient Wallow that was lost 7

Rites and Gifts

Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Performing Shed the Crocodile's Tears 1
Performing Burn the Library 2 2 Circumstances must be dire, or may count as a penalty
Performing and surviving the Rite of Lost Dreams 5
Participating in a Rite of Lost Dreams 2
Performing a Rite of the Illuminated Wallow 3 5 7
Participating in a Rite of the Illuminated Wallow 5 3


Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Successfully creating talens 1
Using a fetish for the good of the local Mokole 2 May depend on cleverly bringing and/or using an appropriate fetish, not just e.g. using the same Mnesis Bowl you always use
Creating a fetish 4 Limited to 2 rewards/month (or equivalent with talens); more fetishes/talens can be made, but the requests may not be submitted for the same month
Sacrificing a fetish for the good of the local Mokole 4
Accidentally breaking a fetish or talen -1 to -5

Wallow Activities

Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Performing chores for and helping to guard a Wallow 2 Routinely approved monthly if requested in a timely fashion
Keeping a Wallow safe from humans through trickery or negotiation 3
Helping to prevent a Wallow from being overrun by the unbalanced Triat 3 4
Not preventing a Wallow from being overrun by the unbalanced Triat -3 -3
Dying while defending a Wallow (Posthumous) 5 8
Single-handedly preventing a Wallow from being taken by the unbalanced Triat 5 8
Deliberately allowing/enabling a Wallow to be violated by the unbalanced Triat -8 -10 -5 Most likely, your death is the actual outcome
Accidentally allowing a sanctuary or Wallow to be violated -2 -5 -4

Mokole Streams and Society

Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Teaching other Mokole (depends on the depth of study) 1 to 5 3 to 5 Teaching rites: 1H 3C per month, regardless of number of rites or students
Maintaining loyal service to breed and stream 1/year 3/year 1/year Routinely approved if requested in a timely fashion
Single-handedly being responsible for success in a common goal for the local Mokole 5 2 3
Acting selflessly for the greater good of the Mokole 3


Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
For a homid, ignoring one’s suchid nature for too long -3
For a suchid, using too many human tools/Designer things -1/use

Clutch (Pack)

Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Gaining the position of clutch leader 3
Living alone, without one’s clutch, except for ritual reasons -3
Establishing and maintaining a clutch territory 1 1 1 May also be requested yearly if the clutch is still active and still has the same territory
Expanding existing clutch territory 1 1 1 RP or PRP required (provide a log)
Losing control of clutch territory -2 -2 -2
Speaking poorly of one's pride -6
Dying while defending your clutch (Posthumous) 4 6

The Duties

Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Upholding the Duties (in the face of adversity, extreme measures, etc.) 1 to 5 1 to 3 Above and beyond the usual, e.g. "killing an Dissolver servant" vs "killing your sister when she turns out to be the Dissolver's servant"
Breaking the Duties (depending on severity of transgression,
could be less for lesser offenses)
-2 to -4 -5 to -8 -2 to -4


Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Remaining calm in the face of extreme adversity 3
Upholding protocols in the face of humiliation 5
Giving good advice for important matters 2
Giving bad advice for important matters -2
Keeping an important promise 2
Failing to keep one’s promise -3
Inwitting a good story 1 1 1-3 successes, rolling Mnesis+Performance/Singing/or other appropriate stat (difficulty 6)
...At a gather +1
...That is later inwitted by others +1 +1 +1 4 or more successes on the above roll
Inwitting a disjointed and confusing story -1 -1 Botching the roll
Speaking dishonorably to one’s elders -1 to -5
Speaking poorly of the Mokole as a whole -2
Speaking poorly of one’s Stream -4
Participating in a just challenge 1 2
Participating in an unjust challenge -3
Challenging someone far too above or too far below your Rank -3
Ignoring strong feelings of vengeance and hatred for the greater good 5
Completely ignoring etiquette -5

Protection and Defense

Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Showing mercy to a wayward Changer 1
Protecting a helpless Changer 4
Not protecting a helpless Changer -5
Protecting a helpless human(s) 2
  • Includes human kinfolk
  • Protecting a group: generally only one counts
  • 'Helpless' depends on power level of target (especially if a PC) and attacker
Not protecting a helpless human(s) -1
Protecting a helpless great-reptile(s) 5
  • Includes suchid kinfolk
  • A group counts as one
Not protecting a helpless great-reptile(s) -6

Kinfolk and Clutch (Family)

Activity Glory Honor Wisdom Comments
Maintaining good relations with nearby Kinfolk and clutchmates 2
Having poor relations with nearby Kinfolk or clutchmates -3
Properly choosing a mate and breeding 3
  • Awarded when child is born
  • Requires rolling one die on a +request twice for % chance of kin or kind
...and the child is a Kinfolk +1
...and the child is Mokole +1 +1 +1
Choosing a mate, but not breeding -1
Each year of proper mating 2/year Routinely approved if requested in a timely fashion
Monogamy -1/year
Dishonoring one's own mate -2 Abuse, violence, etc.