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"We're gonna need a bigger boat."


Local Sanctuaries

Where What Type Contact
A place What kind Mixed Fera Who runs it
Another place Another function Rokea Only Your mom
Another place Another function All Shifter Your face

Active PCs

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Qyrlian Rokea

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Rokean Law

  • Survive
This is the easy one. It means that no matter what the race must survive. If that means you swim away from a fight, there's no one who'll call you a coward. After all, you're still around.
However, there are times when self-sacrifice is necessary. The Black Shark was a good example. Back during the height of nuclear tests, a very clever Darkwater came up with a way to combine ten Rokea into a 120 foot black monster. They sake subs, destroyed battleships and generally scared the bejeezus out of anyone who got near it. To my knowledge there's no way to reverse the rite, which means that those Rokea effectively ceased to exist as individuals, giving up their lives to become the Black Shark, but no Rokea would call the transformation a breech of the Law. The other thing is, if something gets too near a Grotto or threatens a Rorqual, we've got to kill it. Grottoes are sacred to Kin and Sea, and Rorqual have a niche in the world that no other creature can fill. We need both for our survival.

  • Hunt
We may have duties as Rokea, but that doesn't exempt us from our duties as sharks. We're apex predators, which means that what we do affects the whole ecosystem. It also means that if humans kill all the sharks, they're in for a world of trouble a few years down the road.
Hunting means finding food, stopping threats, and remembering that you're a warrior and predator, no matter what.

  • Spawn
No Rokea is exempt from breeding. We do it slowly, yeah, but we all have to breed at least once during our lives. Kun is the mother of fishes and the true spirit of fecundity and creation, and we don't call ourselves Kunspawn just because we like the sound of it.
But there's more to this Law than just procreation. We also have to teach those we spawn. The Long Swim gives you a base, the meeting with Kun in Sea's Soul gives you a primer and a true welcome, but the rest of the Rokea are your people and the only peer group you're likely to have.

  • Swim
Sharks die if they stop swimming. There are a few breeds that can lie still and keep water going over their gills, but I've never heard of Rokea being born to those breeds. We have to keep swimming, keep exploring, keep moving.
Now, I can hear you thinking, 'But if we're meant to survive, doesn't it make sense to stick to the places we know are safe?" Well, that's logical, but that's why we're in such a state now. We didn't swim on land, we didn't watch the humans, and now here they are setting off nuclear bombs on the shores, finning our brethren, and dumping toxic sludge into our homes. Nope, swimming is part of survival. We may not have any reaction to a new sight but to bite it or swim away, but we have to know it's there, just in case.

Betweener Law

  • Survive
Okay, this doesn't change. This is our job, our purpose in life. Do you know how many human texts have been written and agonized over trying to find purpose? Well, we know ours, and it's pretty liberating. We've got to endure, period.

  • Humans Are Not Prey
Humans are predators, and they prey on each other. Sharks do the same thing, so it really isn't culture shock that you guys kill each other so much, except that you don't normally eat the carcasses. That in mind, those of us who stay on land don't mind killing humans - sorry, that's just the way we are - but we don't eat you. Look, the whole 'man-eating shark' thing gets blown way out of proportion. Even the ocean-dwellers don't do it much; we betweeners just avoid it entirely because it raises too many questions.

  • Stay Near Sea
A real no-brainer, and I'll tell you why. We need sustenance of the soul as well as the body, and the only way we get that is by swimming in Sea and visiting a Grotto or a Rorqual. Without such sustenance, we cant use many of our Gifts, and even those of us who have learned how to reach Sea's Soul can't do it. Also, if we go too long without swimming in salt water (doesn't have to be Sea, but name me one other naturally-occurring body of salt water not infested with Mormons) we lose our shape-shifting powers permanently. How long? Who wants to find out?

  • F.E.A.R.
Humans are big into over-thinking all their problems, usually with aid from talk-show hosts. F.E.A.R. is a little self-help word game meaning Face Everything And Recover. Not to the betweeners. Nope, to us it means Fuck Everything And Run. Sometimes, we take that literally.
Look, we're obviously supposed to be mating while we're here. So we do. But we're also being chased by our own kind. So when confronted by a Rokea Hunt - or any other totally hopeless situation - we act like a predator. We leave. Predators are not noble, and they aren't suicidal. They want to stay alive, so we're not into meaningful relationships, child support, or any shit like that. Ten seconds after it's over, we're looking for the exit. We remain mobile and (hopefully) unfound.
Since a lot of human men behave this way anyway, we've got some good camouflage.



Valor's Principles

  • Lie to others, you lie to yourself.
  • Do not take on a challenge you cannot complete.
  • If someone wrongs you, do not seek him out. Simply remember him.

Bravery and valor are two different things. To be 'brave', that is, to be strong in the face of fear, doesn't impress the Rokea. They don't believe in feeling afraid to begin with. Valor means taking on the challenge, be it a fight, a hunt, a mate, and so forth secure in the knowledge that you are doing what you are meant to do. Valorlous Rokea also don't lie if they can help it, they feel it implies insecurity in who and what they are, and insecurity is unthinkable among the Rokea.


Harmony's Laws

  • Everything has a place - Including you. Stay in it.
  • What happens in one part of the Sea affects it all. There are no isolated occurences. Remember this when you decide whether or not to act.
  • If Sea makes a request of you, it is disharmonious to refuse.

The Rokean Law is deceptively simple, and abuses are possible. For example, humans have a right to sail the seas and even to eat the bounty found there, but slaughtering hundreds of millions of fish each year is unacceptable. Likewise, a Rokea has the right to eat what he chooses, but consuming humans is unwise in that it frightens them and spurs them to kill more sharks.

Sea views the Rokea as her watchdogs and police force. Anything in the oceans that threatens the delicate balance of life - an oil spill, a driver group upsetting a coral reef, and especially abominations like Deepwater - needs rectifying. Doing so gains the Rokea harmony.


Innovation's Guidelines

  • Never assume you know everything, or even enough, about a situation.
  • Humans are not destroying the world because they are strong, but simply because they put their minds to it. Speed and strength do not always win battles.
  • You are not alone in the Sea. There are other beings with knowledge to share.

Each new gift, rite, fetish, and idea that the Rokea have dremt up over the years is recognized by Kun. Kun, the mother of fishes and the spirit of creativity, takes great pride in the fact that her favored children are not automatons. Kun does not create drones - she leaves that to her sister, C'et. Ridding Sea of a threat by tearing it to pieces is fine, perfectly within the parameters set by Sea and Valorous by any Rokea's standards - but it wont impress Kun too much.

Innovation is the easiest form of Renown to understand, but it can be difficult to obtain. Most Rokea accept the predictability of their lives, and this attitude doesn't allow for creativity. However, the Rokea who strive to reach places never before seen, who bargain with spirits for new Gifts, and who venture on land to stop threats before they reach Sea are the Rokea who recieve Innovation.

Rank Requirements


Rank Valor Harmony Innovation
1 2 (1) (1)
2 4 2 1
3 7 4 2
4 9 6 4
5 10 8 5


Rank Valor Harmony Innovation
1 (1) 2 (1)
2 3 5 0
3 5 7 1
4 7 9 2
5 8 10 3


Rank Valor Harmony Innovation
1 (1) (1) 2
2 1 2 3
3 2 4 6
4 3 6 8
5 4 8 10

If a player is approved at Rank 0 and then goes through their Long Swim to speak with Sea and reach Rank 1, then they gain gifts and renown as usual for Rank 1 and their Breed/Tribe, assuming they have earned their first Rank.

  • These gifts don't cost XP.
  • Any previous renown unconnected to the Rite of the Hunt is retained on top of the rank baseline.

Sample Renown Awards

Note: These are not uniformly objective. They may be rejected/reduced/increased based on circumstances.

Note: These are not exhaustive. If something doesn't seem to fit here, or isn't found in this list, but still serves one of these types and the Rokea's purpose, then go ahead and submit a request.

The following types have been tinted for ease of reading and browsing:

  • These awards and penalties are directly from the established renown lists, with changes limited to specifying the Rokea breed.

Items in Black are positive renown awards.

Items in Red are negative renown penalties

  • These awards and penalties have been either created from scratch, or taken from lists and more heavily reworded for the Rokea breed.

Items in Blue are positive home-brew renown awards

Items in Purple are negative home-brew renown penalties

Sources: Players Guide to the Changing Breeds pages 170-173, WtA 2nd ed pages 190-193, Rokea Breedbook pages 86-87

Combat and Encounters

Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Award given once per combat, not per enemy
Ignoring a non-fatal wound in combat 2
Showing restraint in the face of certain death 3 1
Ending a threat without serious harm to any Rokea or Sea 5
Surviving an Incapacitating wound 3
Surviving any toxic waste/flux attack 2
Attacking a much more powerful force without aid -3
Losing to an enemy without even harming it -3
Avoiding or fleeing a conflict that threatens survival 1
Summoning help when there is no real danger present -5
Conscious cowardice that results in the death of a Rokea or Rorqual -5 -7 -5
Threats associated with the unbalanced Triat
Threats determined by actual threat posed, not rank
Defeating a minor threat to Sea 2 Below your strength level
Defeating an average threat to Sea 3 An even match
Defeating a strong threat to Sea 5 Stronger than your strength level
Defeating a very powerful threat to Sea 7 Much more powerful than you
Other supernatural threats
Defeating a strong threat 2
Defeating a very powerful threat 3
Bonuses for either type of threat
...drawing first blood in combat +1
  • Given to the FIRST person to draw blood in combat.
  • Exception: If two people acted on the same turn and inflicted damage on the enemy.
...permanently destroying or killing the threat in question +1
...without a single other Rokea being hurt +1
...without personally being hurt +1
...when the threats were armed with silver +1
...stopping a threat to Sea before it reaches the Ocean +3 +7
...being captured by the enemy -1 -1

Detecting Threats of Kun, C'et, and Qyrl

Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Revealing, with certain proof, that a person is tainted 2 Human, Kinfolk, or other Changer
Falsely accusing a person of being tainted -3 -2
Revealing, with certain proof, that an area or object is tainted 3
Revealing, with certain proof, that a Rokea is tainted 6
Falsely accusing a Rokea of being tainted -5 -4


Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Resisting a frenzy when it endangers survival 1
Succumbing to Kunmind during frenzy -2 If it endangers the Veil or Sea
Injuring other Rokea or Rorqual during a frenzy -1 -3
  • If the 'other Rokea' is your ally(s) and not your lunch


Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Purifying a tainted object, person, or place 1 1
Summoning an Incarna avatar 2
Summoning an Incarna avatar for no good reason -3
Dealing with a spirit rather than Binding it 1
Knowing and offering the correct Chiminage without being asked 1
...Dealing generously +1 +1
...Dealing extravagantly -1
Helping another fulfill an agreement with a spirit 1
Breaking an agreement with a spirit -3 -2
Completing a Chiminage quest 1 2
Successfully completing a spirit quest in the umbra 3
Releasing a spirit from a taboo-induced Slumber 1
Causing a spirit to fall into Slumber -1
Releasing a spirit from unjust bondage 2 1 Including fetishes
Failing to succeed in a spirit quest in the Umbra -3
Having and properly following a prophetic dream of great import 5
Following another's prophetic dream 2
Consulting an oracle and successfully interpreting its advice 2
Giving a prophetic warning that later comes true 5
Giving a prophetic warning that does not come true -4
Ignoring omens, dreams, and the like for no good reason -3
Traveling to any of the Umbral Realms and surviving 3
Binding ‘inappropriate’ items to oneself with the Rite of Talisman Dedication -2
Discovering ancient Rokean lore 3
Besting someone (including a spirit) in a riddle contest 3
Gaining knowledge through bargains with spirits 2
Ignoring the counsel of spirits -1
Learning a new Rite 1
Learning a new Gift 1
Disrupting or otherwise being disrespectful during a rite -1 to -5


Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Successfully creating talens 1
Using a fetish for the good of Sea or the local Rokea 2 May depend on cleverly bringing and/or using an appropriate fetish, not just e.g. using the same Fang Dagger you always use
Creating a fetish 4 Limited to 2 rewards/month (or equivalent with talens); more fetishes/talens can be made, but the requests may not be submitted for the same month
Sacrificing a fetish for the good of Sea or the local Rokea 4
Accidentally breaking a fetish or talen -1 to -5
Discovering a talen 1
Discovering a fetish 2

Grottos and Rorqual

Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Keeping a Grotto safe from humans through trickery or intimidation 3
Helping to prevent a Grotto from being overrun by the unbalanced Triat 3 4
Not preventing a Grotto from being overrun by the unbalanced Triat -3 -4
Dying while defending a Grotto (posthumous) 7 5
Single-handedly preventing a Grotto from being taken by the unbalanced Triat 5 8
Accidentally allowing a Grotto to be violated -2 -5 -4
Defending a helpless Rorqual from human attack 3
Defending a helpless Rorqual from attack by the unbalanced Triat 3 4
Not defending a helpless Rorqual -3 -4

Rokea Relations and Society

Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Teaching other Rokea (depends on the depth of study) 1 to 5 3 to 5 Teaching rites: 1H 3I per month, regardless of number of rites or students
Maintaining loyal service to breed and Sea 1/year 3/year 1/year Routinely approved if requested in a timely fashion
Single-handedly being responsible for success in a common goal for the local Rokea 5 2 3
Acting selflessly for the greater good of the Rokea 3
Participating in a just challenge 2 1
Participating in an unjust challenge -3
Challenging someone far too above or too far below your Rank -3
Participating in a betweener hunt (for ocean-dwellers) 2
Destroying a betweener (for ocean-dwellers) 5
Evading destruction by ocean-dwellers (for betweeners) 5


Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Gaining the position of slew leader for a mission 1 1
Speaking poorly of one's slew -6
Dying while defending your slew (posthumous) 4 6

Rokean Law

Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Upholding Rokean Law (in the face of adversity, extreme measures, etc.) 1 to 5 1 to 3 Above and beyond the usual, e.g. "killing an Qyrling" vs "killing your sister when she turns out to be the Qyrl's servant"
Breaking Rokean Law (depending on severity of transgression,
could be less for lesser offenses)
-2 to -4 -5 to -8 -2 to -4


Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Being truthful 1 Must be in some way important, rather than generically being truthful
Being truthful in the face of extreme adversity 3
Lying when it is not needed -3
Remaining unaffected by attempts to taunt you 2
Remaining calm in the face of extreme adversity 3
Giving good advice for important matters 2
Giving bad advice for important matters -2
Keeping an important promise 2
Failing to keep one’s promise -3
Speaking dishonorably to one’s elders -1 to -5
Speaking poorly of the Rokea as a whole -2
Ignoring strong feelings of vengeance and hatred for the greater good 5
Exacting vengeance without actively seeking it 5
Actively seeking vengeance -5
Showing mercy to a wayward Changer 1
Striving to understand a new situation or item 1
Acting without thinking -1
Discovering a place unknown to other Rokea 3
Killing humans when the matter could have been solved with cunning -3

Caring for Sea

Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Preventing minor pollution 1
Stopping reckless humans 2
Regulating the size of a species to restore the balance 3
Repairing damage to coral reefs 5
Clearing an oil spill 7
Ignoring minor polution -1
Killing humans to restore balance (leads to added killings of sharks) -3
Hunting carelessly and upsetting the balance of a species -5


Activity Valor Harmony Innovation Comments
Maintaining good relations with nearby Kadugo 2 Typically for betweeners and sympathizers
Having poor relations with nearby Kadugo -3
Protecting a helpless Kadugo (for betweeners) 2
  • Protecting a group: generally only one counts
  • 'Helpless' depends on power level of target (especially if a PC) and attacker
Protecting a helpless shark 5
Not protecting a helpless shark -6
Mating 2
  • Awarded when child is born
  • Requires rolling one die on a +request twice for % chance of kin or kind
...and the child is a Kinfolk +1
...and the child is Rokea +1 +1 +1
Refusing to mate -5