2019.07.06: Hive of Scum

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Hive of Scum
A bar a cave, wyrm
IC Date July 06 2019
Players Erin, Journey, Magnus, Mora, Rafe, Ryla, Shame-of-Shadows, Ratsputin as ST
Location Out of State
Spheres Garou Gaian M+/Kinfolk Fera

This is about three hours out of prospect over in a wood area, there is a path through the giant redwoods, it is not some place you would go without knowing about it. There is a howl of fear from out here 8 hours ago, it is how long it takes the garou of Sept of the Enduring Spirit, to get itself ready to go. But here we are in the middle of it all right up the road is a broken down bar, with a sign out front of a man with a large curved blade in his right hands, as he looks at them the weapon is moving back and forth with the buzzing of the power. It is all in red and his weapon swinging back and forth over the door, the symbol of the pack. Flaming Claws are the here to party, to fight to kill the wyrm, fear and well know, but it is quiet as the grave, there is nothing going on but there is a faint music pouring out of the bar soft country.

Journey drives up on a Moto Guzzi. This would be a fairly bold statement depending on where you are, coming in on an ITALIAN bike. Still Journey rolls up with the 'Road' crew, coming to answer the howl.

Somehow Erin is here, she came with someone or someone told her to meet them here but that's how she got here. She stands a little more towards the back as she looks thoughtful at the flaming claws. She doesn't speak as she seems really quietly.

Mora drives up in her van bringing any one that cant or do not want to drive. But the in side is nice it does have a bed and a mini fridge in it. She finds a place to park and gets out and gives Journey a hello nod.

Ryla drives her cute little BMW i3, lovely cerulean blue, on the trek out here. A bit odd as well on out to this area, but hey - she usually has it in the city! She parks it down the road a bit, and walks on up to join the others. Giving each a nod, with more deference to Journey.

Shame-of-Shadows rides on the bed! Curled up in her still huge wolf form, Shame tries to minimize the space she uses up on the way out OTf the site. Upon arriving, she hops out on three paws and tips her nose to the wind, ears perked forward and tail out stiff, a leather wrapped staff in her jaws until she shifts to homid to unwrap the crystal javelin she is keeping watch over for Dragomir. Stole from. Was threatened to keep or else. It's -complicated-. Damn Silver Fangs.

Magnus was at the Caern when the howl went out. He leapt up as others started to get ready and helped gather whatever supplies were needed. He hops /on top of/ Mora's van as he is just that kind of Get and to give Shame space inside, and rides out there, chewing on whatever bugs manage to make it into his mouth. As they come around and find Journey and others gathered, he gingerly jumps off (so as not to ruin the paint job of course, he's considerate after all), and heads over to the group. "Blessed be Fenris, iffn we ever make a howl in need like that, I hope we get this many to come find us..."

The bar is old trusty, one of those roadhouse that seems to have gone out of style back when the world was rustic, ready for men to be men, and girls to be girls. It is the type of place that only exists in old cowboy movies, or people that wanna be bad ass minds. But the song is changing to the next one with a loud blast of the speakers. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ahHWROn8M0)

Erin comes to stand near Mora and Kringer her trusted black panther comes to join her as well. She looks to the others and when the music comes blasting from the speakers she tilts her head "I think the song is trying to say something" she says softly.

Journey slides off his bike, resting it on the kickstand, looking at the bar and concentrating s he looks around, taking stock of the force answering, nodding slightly, "Nose open, let's go." He says frowning slightly moving up to enter motioning the group with.

Mora hears the song "wow I only see Emo kids listing to this song." said to Erin. She waits for Journey's go ahead but lets him go first.

Magnus takes Journey's command literally and drops to all fours where muscle and fur explodes into a Dire Wolf...or just a small version of Shame's lupus at least. The snout goes to the pavement and begins sniffing around for any sign of anything.

Ryla looks to each of them, and with Journey's call to check it out, she adjusts her glasses, checks her hair. A hand smooths out her skirt and jacket, and she is ready to go inside - all 5' of the blonde Silver Fang.

Erin is usually the last person to ever ever notice anything except for today apparently as she pauses and looks up and quickly tugs on Mora arm because she's the closest to her "Hmm do you see that or is that just me, up there on the roof"

Journey looks around. "There was.. a great battle.." He changes, growing, jaw jutting out, features thickening, Glabro, reaching up to his shoulder, he draws a large Silver Nodachi sword from the sheathe springing to existence there with the shift, the silver blade in hand. "Battlemagic residue. Looks like large scale warfare." He rumbles, in a deeper voice, Grand Klaive in hand, as he moves with slow smoothness. Roof? no clue. He's trying to sort out the readings he's getting.

Magnus looks up in his hispo form and says to all, <<This place smells of te Wyrm...and...kinfolk in fear somewhere.>> There is a light chuffing at that one. He follows not too fare behind Journey and doesn't bother looking up at the roof, he keeps his eyes out around their surroundings.

Mora looks up to what was pointed and takes the slow shift to Glabro "Thank you for pointing that out." said as she pulls out her dagger and has it ready to use if needed "what was that?"

As Erin is pointing it out there is a man in the middle of the roof is a large man with blond hair looking feared, his hands were trying to pull out a wooden stake in the middle of his chest, back when he had hands of course, they have been cut off as a trophy it seems.

Taking a rather deep breath as she really sticks close to the group and Kringer steps closer looking around as his ears twitch a bit as they walk. Erin follows and tries not to fall behind.

Shame-of-Shadows snuffles the air and turns her snout towards the ground. <<A large vehicle has gone, the tracks go that way.>> the metis says, pointing to the treacks of a bus or larger type vehicle. Bending she laps at the dirt. <<Fresh.>>

Ryla reaches behind her back, and then pulls back around her a baseball bat. Now in both hands in front of her, she eyes the trees. "Removal of hands - not just killing, but mutilation. Someone has issues, or religious reasons. Either way... " She is getting ready.

Never one to reject a call to battle, Rafe is there, just quiet for the trip. Riding in the van in lupus until they get there. Immediately upon exiting he shifts to his massive grey hispo form. He sniffs around at the air, looking up at the roof then padding over to check the tracks.

Journey looks back to Erin and Shame and up to the roof, squinting, looking over to the others, and moving, "Let's get to the roof, someone left a message, let's see it, carefully." He starts up, literally, just lifting off the ground, wind gathering under him, elevating himself to look at the man, approaching.

Climbing onto the back for Kringer Erin looks at him "Follow Journey up there" she pauses and looks to Mora "Want a lift?" She asks having Kringer hold off for a moment in case she wants a lift if not. Then Kringer will jump/fly up to the roof though he doesn't look as cool as Journey but he does get up there.

Ryla closes her eyes and concentrates, and she is lifted up off the ground, with sparkling wings having come out from her back. She rises on up, looking cute as a button, if not strange in this setting. Is she a fairy? oh no. Just close with her totem. Thanks Eagle!

Magnus doesn't even bother to try and look cool like the others. He simply uses those claws of his in Hispo to go up the side of the building...but even still, he's super nimble as he does it, his own Totem's gift. As he makes it up to the top behind Journey, he stares back up and out at the area around them, looking for any signs of anything.

Mora shakes her head "Na I can do this." said as she climbs up as she makes the jump and pulls herself up. "I so need Cait to teach me parkour."

Being ten and a half feet tall has advantages! Shame gets to the edge of the roof, puts the javelin between her teeth (carefully!) and hauls herself up with strong arms and claws. Roof's not going to be so great in the rain right there, but she gets up alright enough.

The roof is bashed in there are holes in it, huge ones as if this man was slammed over and over into the ground, he is a handsome man built for war, and battle. One too many battles his chest is covered in scars, his face is with a crescent moon above his left eye from a claw it seems, they are all old. The new deadly wound is through his middle where that large branch was shoved with force, he is one dead man. On his left arm is the symbol of his pack, blazing claws and above it a large letter A.

<<It is the alpha, Bike-of-Death.>> Shame rumbles, staying back as everyone crowds in on the body. Turning her muzzle to the wind, she tries to find the scent of the beta, Batmaster, ears flicking back.

Journey floats over to him and looks at the wounds, nodding slightly., checking him over. "Past." He sighs, and looks over the monument for a moment, "Right now, we have a trail to follow Vengance to claim and Wyrm to destroy. Anyone have any brilliant ideas or do we hunt and kill?" He asks, rumbling low and lethal.

Mora says "First thing we do is find scents here to track where it was or where its going." she slowly shifts to Lupus <hopefully what did this stinks.> she trys to pick up other smells and encreases her sence of smell.

Magnus chortles, << I'd really liked to have had Ratsputin and Xavier with me right about now. They're Baldur's Blade's scouts. >> Magnus does a little circle on top of the roof, and eventually adds, << It would be wise to jump over into te umbra iffn there are mirrors inside to do so. Te spirits may have an idea of what happened here and where te fell beasts are that did this. In te meantime, there are kinfolk around too that we kin find and comfort. Inside te bar? >>

Ryla does not land herself, just floats with those wings lightly moving. "And the rest of the pack? Are they dead or out searching?" She hears the others and is willing to see what they come up with.

Looking thoughtful before she rubs the back of her neck and hmms " I can try to talk to the tracks and see if they would be willing to tell me the destination they were going but that might be a long shot" she sound sso dumb and hmms "I can also ask the log and see if it knew who did this and then we can try to track them that way.." Erin throws that out here.

Journey looks around and moves, flying down, "Alright, five minutes, investigate, and return with what you have. I will wait here and will come if you scream out that you're being eaten."

Magnus chuffs to Rafe, << Find te kinfolk iffn ye kin. I'm headed into te umbra. Iffn anyone wants to join, >> and then he does a swan dive in Hispo into one of those holes in the floor. He lands with lupine grace and looks around, hoping to have gotten the drop on anything that might be inside.

As Magnus lands it is odd there is a smell of blood death, violence the bar is covered in blood it is just a masscare, the smell is over whelming, in the center of the room are the hands, each one in a small circle of crimson glory, drawing a words and symbols on the floor and the walls."Garou get fucked, our land now."

Erin looks around and then takes a breath as she gets off of Kringer looking to make sure where she is stepping as she gets close to the body. She looks around again before she chews on her lip "Ok" she begins with drawing in the air near the log stuff as she begins to chant as she hops from on foor to the other "voices of the wind hear my plea to let this log speak to me, speak to me true, and tell me what I seek, and you better be nice to me" she touches the log giving it a second before she asks "Who was the one that used you to drive through this man's heart?"

Erin looks around to see if there is any blood around before she looks like she is thinking "Did he have a name?"

<<On it.>> Replies Rafe-Hispo immediately and his head goes down, a circles around the roof sniffing at everything. His head pokes into one of the holes, taking in the scents then he hops off the roof to circle the building. Trying to separate all the scents. Ones that belong and one's that don't. Where anyone or anything is headed to away from the bar.

Shame-of-Shadows settles onto her right hip and watches everyone scatter to dig at the clues. After a moment, she hops down from the roof, landing hard and with a grunt as she sort of flop-rolls to her chest and shoulder. Clumsy. Up is easier than down, sometimes. Getting up, she dusts herself off and sneezes dirt out of her nose.

Nodding slowly as Erin scratches the back of her head before asking " Did any of the other wolves have names?"

Magnus doesn't quite think anything odd about the ritualistic scene. "Just your regular Saturday night for te Get down here, random body parts and all." Oddly, he seems sincere about that as if he really isn't finding anything at all add about it. He heads over towards a mirror and looks for a spot that isn't covered in blood so he can step-sideways into the umbra.

Ryla floats on down, and takes a look at what they are all finding. Analyzing things herself quietly - which is odd for the talkative ragabash - unless she is on the case.

Sighing a little bit as Erin is getting not the answers she wants "Did they take any prisoners with them?"

Looking thoughtful as she looks around again as she tries to think of what else to ask "Do you know where they came from?"

Journey looks at the Ritual, then Magnus, and reaches out and TWEAKS his ear, "It's a Corruptive Rite. Already gotten to the Umbra, we need to stick here." He frowns, looking at the Ritual, "This is more than a normal Corruption, they're looking to set down roots.." He looks around, frowning. "They're trying to make this spot a new lair." He frowns.

Looking around as she is thinking before Erin calls out "They took 21 people in the van. But I can't seem to get a straight answer or not sure what else to ask. There were 3 of them. The one that put him here was made of wings, Huge and mad with glee and his beck dipped into the blood" she hmms "Anyone have anything you want me to ask that maybe he will answer?"

Magnus whimpers as his ear is tugged and he is chastised. He does as he is told though and doesn't step-sideways. He stays here and looks back at the Ritual to take it into his memory. Body parts, fuck the Garou, circle...check. <<So what makes this place so special as to want to turn it into a lair?>> He is Get and even he wouldn't have wanted to come here (which is maybe why he was chosen to go to the Sept of the Enduring Spirit...).

Erin moves to keep down inside to those that are looking "Hey see if you can find the name of someone that might have been taken. If I can get someone's name I might be able to track them. Mister Log doesn't know names" she rolls her eyes.

<<Burn it and find the kin. We can't let them have it and don't have time to properly cleanse it.>> Scorched earth baby! Rafe-Hispo stalks around the outside of the building to keep an eye out. <<If we don't go now, they will probably be dead or too corrupted to safe.>>

Mora hmms < so lets follow the van tracks. Hopefully we can pick up on scents better when we get closer to them. > She then says < can some one tell Erin if she can get enough of a description I might beable to help with the tracking. >

Ryla chimes in, "I can Sense the Prey if I have something to go on. We need to find those taken." She is not happy with the information coming in now.

Shame-of-Shadows's ear flicks back. <<The kin. Maybe a path of gnosis. I'm not sure the Why matters. We need to stop them from...>> Rafe finishes her train of thought, more or less and she nods to the other way-too-bigasaurus and limps to the path of the bus and the tracks it made.

Journey nods, "Alright, try to isolate a single scent of a single person, likely will be one of the Kin, if the link is strong enough you will know you can use your Tracking gifts to find them." He nods, and starts looking around, trying to locate something to get a fix on the Kinfolk, "Be ready to move fast soon as we have it."

Erin looks thoughtful then moves back to the log as she speaks to it "Did you hear any names being called?"

Magnus barks, <Te why is always important. Te why could lead us to additional territories that may be targeted next.>> He seems passionate about that. Still, he grows quiet as Journey gives a command and he looks around for clues himself.

Twilight's Glimmer shifts down to lupus, preparing for the hunt now. Her bat goes away, and her body becomes covered in that white silvery fur. Time to get to work.

Rolling her eyes "Don't get snappy with me. I didn't mean of the three I mean of all the people that were taken?"

Journey walks over to the van tracks, kneeling, putting his hand in the tread of the vehicle and looks off into the distance. With a fluid shift, he takes Hispo form, looking over, one massive ear flicks at Erin arguing with her wood. "I have a lock on the Van." The English voice comes from him.

Erin eyes the wood as if it was a real person "you stay put i'm not done with you" she gets back up on Kringer and moves to follow Journey as they leap down from the roof.

Rafe shuffs at the building and lifts a leg as if to pee on it. He doesn't but the gesture is symbolic. With that done, he trots over tot he van tracks, breathing a little quickly. Excitement of the hunt. <<What are we waiting for?>>

Mora takes near Journey < After you Shaderunnerryha > the red furred wolf is ready to run with them.

Magnus follows the others out of the bar and finds the tracks too. With a soft aroo, he offers, <<We should leave te vehicles here and go by foot so as to not give our pursuit away no?>> He finds a hard boulder just a few feet away from the tire tracks and begins sharpening up all of his claws. He also concentrates for a moment and flips that inner switch for 'pain' to off.

Erin suddently duh! as she looks back towards the log and then grumbles as maybe she just realize something and shakes her head. Learning expirance that's for sure. She follows along te others as she rides Kringer.

Shame-of-Shadows runs on three, the fetish carried in her jaws. She might not be the swiftest, but she manages to keep up running this way.

There was a van abandon about a mile from the lake, as they are able to follow the tracks right to the edge of a lake, in the middle of it is a large gapping cave mouth, it looks made by claws like a grinning demon, as it leads right down into the lake. They are hidden in the trees, waiting to land the next movement, the way of fighting, a human male torn asunder is there one for each eye naked, the blood dripping down to make the cave appear to be crying a river of blood.

Shaderunner changes up from Homid, moving off to the side, as he shudders, the silver sword in his hand reflecting as he twitches and licks of flame emerge from his clawtips that turn silver, the creeping change of the Crinos into Living Metal comes with a moment, until his fur elongates and sharpens into deadly points, settling back against him as the gentle glimmer on the metal seals the blessings of Luna. Shaderunner is not fucking around here.

Mora sees the cave < I seen cheesy movies like this before. Well I am the cute girl that dies when she goes off to have sex with her boyfriend. > her form shifts to the famous legend of half man and wolf. <keep your senses sharp there will be traps.>

Erin looks over and chews on her lip "Fuck that looks bad.. really bad" she takes a breath as she looks at Kringer then towards the others.

Rafe-Hispo lopes along, following the trails of the van. Keeping to the side to be less easy to see. He slows when the van is found and pads over to it, sniffing all around it and looking at the cave when done. <<No time to waste.>> Not waiting for any plan or anything at all. He makes his way towards the cave.

Relying on her dark hide to help conceal her, Shame rolls to her birthform, picking up the javelin in a huge, clawed hand. There's a slow blink for Mora, and a chuff of laughter from the metis. << I hope they are not celebrating with the kin. For their sake. >> she rumbles, ears flicking back, then looking to Shaderunner to see what he thinks.

Twilight's Glimmer prepares herself, raising her muzzle, and calling upon Luna to protect her. As she takes on that gleam, her claws become silver, and she grows larger up to Hispo. She's ready for this.

Shaderunner straightens and shuts down the flames and lights of his powers, ready to-And Rafe's moving on it. The Elder doesn't have time to fondly recall what it's like to have Get around, he's moving to back Rafe up.

Erin gets ready to ask what's the plan but then Rafe and Shaderunner are already moving in and she looks toward the others and gestures for Kringer "Stay low and out of sight," she reaches up and pulls the hood of her cloak so she can make herself harder to spot at first sight.

Magnus grunts in Hispo as the others just rush in headlong upon finding the van and the gaping maw of the lake hole. In times of war though, the Ahroun take charge, so he lets Rafe do his thing and takes a back seat...literally, looking to take up the rear guard position unless someone else does. He keeps his senses sharp and follows along, trying to make sure no one is following them.

Twilight is following up the group as they approach while Shaderunner is moving in behind Rafe, looking everywhere at once, taking in the area as the Ahroun moves in.

Mora looks around as she sniffs the air < blood and mildew. > she then gives a sneeze as she is looking around hoping something sticks out but no luck.

Magnus reaches out to his spirit wolf and checks to see how it is doing as it is never too far away...but it is, which can only mean one thing. This is Wyrm land. He mews lightly, <<Must be wyrm in te umbra or me spirit familiar would be around.>> Magnus stays alert to ensure they aren't boxed in or being rolled up on.

Erin is hiding like literally in plain sight as Kringer is the one doing the moving slow and steady like a cat would. As he moves Erin is looking around to make sure nothing is sneaking up behind them as they move forth.

Rafe is fine with leading. Well being in front anyway. As they get to the mouth of the cave he shifts, body exploding outward. Growing much bigger than even his hispo form. Eleven and a half feet of rage fueled Gaian murder machine. He stays on all fours as he moves, it's just more comfortable. He doesn't even slow at the entrance, just heading right inside. Nostrils flaring to take in the scents. If there's any caution to him, it doesn't show.

There's not much point in being quiet with the massive Get leading the way into the cave. Shame tries to keep Magnus from having to trail behind, hurrying to keep pace somewhere in the middle of the group - where she's least likely to be a detriment to the group. Plus, she has the reach of the javelin and the long crinos arms. She doesn't need to be in the front to be helpful.

Shaderunner follows Rafe at a careful crouching advance, looking for enemies, taking a breath, focusing on the terrain to learn how to use it against the enemy.

Twilight moves carefully, Silver claws ready, up and held, prepared to counter anything coming their way.

The path is leading down under the lake it seems, as you walk along it seems like you can hear the water pushing against the rock itself, at the bottom of the path it opens up into a huge cavern, the sound of screaming is hear coming from deeper in it does not sound like pleasure, but pain and fear, which is also the smell that assaults your sense blood, sex, fear fixed into quiet the order of corruption. The walls are coated in deep red slime, that might be blood, it seems organic and seems to bubble.

Magnus would hold back for a second as the others enter the cave, take one last look out at the world outside, and then somewhat reluctantly follows. It isn't that he's scared, the Godi in him just wants to have a better plan than run head-long into a Hive. Given that there is the possibility of kinfolk in danger though, and that this is basically the marching order, he follows and stays quiet.

Erin and Kringer are still being very quiet like they are not even there though Erin gives a little bit of a quiver at the sounds of creaming. She holds on a little tighter to Kringer.

Huge, tattered ears swivel to the sounds of screaming, Shame rising up to her full height and pausing to listen. Despite herself, a savage snarl is torn from her and she drops to all fours, shoving up against whoever is in front of her, trying to make them /go faster/ right goddamn now, nipping the butt or flanks of whoever is not moving fast enough for the metis' taste. Go! Now!

Mora points to the right chamber <something in there, I smell burning flesh and fear."

Magnus chortles lightly to whomever is close by, especially as the others start to move more quickly into the lair, <<Has makings of trap.>> He also calls out to Rafe with their telepathic bond.

There's a growl from Howling Mounting at the shoving and nipping. <<Back off!>> But it's not to slow anything, just to give his legs room. It's probably a trap. He knows it. But waiting will only cause more pain to those captured. On all fours, he launches himself forward. Moving as fast as the terrain allows towards the screams.

Shaderunner moves forward, <<Opening ahead, one room, Three dancers, Center of the room, around a pot. Kinfolk behind them. We move we hit hard, left, right, center three targets, make ready.>> And he's moving faster, tactical info relayed.

Inside of the room is much as Shaderunner told you, a three men in hispo sitting in front of a pot with an arm and leg coming out of it, behind them are 9 girls in charges screaming, scared and one dead one torn apart on the ground with claws, missing her right arm and her left leg. She has been gutted as well, her eyes removed it is all in the pot from the smell of blood coming out of it, boiling over a nice fire.

Shaderunner moves forward, breaking off as the Ahroun goes dead center, moving to open up the flank, he attacks, the surprised Dancer, cutting him down the middle, blade wicketing through in a blur of silver.

Twilight moves in ducking as the others move, claws sweeping out to Rake the Dancers flesh, silvered claws sinking in and tearing through., a snarl comes to the surprised enemy as the pain is just beginning here.

Magnus manages to file out into the opening and even though he was one of the last ones to do so, he manages to make it to the Black Spiral Dancer right behind Twilight. As Twilight goes low, Magnus jumps and goes high. All four of the Get's claws sink deep into the face and neck region of the BSD, ending its pitiful life then and there with a sickening schoowp as flesh tears from bone and blood pockets form and squish out. Magnus lands and looks over to ensure Rafe is taking care of his end.

Mora comes in with a flash as she does some damage with the dagger, she shows a bit of anger on her face as she sees what they were doing with the kin.

Erin was going to kick ass but it seems the others have that handle and don't need her in that regard so she doesn't waste her power there but moves quickly through the fight over to the Kinfolk to check who is injured beside those that have already been taken apart.

A mountain of flesh and bone(see deed name) howls as he charges in in all fours. Just before impact with the center spiral, he raises up, slamming into it like a runaway house. Claws bury in it's guts all the way up to his wrists and he clamps down on it's neck. His head shakes, teeth shearing flesh until the spiral is a bobble head. At the same time, he grabs fist fulls of guts, tearing them out to drop on the floor. His bite is repositioned along with his claws, to arch back and tear the head clean off before finally dropping it in a heap.

Shaderunner straightens, looking up, "More problems. The Trap is sprung." He looks around, and points his sword down the way out, "Fifteen Dancers, three Buzzards." He points and chuffs, "Laying in wait in the shadows to kill us when we come out." His head lifts and he looks around at the floor, "Alright."

Twilight's Glimmer shakes off her claws a moment, approaches the head of the dead dancer, and in a swift motion, swipes and the head is ripped off. >> I'll come back for my prize. Eagle will be pleased. << She gives a head jut to Magnus for the assist, and looks over to Shaderunner. >> I've been against worse with less. <<

Shame-of-Shadows watches the carnage from the mouth of then tunnel where it widens for the chamber. The blood-stink thick in her nose. Fifteen? She glances back the way they came, then to the crowd of living kin, ears laying back.

<<We have what we came for.>> Rafe corrects in case there are other motivations. << I got what I came for.>> He makes a wide motion with one gore soaked claw. <<Can anyone get them out safely another way? >> He flicks blood from his claws and howls again. <<If we fall, it will be glorious!>>

Mora looks to the rest << Ok what is a buzzard besides the birds that live in thedeser.>> She looks to Shaderunner. But she does clean her weapon on the fur of a dead BSD.

Magnus chirps, << I knew we were running into a trap, so let's make te most of it and die in glorious, honorable combat at least. >> That's the old rousing speech of the Get! Magnus head-tilts to Twilight Glimmer and barks an, <<Aye.>> To Journey, he steps forward and chuffs, <<Iffn I may Shaderunner-rhya, why go out there when we kin have them come to us. We have a natural pinch point with the mouth of this opening. They may choose to just wait us out, but iffn we kin taunt them to come to us...>> He considers for a second longer and adds, <<Too bad we din have one of te new pack members devoted to Earthquake here. Think we kin bring te place down around us without smooshing all of us...while getting all of them? Anyone able to dig really well to get te kinfolk out?>>

Twilight's Glimmer agrees and chuffs, >> We should not let them go or just run away. I can open a Moon Bridge if we want to get the kinfolk out. The light from that could get their attention. Above all, we need to control the situation not let them control us. Not with that many. <<

Shaderunner looks down the direction of the ambush slightly unfocused, "Oh wait, um yeah, they're planning to flood the tunnels.. by digging." He nods moving forward, slightly, "See if you can Bridge the Kin out, These guys are reduced to Digging." He kneels, bringing one hand up and down on the ground.


The ground ripples and the whole cavern out to.. like 140 feet in all directions comes under his control.

Magnus watches as Shaderunner takes his advice and gives a chuckling barking sound as the earth moves around them under Journey's control. <<So cool.>> He then looks to Twilight, <<Careful, iffn we step into te umbra, there's bound to be a whole slew of banes and te like given we're in there territory. What do ye need to get te kinfolk to cross into te umbra and open te moon bridge? As soon as we step over, assume we will be under fire...or would we be better off staying here?>> He considers for a second and adds, << I kin try summoning an incarna or two to act as a distraction, maybe all of our Totems would come to our aid given where we are? >>

Erin looking around " I have no fucking idea what you all saying but I can try to get the kin out and come back once they are safe... where do we want me to take them though?"

Howling Mountain looks around the cavern then at the tunnel. << I can, narrow that so it's harder... >> He just trails off as what he could possibly is made look like a child with a sandbox shovel trying to out dig an excavator. <<They need a reason to stop digging. And a reason to come down here.>>

Shame-of-Shadows rumbles, turning her muzzle towards the tunnel, ears pricking up and flopping where they are shredded. << I can go, and draw them down. >>

Twilight's Glimmer moves over closer to the kinfolk, and out of the way of the others. She does her thing, remembering the lune that taught her, and opens up the moon bridge for them to get to safety. The light spills out throughout the room as it does.

Shaderunner nods, "Kinfolk House." He says and moves to the opening, lifting a hand.

A solid wall of stone appears, thick and granite in front of him, sealing off the cavern ahead.

The Crinos head turns, "Hey do you guys remember the Lake when we got here?"

Suddenly the unholy sounds of water rushing in a roar on the other side of the sealed passage, with mingled screams and whatnot.

"Birds can't breathe water."

Magnus looks surprised when the moon bridge works on this side of the gauntlet. He hadn't seen that before apparently (they typically do them in the umbra where he comes from apparently...). He moves to have one of the kinfolk ride on top of him by getting low and giving a flick of his head towards his back to say 'get on'. If they do, he would carry them up and over the moonbridge, with a howl of <<Make sure all of these kinfolk are accounted for at all times and speak to te Elder Philodoxes to ensure they are who they say they are. Not saying I din trust 'em, but better to be safe than sorry.>> He also adds, <<And are we sure te moon bridge isn't extending into te umbra too so that we aren't sending banes into te kinfolk house?>> Yup, still worried.

Mora looks towards Erin and sends a mental communication <ms> "we are going to moon bridge out of here save your powers just incase we have to use them." She helps any of the kin that need it. <I told Erin what we are doing.<

<< I don't trust them. >> Says Rafe with utter seriousness. Not until it's proven they're safe. He points at the kin then the moon bridge. Doing it several times. Trying to get across. 'move your asses out of here'. << I will pull up the rear just in case anything gets in here before everyone is gone. >>

Shame-of-Shadows brings up the rear of the kin, nosing them along with low rumbles and soft chuffs. Like herding two legged, naked sheeps.

Erin was getting ready to cast a spell I mean she has been since she moved to the kin but then blinks as someone opens a moon gate and looks confused, before Mora explains what they are doing and she follows after everyone.

Shaderunner stays near the wall, focused on it as the sounds seem to die down, and the Silver Crinos draws little symbols in the stone which seem to drift as if he etched them into water or quicksilver. "I sent word ahead to the Kinfolk House, they're expecting evacuees." His voice comes from near him as he keeps his attention focused elsewhere.

Twilight's Glimmer pays attention only to opening the bridge and then nosing people to get through. She encourages the Cliaths, to lead the way through with the kinfolk to the Kinfolk house. >> I'm counting each one to be sure we have them all. << One, two, three, wolf, four, five, kin.>>

The sound of the water is filling quicker and quicker through out the hive, screams and bulbs and gurgles are heard, it is drowning wet fur, and the sound of caw cawing, it is not pleasant to be here now, that bridge is leading you to the kinfolk house, right before it closes you can hear a bellow of rage, and then it is silent. The hive is underwater now, air holes, exits sealed up it was clean enough of life, but the taint shall live on.