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The Raven goes by many names. To most of the Garou, he is an unknown. But to some, to the favoured few, he would be called "Swift Wing upon the High Wind", which is the very name that he chose for himself. But by those truly honored, he would be called "Hrafn". It is a name that he has taken to heart, as an honorific by those that he would call the closest of allies.
He was born a raven and prefers his natural form, but he has been known to sometimes take to the ground as a human. In those instances, he calls himself Royan and claims to be a vagabond, a man of the road.

  • A Corax - He is one of the Fera, a Corax.
  • The Spirits - The Umbra is a place of wonders and sights. And Ravens!
  • Anti-Birdrepellent Activism - Do you hate bird repellent technology too?
  • Fnord - Did you hear something?

Cobalt & Cornflower
Protectors of Greyson



  • A Fetish tied into the fabric of space and time is delivered to the Longhouse at Ravenscar, home of the Frostbite Pack. The pack and their Corax ally "Swift Wing upon the High Wind (aka Hrafn)" is transported back in time to the late 1800s, where they meet Jase "Feather Picks-the-Lock" of the Ravenfolk. The brave "Hrafn" and his Garou allies are alerted to a powerful Wyrm Aspect existing in this era, (possibly due to the 2nd War of Rage) that historically was defeated by the then 13 Tribes. "Hrafn" is then privately told of a more direct threat, by Jase "Feather Picks-the-Lock", and the Raven decides to help. (Logs: Lassie Never Had It This Bad With Timmy & Mirror, Mirror)
  • Late in the night, the Great Enemy attacks. The Wyrms minions fall upon the Ravenscar and sends everyone scattering. A great battle within the building drives everyone out into the open. (Log: Devil's Night). Scattered all over, "Hrafn" goes after his Ravenkin ally and the fleeing children, only to be beset upon by a large, powerful Bane. With the help of the Devil's Own pack and Aldric, the bane is vanquished. But in the aftermath, the Ravenkin and the children are gone. (Log: Devil's Night III)
  • Lead to Prospect by clues, Devil's Own and Frostbite divide and go to different locations. While the Frostbite get busy tangling with some undead varmints, "Swift Wing" comes upon a Corax who appears to have sworn loyalty to a new Master, forsaking her vow to Raven and Helios. Overcome by Rage at this atrocity, he gives chase and with a violence that shocks the other Corax, subdues her. "Night's Wing", as she is called, is brought bound and gagged to the Frostbite where she is interrogated. "Swift Wing" then takes off to find some other Corax to deliver her too, for Judgement before Parliament. (Log: The Saloon)
  • Having found another Corax to pawn "Night's Wing" off to, "Swift Wing" rejoins the Frostbite with Friends. The group has located a train on which "Feather Picks the Lock", his mate and the children they protect are being held on. A battle ensues with minions of the Wyrm and the day is won, the children saved. (Log: The Train Heist). Unfortunately, "Swift Wing" fails yet again to steal someone's eye while they are still breathing.
  • The train is derailed, the children and their guardians saved! "Swift Wing" and allies flee an oncoming storm full of Banes on a Stagecoach. A harrowing battle ensues, driving the group to a ghost town where they take shelter. (Log: The Stagecoach Chase)
  • Thinking they might be safe in the ghost town, the storm gains in strength. It shows its full face, a terrifying monster, and sends all its minion banes on the heroes. The battle looks lost as the storm sucks them up inside. At the last moment, an unlikely ally comes to their aid. It pulls them from the storm and, after a brief reunion, sends them back to 2019. (Logs: The Last Stand)

Birth to 2013

  • Royan is hatched a raven somewhere in the region of Minnesota. The maker of his Spirit Egg at the time was Truman "Five Feathers", homid born (deceased), and witnessed by "Stonebeak" of the Corvid breed (deceased). But it was his Spirit Egg Guardian whom he came to have a strong bond with. This particular Corax was of the homid breed and named Ronnie "Flies Far". He was a Raven of many talents, the first face seen upon the First Change. The young "Swift Wing" (he was given the human name Royan by "Flies Far") took to following him around and observing how the man moved and acted as a human being. While young "Swift Wing" was mentored by any Corax he came to happen upon, as is their way, he always ended up seeking "Flies Far" out for lessons.
  • "Flies Far" eventually loses his faith in the world and towards the end begins to talk about the glittering lights in the darkness of the Deep Umbra. Not long after, he becomes one of the Sun-Lost and disappears. "Swift Wing" has vowed to one day find the fate of his former Egg Guardian.
  • A mean ol' Corax decides that "Swift Wing" is far to inexperienced, so he sends him off to the Amazons to learn how to really dodge the bullet(s) (figuratively and literally).


  • Royan "Swift Wing" of the Corax arrive to Prospect from a tour in the Amazon (where he found Bob, his Spirit Familiar). He finds it a very boring place. He leaves, returning to the Amazon just a year later.


  • "Swift Wing" returns to Prospect. He still finds it very boring and so he leaves again, this time heading east.



  • Royan returns to Prospect yet again. He now has earned the name "Swift Wing upon the High Wind". This time he decides to stay. This is where he meets Aaryn "Guides the Dead" of the Get of Fenris. She is properly awed by his majestic presence and so he adopts her as his "Raven-Steed". She introduces him to her newly formed pack, the Frostbite. Pretty soon, he adopts them all as his own Warpack, to lead them to victorious deeds; the way only a Child of Raven can. In respect, they give him the name "Hrafn".


  • A vision in the night shows the past. "Hrafn" and the Fenrir find that Ravenscar was the site of something bad. They summon a spirit of earth and find out that Ravenscar was once Raven's Rock and the home of another Child of Raven. A powerful storm of unnatural origins ended the site and the Raven, named "Feather Picks-the-Lock", disappeared. (Log: Summoning the Past).
  • The Frostbite Pack and Devil's Own Pack brings "Hrafn" along with them on a dangerous journey to the Umbral Realm of Mars; Nerigals domain. He survives the trip, much to his own surprise. Bob almost does not forgive him for bringing him along to such a horrible place! (Logs: Fury Road Pt 1, Fury Road Pt 2, Fury Road Pt 3, Orrery Adventures: Nerigal, Orrery Adventures: Nerigal (Pt2), Orrery Adventures: Fury Road)
  • Frostbite brings "Hrafn" along to the Sept of the Troll-Hunter in a place full of snow, cold and little sun. Its for a wedding! What can possibly go wrong? Well, in the end, a lot of things. An attack by a Giant Corrupted Troll lead to the revealing of a Corrupted Metis Black Fury. (Log: Trollslayer)


  • Returning from the Sept of the Troll-Hunter, more information is found out about Ravenscar. An old clock is delivered which turns out to be a Time Machine! Without any fear whatsoever, the brave Raven goes in! The raven and his Garou allies are transported back to the 1800's where they meet "Feather Picks-the-Lock", a Corax that operates a railroad service for orphans from the 2nd War of Rage. (Log: The House With A Clock In Its Walls)


  • After a wild adventure in 1881, "Hrafn" and his Frosty allies return to present day Prospect. Now, they get busy setting up a Norse Ting; a sort of Mini Moot, as it was described to the Corax. Meanwhile, trouble stirs as some Fera call for attacks upon the Garou after the death of a Bastet at the hands of a Garou Kinfolk.
  • Returned from 1881, life calms down a bit. "Hrafn" is worried about his choice in delivering "Night's Wing" to the Parliament, an act that saw her executed by local Garou.
  • Having done enough wise deeds, "Hrafn" travels to Parliament where he is acknowledged as Neocornix on Oct 27th 2019.


  • "Hrafn" laments his decision to deliver "Night's Wing" to Parliament in 1881. In a vision, he was given the truth of her fate; execution at the hands of the Garou of the Time. This after Parliament had given judgement, handing her over. He regrets his deed, feeling she might have been saved and is feeling anger along with the regret.
  • Stormy times surround his Frostbite allies as they see their Alpha leave. Garou Politics send the Garou society in momentary turmoil and "Hrafn" watches his allies suffer.
  • Following the lead of some Wyrm tainted Chocolate treats found by "Xenovia", "Hrafn" takes lead and tracks down the culprit. Finding the shop and a bound Fomori producing tainted sugar, the bird dispatches and Cleanses the area. (Log: Chocolate Sneezles)


  • A month of darkness and reflection goes by silently, quietly. But as Yule approaches and Midwinter celebrations start up, "Hrafn" is invited to participate in the wedding between "Guides the Dead" and her mate "Theron" at the Ravenscar. With dark thoughts still looming in his mind regarding his involvement with the demise of "Night's Wing", this is a welcome respite from such dire thoughts.



  • The new year arrived without much fanfare. What does, after all, a raven born Corax care about the changes of the years? 2019, 2020.. it's just another number humans made up. So he trucked on, with all things still quiet around him. Too quiet. Too much on his mind about past ghosts, whispering in his mind. And on the horizon, another Parliament was looming.
  • With his mind still in somewhat turmoil, "Hrafn" leaves Prospect to attend Parliament on the 27th of January. Stories, facts and gossip is shared before the deeds of Corax are discussed and acknowledged. "Hrafn" moves up a few branches, now seen as Ales by his fellow Corax.


  • Things start off slow, to then take a sad turn. His closest friends and allies among the Garou, "Micah Hunts-the-Shadow" and "Aaryn Guides-the-Dead" are called away from Prospect and leave for an undetermined amount of time. Silence falls over the lands of Hildisvini and the Frostbite Packlands, where "Hrafn" also nests.


  • Silence has claimed the lands of Hildisvini. "Hrafn" remains, roosting in the large oak tree, former Parliament Oak of the Corax of Ravenscarn. Waiting. Looking to the Spirit, looking to the stars.


  • Complete silence. The lands of Hildisvini has only echoes of better times. Once more, "Hrafn" takes to the skies of Prospect however he finds no solace there. Again, he looks to the shiny stars of the deep Umbra.


  • For a brief moment, the silence of Hildisvini lands is broken by the voices of talk. A brief moment of respite to drown out the echoes of the past.


  • Silence. Once more, the dull lull of silence falls over "Hrafns" life and he spends more and more time just soaring the skies high above Prospect; looking to the sky. To the Stars.


  • Much of the month goes by without much fanfare. Towards the end, "Hrafn" catches wind of a call for help by a new name. He finds a group of Garou having come to the mans aid as well, where they investigate a strange outbreak of Wyld energies. Addendum: The site was not a danger to anyone and has turned out to be a new safe place to hang out and soak up the Wyld energies.



Congress (Surfin Bird)

Mariska (departed) - Birdie, Daughter of Raven, Child of Helios. Departed for friendlier skies.

The Frostbite of Hildisvini (Raise your Horns)

Aaryn - Guides the Dead, Daughter of Fenris, Talks to Strangers, Raven Steed, Most trusted ally!
Micah - Hunts the Shadow, Son of Fenris, Tank Handler, Marked by Raven, Most trusted ally!
Sten - Stormhowler, Son of Fenris, Hornblower
Theron - Berserker, Kin of Fenris
Greyson - Tiny person. Mini-Aaryn. Fenrir in training! Keeper of Ravens.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together (Stand up and Fight)

Branton - Helios Stamped and Approved
Iris - Keeper of String Theory
Jes - Fellow singer! Sing with me, Wolfy friend! Brother of Isla
Miguel - Hammertime cat. He's yet to flaunt his secrets.
Xenovia - Has yet to challenge my dominion of the skies.

By the Roadside (A Foreign Road)

Bieta - Elżbieta, Friend of Vagabonds

Barking up the Wrong Tree (F****d with an Anchor (Advisory: Offensive, NSFW))

Magnus - Something Something Fenris. You fool!
Zyler - Kraaaa! Kra kraaaa caw caw kraaaa!!
Aldric - Ironsides with a heart of ice. You lost an ally. As did I.

I Greet Thee Helios, Bringer of Light

Human name: Royan
Corax name: Swift Wing upon the High Wind
Aliases: Hrafn, Battle-Birb
Battle Gull, Feather
Occupation: Superior Being
Age: Magnificent

Ales: Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.png
Glory: Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.png
Honor: Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.pngDot.png
Wisdom: Dot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot-filled.pngDot.png

The Songbirds:
Raven Land Fear of the Dark
The Raven Hill Here Comes The Sun
Raven Claws Born to the Epic
Far from Home (the raven)
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The Saga Thus Far