2019.09.27 The Train Heist

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The Train Heist
Frostbite and friends chase down a train.
IC Date 1881
IC Time Evening (Half Moon)
Players Royan, Zyler, Miguel, Aaryn, Sten, Theron, Micah, Aldric,
Location Prospect, CA
Prp/Tp Ravenscar
Spheres Garou, Gaian,

Evening in Prospect. The moon is a waxing half moon bordering on gibbous. After the events of the Saloon and the Brothel, the members of Devil's Own and Frostbite (and friends) met to discuss their findings. Part of this discussion included the local Sheriff, Dmitri 'Peacemaker' Kristoff, the Adren philodox alpha of a pack that claims Prospect as part of their territory. Peacemaker agrees to assist Devilâs Own pursue the sorcerers in his territory and offers Frostbite whatever horses or deputies (re: kinfolk) they may need to in order to catch the train. According to the trainâs schedule it has a 5 hour head start on you, but you should be able to catch it before it reaches San Francisco if you make a long run in your lupus forms. Meanwhile, Swift Wing has gone off in search of Corax to take charge of his prisoner but has left Bob with Aaryn so that he can find his way back to Frostbite. The "prisoner" is a tied up corvid Corax, also in Aaryn's possession.

xxxxxIt was going to end up being an exhausting evening for Swift Wing. Not only would he have to fly off and find someone he could pawn his prisoner off to, but he also had to lead that one back to Aaryn and then deliver the prisoner. It would mean a lot of flying, finding the right winds and .. well .. that was it really. He was going to have to work on his cardio! As it turned out, finding another Raven of his kind was not difficult. Convincing them that he was not out of his mind bonkers though? That was the hard part. And then came the last leg of the marathon flight! He can only hope he manages all this before they reach the train!

xxxxxMiguel much prefers the idea of travel in his beast form than trying to find a horse that would be big enough to carry his homid form, that could handle his rage, and fast enough to keep up with horses sized for the rest of the group. If such a beast even exists.

xxxxxGuides the Dead easily drops to her lupus form and paces back and forth a few feet, giving a couple of impatient :chuffs: until everyone is ready and then she's off! Pacing towards the head of the pack, initially, with a bit of a dark glint in her eye.

xxxxxAfter the conversation with the rest of them, It seems they were heading out. So Zyler would focus himself, gritting his teeth as he'd shift from that human to that lupine form. A shake of his body once done, he looks to the others, watching and waiting so he could take off with them, when ready to go.

xxxxxWell, Theron gets up on the horse and keeps as much a distance from the wolves as he can. This is going to be hard enough as it is. Still he manages to handle the horse...just barely.

xxxxxSten shifts to Lupus and goes with Aaryn. Running along with her. As a large steel gray wolf.

xxxxxMicah drains the last of his whiskey bottle before abandoning it here in prospect. "Theron, you should take the kinfolk and keep to the tracks. The wolves will have to keep their distance from the horses so we don't spook them but we can communicate through the pack link. You might spot the train before we do." He looks to Tank and speaks out loud, "Run with Theron and the others in case they need backup. You can go to the umbra but stay with them and keep an eye on them. Protect the kinfolk." With that he jogs into the darkness and shifts into his lupus, joining the rest of the wolves and the large cat.

xxxxx*pant pant pant* *sounds of wings beating* ~Gotta fly fast! Gotta fly fast before they reach the train!~ Swift Wing calls out to the other Raven that would be following him; eager to get rid of the prisoner and join up with the Frostbite! So much flying though!

xxxxxThere's totally a tied-up Raven gripped like a cub in Guides' maw. Promise.

xxxxx~~WooooooooOOOOoOoOoOOOOOOOaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!~~ Somewhere, for those who speak spirit, the sound of Bob, the Rodeo Spider Spirit hangs onto the wildly racing slinky gray wolf. Sounds like he's either having the time of his life or is scared out of his wits. Could go either way.

Wolves and jaguar set off into the night, led by Ironsides setting the pace. In their lupus form, werewolves can run for hours without needing to stop. Their keen senses allow them to stalk the forests at night. They spread into the dark night, a darkness unseen by wolves in decades, unmarred by the light pollution of the modern day. Prey animals scatter in fear as they run, the occasional howl lets each know the position of each other when they scatter too far from one another, but those are few, as they are focused on one singular goal, catching up to their enemies.

xxxxxWell Theron continues to do his best, swearing he will never take his car for granted again. The run is hard for Theron, its taking so much focus and effort to keep the horse where he wants it. Thank god for basic instincts of the animal as the kinfolk is outside of his element.

xxxxxSwift Wing is .. flying. Flying his little heart out! The thing is, ravens can be fast but only in bursts. When it comes to traveling great distances, they are SUPER good at coasting along the wings. But actual speed? Thats harder. So.. he flies, and he pants and boy he's getting tired! But he -will- catch them!

xxxxxGuides moves along, keeping her teeth around the fabric that so carefully binds the Raven. She continues to run at bolt speed for a good while, keeping up with her Alpha and Beta, but occasionally drops back and to the side to do a roundup, getting a visual on Micah and letting out a howl for Zyler. Listening for the Shadow Lord's response to ensure that the full pack is accounted for - Even the ones not in their pack link. When she's not pulling roundup, she swivels her ears, listening for the sound of a train... Her body braced to pick up and rumbling beneath her paws.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow is pondering the train tracks, knowing that their quarry must be somewhere along them ahead he wonders about turns and shapes and considers if there's a way to cut across country and get ahead of their prey.

Four hours in and Miguel and Aldric set the pace, with Guides keeping the stragglers in formation. With Hildisvini's blessings, Frostbite easily keeps the run up. Sten and Micah are only now beginning to feel be aware of the hours they have run. Zyler though, is starting to flag, (We'll let him make his rolls when he comes back) but determination and a stubborn Shadow Lord's refusal to accept weakness keeps him at Micah and Sten's heels.

xxxxxHunts the Shadow wishes he were the kind of wolf that could see another wolf flagging behind and not goad them - after all he knows what it is like to be treated as 'less than'. But this is Alphanumeric. And whether it is because he just wants to fuck with Zyler or because he KNOWS that if he goads him, the wolf will run harder, he yips and howls back to the Shadow Lord, "Showing your weakness Zyler? Having a hard time keeping up with us "lesser" wolves?"

xxxxxThrough his link with Bob, Swift Wing speaks, ~~Little Buddy! Listen to me! Tell Blond Feather that they are followed! There are men on horses. Carrying swords! And lanterns!~~ he silences, ~~Two legged on four legged, giving chase! Carrying burning lights and pointy things!~~ he rephrases himself for the little Spirit! He then keeps on flyyyiiiing! So much wing burn!

xxxxxMirror-Shadow makes an odd sound that that approximates a canine bark/howl, signalling in a way that the garou can understand that he's found some short cuts to make up distance.

xxxxxThe poor little spider spirit's response is... A bit bounced ~BbllOonnDdEe FffEatThhHeRr!~ He proceeds to communicate the information back to Guides, who drops back just a bit. It's not long, however, before she surmises - Wait. A /sword/? On /Horseback/? It's 1881, which isn't the Dark Ages- ~~Bob~~ She chuffs in the Spirit Tongue ~~Tell Magnificent Feather, that's US!~~ Having relayed that, she digs in and catches back up alongside Zyler. Her brother is harrying the dark wolf with his words - Hence the Deedname given him by the Shadow Lord - Aaryn, instead, comes up right alongside him and outpaces him by just a hair's breadth. Egging him on side by side.

xxxxxThe kinfolk warrior just rides as hard as he can. He doesnt know if he is losing pace with the train but he is losing ground on his pack.

The witching hour passes, and the run continues. Mirror-Shadow, Guides-the-Dead and Ironsides still lead the group and now Stormhowler and Hunts the Shadow are reaching the limits of their stamina as well. Hunts the Shadow grits his teeth and pushes on to keep up with his sister, unwilling to show weakness in front of Zyler either.

xxxxxSten gains a second wind and for the next hour he pushes to the front with his alpha and Miguel, releasing a galliard howl to encourage his pack to push on.

xxxxxWhen you arent used to this it doesnt take much to make a mistake. Sure enough Theron is thrown from his horse and goes down with a heavy thud, "Fuck!" he grunts, looking ahead. He is wasting time and he knows it. Thank god for the other kinfolk to help him back up and going.

xxxxxIs Hrafn finally catching up to the group? Well, now that he knows that the group down there IS his group, then he is working even harder to catch up! Swift Wing lets out a kraaa sound from high above where he, and hopefully his raven companion, is catching up! Soon they can pawn off their prisoner!

The run, the ride and the flight continue, hour by hour. High in the sky, the raven is unable to spot his companions in the dark cover of forests yet uncleared by pioneering man. Even the corvid is unused to a world where one cannot navigate by the electric lights of cities and small town that cover the modern landscape. Then he sees it, to the east, the sky is beginning to lighten, the sun is beginning to rise. Helios returns!

The wolves (and jaguar) begin to sense it as well, their primal sense telling them that dawn is upon them. Their muscles and tendons burn, even those with the mightiest stamina have been pushed to their limits by the overnight run. Now, with the light of day approaching, they can begin to see further into the distance and see along better sight lines.

xxxxxSo.. many.. wing.. beats! Poor Swift Wing! If he could sweat, he'd sweat! But he can't sweat, so he does not sweat! But holy crappity crap, that was a hard flight! He does not even have the breath to let out a proper Kraa! Once he sees the wolves, though, he starts to descend towards them. One of them carries Bob. And Night's Wing!

xxxxxHunts the Shadow closes with the rest of the group, panting in his lupus form to try and cool down from the long run. He doesn't stop moving, but circles the outside of the pack of wolves. <<Tank says Theron and the kinfolk are still behind us a bit but they are starting to catch up now that they have more light.>> He bumps Guides under the chin and gives Alphanumeric a look of respect. <<We'll make a Get out of you yet.>>
xxxxxTo the others he says, <<Let me take a moment to focus and I think I should be able to get a sense of where the kids are.>>

xxxxxHunts the Shadow finds a place to sit, facing the sun as he lets his breathing even. He reaches out with his senses, searching for the children one by one. His brow knits and furrows in concentration and then his eyes open with a determined expression, <<They're close. I have the scent. But they are on the move so we need to go. Now!>> He begins to dart in the direction he senses them.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow lopes after the garou tracking the prey, eager to be about actually hurting the kidnappers and getting the kids back.

xxxxxAlphanumeric isn't talking during this. Too much focus on running. Although at Mouth-Rhya trying to egg him on, AN would just chuff his way and run faster than him for a bit. As they slowed, waiting to find the next point, the black wolf prowls for a moment, recovering from the grueling run and waiting for the lead to the next step. Once they take off, he'd follow the pack, falling in beside Mirror-Shadow.

xxxxxBack up on the horse, Theron and the other kinfolk continue to give chase to catch up. He uses the pack connection to help make sure he is going the right way as best as he can be able to tell.

xxxxxWhen Hunts stops, Guides gives an impatient :chuff: and begins to pace again for a few moments. She finally busies herself by getting a quick headcount. Alpha, Beta. Check, check. Micah. Miguel. Zyler. Check x 3. She hears a -Kraaaa- and looks to the skies, loping out a little past the others with a wolfish grin. Her ears perk. She knows that sound! Right! The whole pack is here, now. She opens her mouth and unceremoniously drops the raven-package. She :chuffs: >>You're ride ends here, traitor<< and turns to face the others. She gives a hearty growl to Miguel. He's feline, but his energy matches hers. She awaits those familiar claws in her fur and instinctively knows that her rider knows what to do now - Hold On. When the others take off, she moves up alongside Mirror-Shadow and Zyler.

xxxxxFinally.. able.. to descend! Before he does, though he calls out to his raven ally, ~There, upon the ground. Bound and gagged, is Night's Wing! Traitor to Helios and all around bad bird! Do not release her! She will seek out her Master and we will have lost her again.~ And with that, Swift Wing tries to find a good perch. He comes to level above Guides the Dead, "Daughter of Fenris! I would ride on you, but I'd bounce about like a crazy bird." he tries to keep apace, "We are near?"

Where the last run was a slogging long distance run, this is a sprint. The wolves break from the treeline behind Hunts the Shadow. They are on a hill, open grass below them. A small town below. The town seems to have formed around the railroad track. From where he rides, Theron hears a howl and his eyes immediately fall on his pack breaking from the forest approximately 90 degrees from the town ahead.

And there it is, up ahead, the train. You can hear it blow its horn, steam rising up into the air as it begins to pull away from the tracks.


As Zyler runs, his hair begins to stand on end. He looks in the distance and sees the man from his dream on Devil's Night standing in the clearing and looking to the sky. Then he is looking at Zyler and pointing. Zyler sees a dark cloud forming ahead, not in the Gaia realm but in the Umbra. A storm is coming. Black clouds lined with green lightning that illuminate swirling banes within it. It isn't like the storm at Ravenscar, he can tell that immediately, but it is a form of umbral storm and it is about to unleash death on anything riding towards it. Which now includes the train and everyone near it.

The train begins to pick up speed as it leaves its station and the wolves split in two smaller groups and race towards it. Aldric, Sten and Micah break off to the left as Miguel, Guides the Dead and Zyler break off to the right, angling to come up behind the train. Everyone gains except for Guides the Dead who starts to feel her stamina wane.

xxxxxAlphanumeric breaks off to the side like the others, somewhere between Miguel and Guides the Dead, something catches his attention. A look to the side and he misses a beat in that run, looking towards.. whatever it is. A sharp yap and then a full on howl for all of them to hear. << Umbral Storm!! Death if we enter! Stop the train!! >>

xxxxxThere's the train! The train is there! Swift Wing gives it his last, beating his wings to catch up with it . and try to overtake it! He can fly, he don't have to run on no carts! So, as such, the bird tries his best to race the length to get to the locomotive! With any luck, he can scare the drive off and hopefully hang on the breaks!

xxxxxMirror-Shadow makes a running leap at the moving train, an impressive leap, fueled by his gift but he fails to stick the landing and winds up scrambling at the edge, pulling himself onto the roof like a cat climbing a couch.

In the umbra, the skies part and open up and banes begin to shower down towards the train, swirling down in a tornado.

xxxxxFrom the other side of the train, Hunts the Shadow swerves towards the train, pacing between two cars. He leaps, shifting mid leap into glabro form and catching the handle on the back side of the cars to hold himself up and keep from falling onto the tracks.

xxxxxHe just does not have it within him. Swift Wing spent too much energy flying to catch up with the Frostbite with Friends and now, at this point, where he tries to out pace the train? He just can't do it. He lets out a frustrated Kraaaa!

xxxxxGuides lets out a low growl as she feels her stamina waning and digs in deeper to just .Keep.Going. When Alphanumeric lets out his call, her eyes widen a moment before narrowing again in renewed vigor. She grabs hold of that power and moves ahead, zipping up next to Alphanumeric, continuing the trek towards the front of the train. /Must Stop That Train/.

xxxxxAlphanumeric does his best to keep up with the train. While others are seeking to leap onto it, he growls, staring up and ahead. Something actually unseen by most. He'd rip out another howl, although this one, unless you could speak spirit, would sound utterly foriegn. ~Spirits of Air!! I seek your aid! Help us in stopping those banes!! We must safe children!~ Hearing that call from the black wolf, the air would indeed gather, going to lash out on that umbral side to try to deflect those banes.

xxxxxHe has seen this in the movies. How hard can it be? Theron settles himself as close as ha can, lining up for just the right moment and jumps... "Oh shit...!"
xxxxxEyes wide he thinks he is about to miss but thankfully he grabs on tight only a little bounce and drag, "Shit..."

The race is on to stop the train. The jaguar, so fast it goes unnoticed by anyone inside the train as it runs past, LEAPS and catches the top of the train, kicking its feet against the side to push himself up. Inside of the train, an angry and mourning child sees a jaguar tail swipe by quickly and for a moment, hope stirs in her heart. Hunts the Shadow becomes just Shadow now as he leaps and shifts to glabro and catching hold of the train. In the car with the hopeful girl, a very bad man looks out a window and spots several wolves running alongside the train. Guides pushes forward to catch up with Alphanumeric as he howls to the wind. The wind answers, swirling around them and causing gusts that catch Swift Wing in their draft. In the umbra wind spirits race to the sky to intercept descending banes. And bringing up the rear, Theron dangles from the back of the train, determined not to let his garou brethren have all the fun.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow starts trying to make his way forward but is having a hard time with his footing on the roof not being like a jungle floor or a tree branch and doesn't make progress at first.

On the train, a very bad man begins to walk to towards the back of the passenger car, past scared children. He begins to grow and shift, his teeth becoming sharper and his face hairier. When Micah flings the door open he rolls forward and the gunshot flies over his head and slamming into the car behind him.

In the umbra, the wind spirits try their best, but 5 of the banes get past them and start to head down to the back of the train, headed for the rear car where they disappear inside.

xxxxxIt is all about finding the right winds, and seeing as how the train is moving and drafting, he finds just what he needs. He seems to get a sudden boost of speed, even though that boost of speed is, to him, quite natural! Swift Wing veers a bit to the left, to the right and zooms ahead, now seeing the large Bastet up ahead.

xxxxxhold tight next to Alphanumeric for a few strides, then :chuffs: >>Got it, Alphanumeric. I'm going to get the train stopped!<< And with that, she digs in, willing her feet to churn nearly as fast as the steel wheels of the train. Before long, she brings herself up near Mirror-Shadow, just under Hrafn. As she hears a gun go off, her ears prick and her eyes narrow. Right. Gauntlet's been tossed. Kidgloves off.

xxxxxStill panting from the already long run, he's watching on. Let those who are more inclined to physical work, leap on the train. A huff to GUides and Alphanumeric catches something else. Another howl ringing out. >> Banes in the back! 5 of them inside the back car!! << This of course was to the others he's striving hard with. A low growl, and then he'd howl again, once more in that other language, seeking that aid of the spirits again. ~Earth! Hear me! We need your aid! We have children to protect on that metal contraption! Please!! Reach out and slow it down, that we can protect them!!~

xxxxxCalling on ancient gifts of the berserkers Theron growls and draws his sword. Finally on the train, the door is opened quickly and he prepares to storm the train. Shield in his off hand and Dainslief in his other. "No!"
xxxxx~ Banes are trying to possess people!~ he calls out over the totem as he charges forward to attack whatever bane he can and save mankind!

xxxxxMiguel hangs on for dear life as the train continues to speed up. Apparently Jaguars' natural hunting ground is not the top of moving trains. Swing Wing and Guides begin catching up to him in an effort to stop the train. Inside one of the passenger cars a gun goes off and apparently Shadow has found a bad guy and over the pack link says, >Found the kids. Fuck he's a shifter.< Bringing up the rear, Theron hoists himself up into the rear car and opens the door to a scene out of Ghostbusters, the Wyrm version. And then...

Sometimes you can do things a little TOO good. Alphanumeric calls out to the earth and the earth listens! The ground begins to quake like and earthquake (this is CALIFORNIA people) and fissures and earth bursts up into the air on all sides of the train, lifting it off the rails and plunging the engine up into the air. The train isn't moving any more, unfortunately it doesn't stop everyone inside or on top of it.

xxxxxGuides tries to slam on breaks as her feet are suddenly moving way too fast for her own good. She trots, finally, to a stop and rounds about in a circle, head snapping this way and that. >>MotherF....<< She growls! And turns around to head back towards the others, now. >>Where are the children?<< She demands over their link.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow surges up into his warform and turns back towards where his other allies are fighting since some have gotten to the engine already. The noise and confusion have him scowling in frustration

xxxxxInside the passenger car, the shifter becomes crinos, revealing the tale-tell signs of being a BSD. He slashes down across Shadow's back as Shadow stabs him twice in the gut with his blood ice, to no effect.

xxxxxSwift Wing tilts and glides on the air, letting himself glide back towards the train, coming in closely to soar by the windows, carefully making sure to check each one. And then, he sees something that sends an urgent ~Kraaaa!~ out, before he calls, "Frostbite! Here! This car! The cub child is caged! Jase. Jase may be dead!" He circles back around, "It appears to be a baggage car!"

xxxxxAlphanumeric would slow as the Earth rumbled and did his ask, stopping that train. Fast. Well.. there wasn't going to be subtle in this, considering! When the bird calls out where the children are, he moves. Racing to the car to drop back to human form, double barrel ready as he'd climb in, prepared to deal with bad guys(tm) or otherwise get them free!

xxxxxAaryn and Zyler follow Hrafn's call and leap into action on Car #3. RYn bulks up a big and wrenches the door from its hinges in a scream of render metal, just in time for a bullet to whiz past her head. She growls a bit, somehow expecting Zyler to understand that guttural gesture and tucks to roll in, expecting Zyler to be in those footsteps of hers with a shotgun=blast surprise for the inhabitants of the baggage car.

xxxxxA grunt after Theron was flung to the ground. The earth spirits doing their job too well. The warrior kin growls out in rage equal to any Ahroun born. A quick motion to his feet and he stabs his blade through the flesh of the first fomor. Its then followed up with a brutal and powerful strike crushing it in a visceral hack of blood.
xxxxxFueled by rage, he turns then and with another precise slash he crashes his blade into a second fomor, a brutal injury but not enough to kill it.

The train is stopped and now the real battle begins. Mirror-Shadow, eager to fight instead of play with a train set, takes his crinos, hops down between the cars and rips the door open to see a badguy with his back to him, threatening children and Olivia with a gun. Beyond them, a BSD has just raked its claws across Hunts the Shadow's back. Swift Wing, Guides and Zyler enter the baggage car and discover another badguy guarding the bear cub and the crumbled body of Jase. Meanwhile, in the rear car, Theron and Tank (now materialized) fight back to back, the berserker coating the parlor in blood and the war spirit turned dog coating it in...ICE? That's right, a blast of ice bursts forth from his jaws, coating one of the fomor in frost as it begins to form chitinous armor. Unfortunately, said ice blast has little effect on the creature.

Outside, Aldric and Sten busy themselves by fighting off banes as they continue to steam down out of the sky.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow busts into the car with his outnumbered ally and the hostages. Its a little close quarters for his hulkingly huge hybrid form to swing his hammer so he shoves it out forward as hard as he can, caving in the back of the skull on the dude he's behind, that's what the thug gets for threatening them and his friends.

xxxxxAnd this is why Hunts the Shadow fights things from a distance. Realizes he shouldn't have gotten so close quarters, Shadow enacts his defenses and his skin begins to take on the ugly and stinky visage of a troll. This has the bad effect of making him even more unlikeable but the good effect of making him tougher so he absorbs another claw strike across his back. He futilely stabs his blood ice one last time into the BSDs stomach and the blood ice melts away in his hand.

xxxxxZyler watches as Guides would rip open that door, the bird angling in close. He leaps in, that attempt to get the gun lined up, a weaver device, seems to not quite happen as he'd land awkwardly inside the car. The concussive force of that shotgun.. BOOM!! Knocks him on his ass, with him being lucky the shot went high and not into anyone behind the baddie he was trying to shoot!

xxxxxZyler causes enough distraction fir Hrafn and Ryn to explode into the room. Hrafn goes for the man's face and, as the man's eyes widen with horror, Hrafn's claws dig deeply into his cheeks, coming away with flesh in her talons, but no eyeball - Yet! The bird rolls his wings and sails back as Aaryn follows suit with her attack. She briskly slides her hands across her hips, materializing her axes as she does so, a sheen of icy blue and smoke rolls from them as she drives them through the man's collarbone, cleaving him near into two parts! RAR GET!

xxxxxThe legends are real. A Berserker warrior is a sight to behold, a sight to fear. Whirling through like a dervish of blade and rage, the Fenris warrior crashes his sword through fomor after fomor. Two are badly wounded, nearly fatally so. The other is atruck down dead. Blood, not his own covers him like a horror show of violence. "Come on! Beast..." he welcomes their attack. This is madness...or just a Get of Fenris.

Bad guys are dying left and right, no thanks to Micah. He's just getting uglier. Meanwhile, one badguy gets his head smashed like a watermelon, another gets a face full of bird while Guides the Dead has an axe to grind - inside of her enemy. Theron goes whirling dervish on a bunch of fomor and Tank licks up the droppings.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow does not need to throw his hammer past his friend, he just lunges and pushes the head of the hammer into the guy's throat and pops his head of like a daisy when there's a crunch/squish/slam into the wall.

xxxxxMicah steps back as the BSD he was fighting experiences (STOP!) Hammer Time and gets a face full of blood splatter. He moves to the side, holding his tore open back and through a mouthful of glabro teeth calls out to Olivia. "Are the kids ok? Any of them hurt?"

xxxxxTank grrs, ~Damn armor. Like trying to eat bugs. I hate bugs.~

The fight, for all intents and purposes, is over. The train is stopped. Miguel finishes off the BSDs guarding the human children and Olivia, Theron and Tank finish off the fomor and outside, Sten and Aldric finish off the banes from the storm while the kinfolk do what kinfolk NORMALLY do and handle crowd control and veil breaches. Inside the baggage car, Guides, Zyler and Hrafn free Galen and Jase and work on healing the unconscious Jase.

xxxxxCue the funeral march...the Imperial March? Theron cuts through Fomor like Vader through poor rebellion soldiers on a corellian cruisers trying to secure plans to a top secret battle station.
xxxxxThe last fomor down, "Come on Tank." he rumbles as he begins to march through the train to meet with the rest of his pack. All the while at the ready for anything.

xxxxxRyn yanks her axe from the trunk of the slain kidnapper with a grisly :chunk: and twirls it one hand before sliding it over hip, letting it settle back into that inked Raven that marks either of her sides. Then, she quickly moves to *pop* open the cage and scoop Galen up into her arms. The cub, usually wriggly, is all too happy to cling to her, panting against her shoulder as she carries him over to kneel down next to Jase. After a moment's assessment, she calls to Hrafn, who looms just inside the doorframe, "he's alive!" She looks to Zyler and nods, "check on the others? I'll be along shortly!" She settles Galen next to her and begins to set to work pouring the power of her Gnosis into the Corax ally, let it knit and mend his wounds.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow shrinks down into homid as he sets his hammer aside and drops to one knee, scooping Frost into a hug and duplicating the moment from Branton's vision of the future.