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Ridley Corbeau is an author, podcaster, media personality, and accused eco-terrorist (acquitted). After starting the podcast "Walk Away" with partner Seth Graham in 2015, the duo became perennial People's Choice Podcast Award nominees, snagging their first win in 2017 and following it up with wins for sister podcasts "Adventures in Counterculture" in 2018 and "Antichorus" in 2020. Corbeau has also authored several books, including "Somewhat Less Likely" (winner of the Rasmussen Award for Collected Essays), "Birds of a Feather", and "Protagonists vs. Heroes". He is known for his outlandish antics at conventions and debates, including striking Travis Gould with a microphone, setting fire to Ben Shapiro's merch table, and throwing a twelve-hour party on the roof of the St. Louis Hilton during which he performed eight marriages. He was also accused of inciting the bombing of the Sachatawnee River Dam in 2018, having recently done an episode of "Adventures in Counterculture" where he explained how much simpler dams were to destroy than to build, but was acquitted of any wrongdoing in the incident.

Ridley is also a Corax, an utter weirdo, and an incorrigible chain smoker. But you probably already knew that.

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Huan: My dragon.

Libby: The huntress. Every moment builds on the next.

Acacia: It's good to meet fans who get you.

Royan: Birds of a feather.

BryanO: Good wolf.

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RP Hooks

Everyone's Business: There's no such thing as "none of your business" for Gaia's busybodies. I'll find a way to stick my nose in somehow.

Birds of a Feather: Are you also a Corax? There are a few of us out there. Let's go sit on a telephone wire and shoot the breeze!

Gaia's Good Gathering: If you're one of Gaia's then you're one of mine. That's my job, anyhow. I can't really shirk it, and you can't make me.

Radio, Radio: I have not one but two popular podcasts, and you may listen to them! Hell, maybe you want to be on one!

Dead Paper Media: I wrote some books, too. It's possible you've read them.

I Fought the Law: It's also possible you know me for being a rabble-rouser and anarcho-primitivist. Folks on either side of that issue tend to recognize me.


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Published Works


  • WALK AWAY (weekly): Ridley Corbeau & Seth Graham discuss news, politics, and culture as viewed through the lens of the bizarre Ridley, who has a tendency to view the world through an anarcho-primitivist lens while providing trenchant, insightful commentary. The show features guests ranging from social activists to media personalities, almost none of whom get through the show unscathed by Ridley's relentless truth-telling. The theme song "Out There Thinking" is written and performed by NDN of A Tribe Called Red, a friend of the show.
  • ADVENTURES IN COUNTERCULTURE (twice monthly): An audio blog wherein Ridley Corbeau investigates social movements, cultural happenings, and current events personally and attempts to get to the root of how they began, where they're headed, and how to join. Despite his insistence that he is not a journalist, Ridley has received a great deal of praise and regard for his reporting from the journalistic community. The theme song of the podcast is Blueprint's "So Alive", from an album which takes its name from the podcast.
  • ANTICHORUS (monthly): Touted as "the do-it-yourself change-the-world manual", RidleY Corbeau and a cadre of guests and allies map out ways in which the world could be set on a new course and paths by which listeners can get involved in that process. The audience is encouraged to "think radically, act practically" and "stop letting other people tell you what's important". Detractors commonly cite the hypocrisy in this statement; Corbeau retorts that he frequently calls on the audience to challenge his own assumptions, as well. The theme song is "Junk" by Eyedea & Abilities.


  • SOMEWHAT LESS LIKELY: A collection of essays written by Corbeau on topics pulled from his "Walk Away" podcast given deeper thought and gone into in greater detail. It won several nonfiction awards and was the impetus behind beginning the "Antichorus" podcast.
  • BIRDS OF A FEATHER: A theoretical examination of alternate ways human culture could have developed and how our society would be different under the rule of those different cultures. The book draws on expertise from anthropologists and sociologists across the world. The audience is split on the book; half of them think it's brilliant and the other half seem to think it's too heady and assumptive.
  • PROTAGONISTS VS. HEROES: A year-end examination of "Antichorus" through a lens of what the podcast was able to accomplish and how far the movement has left to go. The book is noteworthy for detailing Ridley's thoughts on the Sachatawnee River Dam Bombing (a crime he was accused of inciting) as well as highlighting several successful cultural movements outside of the USA.
  • INVISIBLE KNIVES: An examination of the ways dominant culture silences the minority and destroys protest movements throughout history, written as a field manual for combating the weight of modern society against the need for change.
  • PROMISE NOT TO FOLLOW: A humorous guide to activism and anarcho-primitivism written as a tongue-in-cheek manual for aspiring terrorists.

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Ridley Corbeau

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Full Name: Ridley Brynden Corbeau
Rite Name: Tells It Like It Is
Nicknames: Smokey Bird
Pack: Not really a thing, right?
Played By: Adam Driver
Date of Birth: August 8, 2017
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Height: 5'10"
Demeanor: Curmudgeon
Breed: Corax Corvid
Tribe: Tulugaq
Rank: Neocornix (2)


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Notable Stats







Notable Merits: Birdseye; Double Draught
Flaws: Criminal Record, Losing the Sun


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