2019.09.06 Devil's Night

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Devil's Night
Raven's Rock is attacked in the middle of the night.
IC Date Sometime in the Future and a Long Time Ago
IC Time Middle of the Night
Players Royan, Zyler, Aaryn, Sten, Theron, Micah, Miguel, Aldric, Isla
Location Raven's Rock
Prp/Tp Ravenscar
Spheres Garou, Gaian,

It is the same night as the dinner in which you all have just learned so much. After dinner, the guests and residents of Ravenscar settle in the Living Room for their Hot Chocolate or Jamaican Coffee treat. Olivia and Evie retreat to a corner with good candlelight to finish mending some clothes. Evie seems in good spirits as she is chuckling in conversation and turns her smile on several of those gathered. Which would likely not be remarkable save for the small fangs. Those who are perceptive enough would also notice a rather ornate broach at her neck, with a large red stone. Jase amicably chats with any of the guests that have further questions, although as the night winds down, everyoneâs tiredness is palpable. Frost and River playfully wrestle with with Miguel, Galen follows Branton around, declaring ~MY person~ and swatting other children with his paws if they get too close. He has so much to say now that someone can actually understand him! Lillie alternates between staring contests with Hrafn, asking Isla if sheâs a Real Princess, and asking Theron a million and one questions about his gear. When Ryder isnât trying to show Sten her singing skills, or climb on Aldric, sheâs asking Zyler Important Questions. Her level favorite though? Is Jes, of the Peacock pants, who she clearly idolizes. And probably mimics just a bit, too. Eventually though, the night winds down, children are put to bed and you go to take your rest, sleep and for some to dream...

xxxxxMicah has kept mostly to the shadows the past day, scouting around the house and wondering the house as if he is trying to take a mental blueprint and compare it to the current Longhouse. He sends Tank to the Umbra to keep watch of any danger because that's better than the utter destruction he may try to cause with all of these kids around. He beds down in a room with Sten, since Aldric has probably opted to sleep outdoors.

xxxxxSwift Wing, the Corax, spent most of his time during dinner up in the rafters, looking down upon the people and, well, avoiding the kids. Because kids and birds can be bad combination! As for Lillie trying to stare him down, though? Ain't no one staring down a Corax in his corvid form. Thats just not possible! So, he stayed in the rafters, accepting any morsel of food tossed up at him. There he perched, chattering away with the rest. Then when it was to sleep, he took to the tower of the building. He wanted to get as high up as possible, to nest in for the night.

xxxxxZyler would go through his normal routine with his fetishes. Thanking the spirits for working with him, maintaining the good relationship with his talens and then giving thanks to the spirits about him. Of course, for those not in his head, the man in black just sat off to the side, staring at the fire. But you know. Variables. Once it's all done, Zyler would actually head outside, walking around a bit at night, then he most likely beds down on the roof of the stables or the house, sleeping outside.

xxxxxMiguel will scruff the kids, picking them up by the back of their shirts instead of the fur on the back of their necks (since they're hairless cubs) and plop them into bed. He has decided that Feline form laying across their doorway is an excellently comfy place to sleep.

xxxxxAaryn is amongst the last to sleep that evening. She seems to have a lot on her mind, and sits away from the others, regarding the events of the night after dinner. Should any of the children approach her, she is kind, if uneasy around them. When the house is dark, and the fire is but embers, she would silently go upstairs and bed down next to Theron.

xxxxxSten would have enjoyed dealing with the kids, singing abit with and for them. Telling some old scary story from sweden. Once night fell he would bed down.

While everyone sleeps, a deeper darkness would fall over Ravenscarne. The moon's light would be blackened by clouds. A breeze would come up. Lightning in the sky, but no thunder. Most would sleep peacefully and dreamlessly, but others....

xxxxxSleep brings dreams and dreams are the time of omens. Yes? Yes. You find yourself lucid and aware that you are dreaming. You standing among rocks in the middle of the night, water so deep it is above your ankles. The water begins to rise into the air in droplets, stinging your face and flying up all around you. Lightning rises from the ground.
xxxxxThis is wrong. Backward. Like you have moved through time. You go back in time and now the water moves back in time. Once you decide this is true, things move faster and you look up and see the storm in the sky, raging above you. Grandfather Thunder. No? No. This is not your tribal totem. But he is here. You can feel him. You feel something...
xxxxxThe rocks begin to rise and form walls, the water lifts from your ankles and rises into the sky. A flash of lighting and you see a bear, a fox, and mountain lion running through the night A tree partially on fire is extinguished and glass begins to float through the air. A bat flies past, just in the periphery of your vision as the walls close around you and you stand in the room provided to you at Ravenscarne, looking into a vanity mirror at a man you donât recognize. Powerful Eastern European features stare back at you. He wears fine 1880s clothing but a necklace that looks like it could have been made by the Uktena. His lips move but you canât hear him over the storm. He shouts to you as he shifts into a black crinos Garou but the sound is nothing but the roar of the storm. Then he bursts into a flock of stormcrows that fly from the mirror and plow into your chest and disappear.
xxxxxZyler wakes and there is a storm above his head. His nightmare come to claim him.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow wakes up with a sneeze and his nose wrinkles as he tries to get whatever it is out of his nose, his first priority is to locate the hairless cubs. If they haven't piled on him to sleep all together then he needs to be sure they are in their beds.

Indeed, both hairless cubs seem to be cuddles with the big warm battlecat.

xxxxxDeep in a nightmare he doesn't seem to be able to wake from. Micah tosses and turns, unable to hear Tank calling to him from across the gauntlet. Zyler can hear the sounds of a spirit though, Tank shouting for Micah to wake up. Something is wrong in the Umbra. Something is coming.

xxxxxZyler, coated in sweat, jerks awake. This.. this was more than his normal nightmares. Much, much more vivid. He catches himself before falling off, curses to himself and moves. Scrambling to his feet to head for that open windowed tower. "BIRD! Wake up! Get people up! Up UP!!" He'd yell at the bird as he'd climb down, seeking to get inside. In there, he's calling out. "UP! We're under threat! Up! Rise and defend!!" How to get a Get of Fenris to act fast? Give them a battle to get into.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow gets up when he hears Zyler rousing the house and to 'help' he'll give a couple repettions of a Jaguar's barking roar. Not like the other big cats but it'll sure get folks attention. For his own readiness he's headed down to get outside incase he needs to get big. Er.

xxxxxSten gets up from being elbowed looking to Micah then to Tank. He rises to his feet shaking his head to get the grogginess out of him. Hurrying down the stairs and to the front door to find just what threat is there. Looking around trying to identify just what is happening, trying to find what forces was attacking.

xxxxxThe sound of alarm in Zyler's voice and Miguel's roars wake Aaryn immediately. She rolls out of bed and heads towards the hallway, adding her voice to those rousing the house. She rushes the hallway, giving a nod to Tank as he materializes ~bite him if you have to, Tank. We need you at the ready~.

xxxxxTheron comes awake as if resurfacing from water, and sees Aaryn rushing to the door of their room. He sobers up, instantly and reaches for his sword, tugging his gear on as quickly as he can.

xxxxxIt is quite simple. There is going through a window, or there is going down the stairs. The raven sees the lightning and goes, "KRAAAA!" loudly before he just leaps from the perch and dives for the stairs. He could have gone out a window, or through one. But as a bird, he has a bad relationship with windows. Soemtimes they don't break and thats bad for the birds neck. Instead, he just dives for the stairs and folds his wings together. It will hurt, but it should heal up well enough. Heal up what, you ask? Well, bouncing down the stairs, because that is what he does. He just lets himself come down hard. Because, well, speed is off the essence!


The house is on alert! Jaguars are roaring, which immediately wakes River and Frost and they hunger in close to Miguel. Micah is drug from the bed by Tank while Sten gathers his pack. Theron and Aaryn meet him in the hallways. They can sense Aldric outside through the pack link as he cries out "Incoming!" in their minds. Olivia and several of the children come awake, but not all, not fast enough. At the tower, a large, blue and green tinged force slams into the tower, causing the roof to collapse. Swift Wing barely manages to fly into the study where he briefly sees Feather Picks the Lock standing to his feet. Then, the floor collapses out from under Feather-Picks-the-Locks feet and he and Zyler goes crashing through the floor and into darkness! Swift Wing reaches the other side of the study, and as he looks back, he sees a large green creature push it's way to it's feet. Wings unfold from its back and a mass of long tentacles extend from its face. It is over 12 feet tall and when it stands, its head and tentacles cause more of the roof to collapse.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow pauses on the landing and when the kids run off towards Olivia he turns to the door he hears roaring and panick behind. Charging full speed into the door teaches us that eight hundred pounds of jaguar makes a most excellent battering ram. Seeing the bizarre monster before him now, Mirror-Shadow lets out a loud barking roar and SURGES up into Crinos form and brandishes his giant hammer at the thing.

xxxxxIsla goes into auto mode and her bow is raise, arrow is knocked, and WHOOSH! The arrow is loosed quickly and strikes /RIGHT/ into the heart of this beast. She does not mess around one bit, and will continue to attack if needed, ready to grab another arrow.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow leans deftly to clear the sight line for Isla's shot and continues the motion to spin and Smash his hammer into the creature with vicous juicy sounding up swing, knocking it back out through the hole in the roof.

xxxxxSword in hand and gear thrown on, Theron charges on ahead as fast as possible. "Im coming!" Its madness, the kinfolk charging ahead as the house begins to come down in parts. Its more than he expected, struggling to find his footing as he goes. "Im coming!" he reiterates with a growl as he fights his way forward.

xxxxxIsla was minding her own business, cleaning her bow, after checking all her arrows in her quiver. Fetish nice and happy, right until she hears the Boom. That bad bad BOOM CRASH THUMP KAAAA! On her feet, she runs out the door and toward DANGER! Because - that is what it is! DANGER is where Ahrouns excel!

xxxxxAaryn pauses for a moment and watches Theron rush off behind Sten, downstairs and, likely, out into the night against the fray. Isla pops out across the hall and she gives a nod to the Ahroun before heading in the opposite direction. She slams the door open and calls out, "Children, to me. Now! Hurry!!"

xxxxxA moment of panic! A moment, just a moment of it! But then, the door suddenly explodes and in comes a large damned warformed Jaguar with a huge effing hammer in its paw. And that seals the deal for the raven. There can only be one response to the sudden appearance of a monster near him when allies are present. GO FOR THE EYES BOO! And so he does. He gets to his claws and takes flight to then move with unnatural grace and speed. He slaps beak and win first into the face of the tentacle-faced monster, trying his best to get to the eye, but once he's heading away from it, all he gets for his trouble is a piece of .. eyebrows.

xxxxxAs Miguel bashes the door open to face the creature, and Hrafn makes a wild dive for the eye, coming up short. Isla appears in the hallway behind Miguel ready to battle, her bow in hand. Theron and Sten rush down the stairs to meet the enemy on that front while Zyler picks himself up from the debris of the ruined floor. Aaryn rushes into the children's room to gather them to safety and...

For whatever reason, the creature ignores Miguel and Hrafn, regardless of the look of war in their eyes and lashes out with it's tentacles across the room, shattering the mirror into a thousand shards and collapsing the exterior wall in its wake.

Downstairs, when Theron and Sten reach the landing they hear an explosion in the kitchen, slamming into it from outside...

xxxxxIsla goes into auto mode and her bow is raise, arrow is knocked, and WHOOSH! The arrow is loosed quickly and strikes /RIGHT/ into the heart of this beast. She does not mess around one bit, and will continue to attack if needed, ready to grab another arrow.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow leans deftly to clear the sight line for Isla's shot and continues the motion to spin and Smash his hammer into the creature with vicous juicy sounding up swing, knocking it back out through the hole in the roof.

xxxxxMicah sends a mental command to Tank and the war-spirit charges down the stairs, making a path for Aaryn and the children to go through as he heads into battle beside his be"Battle Friend". Micah takes Evie by the arm and points her down the stairs, moving beside her and the line of children behind her to cover their escape route.

As Theron, Zyler and Tank head into the kitchen, they see a living tornado manifested in the kitchen. In the churning wind generated by this spirit, fine silverware, broken chairs, pots and pans all swirl, giving it physical form. It seems to be absorbing everything around it to manifest itself. Baleful red eyes look at them from within the black winds.

xxxxxZyler crawls out of the wreckage, grumbling to himself as he looks about. Heading into the kitchen as that thing that threw him out shows up, he draws a rather jagged looking knife from somewhere in his coat, then lunges at the thing, stabbing at a location right between those eyes with the blade!

xxxxxRyn makes her way down the stairs, in glabro now to accommodate Lillie on one hip and Ryder on the other. Poor Galen is half-swung up by his arm in her hand, but the cub's tough. She comes up short at the sight of what is going on in the kitchen, her eyes on that cellar door. She glances up at the ceiling, an odd noise growing from outside... She looks over at Olivia who nods to the front door, "there's another way," Olivia yells and heads out the front door with Evie in tow. Ryn nods and follows suit as quickly as possible, pausing to give a yell out to River and Frost, who are bringing up the rear, to follow her.

xxxxxTheron charges into the kitchen behind Sten, and like a true berserker warrior and master swordsman he attacks. A battle cry worthy of the greatest viking warriors of history and he crashes his blade once and then twice into the living tornado.

Success! A death wail and an explosion of debris as the kitchen pieces, pans, knives, what have you gathered in the whirlwind explode into the air.

xxxxxThe raven was not really sure where to go after he tried for the eye. The room is not THAT large and that creature is large and evil. And then its out the window which works out just fine for the raven. He does a quick turn and flies over to the open window, landing on the sill and then looking outside. You know, just to see what is out there. What might come next, "Warn the others! There is more coming! Up on the roof! The roof!!" he calls back to the Jaguar! And then he flies out of the window; if he has to, he will try to save .. something. Someone? Save things! Because this is where he remembers things from visions shown!

Spirits of rage, anger and destruction rain down upon Ravenscarne. The first creature to strike takes out the tower and destroys the study but howls in pain as Isla's puts an arrow straight into it's heart. Before it has even had a chance to recover, Miguel brings the Hammer of Judgement into its chest, sending the creature flying back out of the very hole it created. It bursts into a Wyrmy explosion of green puss and filth onto the ground below, the blow saving its death blow from damaging Ravenscarne more. Downstairs Zyler, Sten and Theron attack another destructive creature in the kitchen. And while Zyler's blow strikes true, it is the Berserker kinfolk that cleaves the finishing blow. The tornado explodes in death, striking its attackers with shrapnel and blowing a hole in the kitchen wall of Ravenscarne. Out the front door Olivia and the chlidren run, Aaryn behind her and Micah covering their exit. But as they prepare to flee behind the children, the roof explodes and caves in on Aaryn and Micah, raining them in debris and cutting them off from leaving the house.


The creature outside seems willowy and lithe compared to the others, but it's limbs are long an rubbery. Long, vicious yellow claws extend from its hand. Matching yellowed horns rise from its head. Its eyes burn with fire and a black, twisted Garou glyph is burned into its forehead.

xxxxxIsla spies another creature out the hole, and knows it could be an issue as the others are getting the kids out! Bow automatically up a the ready, her arrow looses again, landing and hitting the creature even at the distance it is from her.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow sees the garou shoot a missile weapon out the hole at another enemy and since Mirror-Shadow lacks a missile weapon of his own he hurls himself with a powerful leap down at the creature. His hammer leads the way splattering it with an epic firey kaboom and leaves the Balam looking more than a little singed. x The roof collapses, raining debris down upon Micah and Aaryn as the children rush for the door. As the dust settles, a massive creature, standing at least 20 feet tall pushes itself up to its feet. Black like iron, it looks like a steam engine tranformed into a bane. Its mouth gaped open and there is fire. Steam surrounds it.

xxxxxMicah dodges out of the way of the debris and fires an arrows straight into its chest. The arrow sinks into the fletching, but it doesn't even notice.
xxxxxTank turns on his heels and strikes for it's leg and the war spirit manages to rip through its armor, doing damage where Micah does not, but not nearly enough to be considered significant.

xxxxxZyler? He gets pissed. It's rare for that man to rely on that rage, but he does so. The black beast of that mix of wolf and man, crinos form, getting shifted into as he flips that blade about in his hand. A low growl, then a rush forward, just like any other warrior, blade leading to stab into the beast. It may not be much, but he does manage to hit something more than armor!

xxxxxSten rushes up to the large steam engine monster, still in hispos biting down on the thing deep and hard trying to tear something off it, perhaps a valve or something essential but alas... it probably running on spirit logic... so just tear into the big damn thing and try to do it till it stops doing so. Managing to rip off a big chunk of it.

xxxxxSten lets rage fill him and bites down again ripping an even bigger piece of the monstrosity. Growling loudly as his fangs digs into this wild west steam engine bane thing.... Least it wasn't a big mechancial spider thing... now that would just be silly.

xxxxxAaryn slides Ryder and Lillie off her hips, pushing them along behind Olivia. Galen lopes along after. She pauses just on the other side of the doorway as she sees Frost and River running towards her. The ceiling gives a definite *groan* and Ryn reaches out to yank Frost towards the exit, tumbling the girl to safety as she, herself, is sent backwards into the house form the momentum of the pull. She lands on her hip and turns to see River, still behind her and not yet safe. She reaches for him, desperately, screaming his name as her fingers barely touch his....

xxxxxEyes filled with rage, Theron growls out. Its a growl familiar to any garou, but unaccostumed to come from a kinfolk. The beast of his heart awakened if only temporarily as he swings his cursed sword. It would be beautiful the strike if not for the brutal nature of combat. He follows it up, returning the blade back in a second devestating strike.


Surrounding by the Frostbite pack and Zyler, the steel seeming monstrosity does not stand a chance, regardless of its size. they take turns, biting and tearing into its legs and it begins to fall to its knees, lowering itself enough that Theron can open it up with his sword. He stabs it in and rips open the belly of the beast, then stabs again and rips in the other direction, a red jagged X forming across its middle. As it screams it's death cry, flames billow forth from every orifice, including the torso where Theron opened it up, painting the room in a gust of flame.

As the burst of flames subsides, curtains, books, paintings and rare fetishes on display burn. Pieces of the roof continues to fall. The stairs are destroyed. The Kitchen is useless and the study has been ravaged, The tower that once let Feather Picks the Lock come and go by wing is gone. Rubble is strewn everywhere. It has begun to rain through the roof, which is somewhat thankful, but with nowhere to go, the water begins to quickly pool at your feet.

xxxxxRelaxing back into that human form, Zyler carefully tugs the collar of his coat closer. Blade being sheathed away, hidden on his person again, he sighs, looking around a moment. "Well. Saw this. Yes. Omen. Spirits told." He closes his eyes a moment, focusing and murmuring in that spirit speech a thanks to whomever did warn him. Then he opens his eyes and glances around. "Played it backwards. Saw forward. Time screwed with dream."

xxxxxTheron was standing right in front of the steam beast as it explodes flames across the room, engulfing him as he tries to shield himself. A scream of pain, the heat burning flesh as the flash fire burns and begins to subside, "Protect...gah...whatever?" he troes to cough out. Unlike the garou, there is no resisting the pain of the injuries for the kinfolk.

xxxxxMirror-Shadow is still in his Crinos form but now the head of his hammer is resting on the ground as he looks around for River and Frost.

xxxxxMicah pats out the flames on his body, he can resist the pain, but needs to stay sharp, so for unless something else comes out to attack them, he suffers through the burns. "Head count. Is everyone all right?"

xxxxxSten rises up to his paws burned and injured looking aroundd <Are the children safe?!> he calls out looking around to see if they had managed to get out. The large dire wolf starts looking around to see if he could see any of them.

xxxxxIsla turns away to try not to take too much of the backlash, but gets burned a bit. Once she shakes it off, she looks back out to see if anyone else is hurt. "Ye all ok?" She calls out to the general area. Checking first those in her room, she looks out the hold to Miguel first, before she will head out to get downstairs.

xxxxxAlong with the sounds of moved debris, and shouts and groans of pain, there comes a choked wail of despair. More than a wolf's howl, it's an all-too human eruption of overwhelming grief. Amidst the wreckage of what was once Ravenscar's sitting room - Where just a few hours ago, everyone had gathered together in fellowship - Aaryn sits on her knees, crouched helplessly over a smaller form. She tilts her head back and hoarsely wails once more as she tries to gather River's body up in her arms, tighter. She begins to rock back and forth on her knees a bit, shaking her head as she looks down at him. Her trained senses have already told her what her mind is just not willing to accept, as she traces the boy's face with her fingertips, her tears marking his dusty face. She looks up at anyone who's near and the healer pleads, "somebody? Please? Help me??"

xxxxxMirror-Shadow when you're a twelve foot war beast close is a relative term. He leans down to gingerly clear rubble from around Aaryn and River, sniffing at the boy and giving him a tentative lick. Infusing that gesture with Bastet Healing magic.

xxxxxThat scream, that wail. Theron recognizes the voice. Sword dropped and he comes running, desperate to help Aaryn. He skids to a stop when he sees her. Helplessness settles in, "Ryn..." he chokes out. He moves to her side and wraps an arm around her. His gaze swings around, trying to determine if anyone else needs help, if the other children are ok.

xxxxxSten looks towards Aaryn rushing over. Though he knew he could not aid, he had no healing. Looking down to the small body he shifts up to homid form looking around "All the other children?" looking around for Feather and his wife... trying to find them make sure they are alright... it was obvious the death of the child hit him but there were more then just one.

The other children seem to be safe. At least, they made it safely from the house. You don't see Jase either, or Hrafn for that matter.

xxxxxIsla heads right over there as well. That sound is one she never wished to hear again - the sound of anguish and heart break. She she gets there, and sees what has happened, she closes her eyes and does not let a single tear escape right now. No. "We need to get to a safer place. This one is attracting issues. Whatever is targeting it - we need to figure it out. We need a group protecting the children, and kin. The rest of us can sift through and figure this out."

xxxxxMicah comes up behind Ryn, surrounding her with the rest of the pack. He squeezes her hand in silence and lets tears run down his face for a moment before scanning the room, looking for shadows.

xxxxxZyler, burned, but not bad enough to just deal with it, carefully makes his way over to where the yell came from. He stares, coldly at where Aaryn cries for the child, studying her and the youngling. The dead one, for a long moment. Finally, he simply turns away, leaving the pack to deal with that as he starts hunting around. "Warning wasn't fast enough. Did best I could." He stalks away, to head in the direction the things came from, looking about to see if there's tracks in the storm.