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Aspects, how do they work?


  • Base difficulty is 3 + the highest aspect level you're trying to reach. (3 plus, not 4 plus. House rule.)
    • When using level 6 of a numina, base difficulty is 3+6=9 (even if the aspects only go from 1 to 5).
  • One success lets you reach each aspect at the one-dot level.
    • Exception: Weather Control requires four successes to reach each aspect (intensity, speed, duration, scale) at the one-dot level.
  • Each additional success lets you reach one aspect at one level higher.
  • You can't reach any aspect at a level higher than your dots in the path.
    • Exception: You can reach one aspect at one level higher than your path, but this requires twice as many successes as the same effect with that aspect equal to your path.

Example 1: You want to teleport from your house to a locked vault (Conveyance). It's 50 feet away (distance level 2), you don't care how long it takes (speed level 1), and you're just taking the clothes on your back (weight level 1).

  • You need Conveyance 2 or higher.
  • Your difficulty is 3 + 2 = 5.
  • You need two successes Dot-filled.pngFdot.png which gives you distance Dot-filled.pngFdot.png + speed Dot-filled.png + weight Dot-filled.png

Example 2: Now you want to teleport from the vault back to your house. It's still 50 feet away (distance level 2), you set off an alarm so you want to get there within three seconds (speed level 3), and you're taking a briefcase full of money (weight level 2).

  • You need Conveyance 3 or higher.
  • Your difficulty is 3 + 3 = 6.
  • You need 5 successes Dot-filled.pngFdot.pngFlitebludot.pngFLimedot.pngFpnkdot.png which gives you distance Dot-filled.pngFdot.png + speed Dot-filled.pngFlitebludot.pngFLimedot.png + weight Dot-filled.pngFpnkdot.png

Psychic powers

  • Psychic powers don't have aspects.
  • Difficulty is as specified by the power/level, default 6 if no other value is given.

Counterspell and unweaving rituals

  • Each of the following costs 3 freebies or XP:
    • "Counterspell (non-spirit)"
    • "Counterspell (spirit)"
    • "Unweaving (non-spirit)"
    • "Unweaving (spirit)"
  • Counterspell: Wits + Occult vs 8
  • Unweaving: Intelligence + Occult vs 8
  • Full details: Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 63

Table of numina

Numina, Paths, and Powers
Numina (highlighted = psychic power) Ability Check






Alchemy (Numina)
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 64
Intelligence + (Alchemy / Herbalism / Science) Somewhat better than off-the-shelf +1 attribute (max 5) or superhuman sense +1 attribute (can exceed 5) or level 1 psychic power +2 to one attribute or +1 to two attributes (can exceed 5) emulate up to level 3 of some other supernatural power
Animal Psychics
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 90
Charisma + Animal Ken Communication Command Mass Communication Mind Link Domination (1 WP)
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 91
None 5 Yards 10 Yards 15 Yards 20 Yards 25 Yards
Astral Projection
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 92
Perception + Meditation Shift Senses 1 Mile
1 Min/Stamina
Sight Only
100 Miles
10 Min/Stamina
Hear & See
1,000 Miles
1 Hour/Stamina
1 WP after the first hour
Cha + Occult to Visually Materialize
Anywhere on Earth
Indefinite while body healthy
Cha + Occult to Hazy Materialize
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 93
Stamina + Meditation Self Control Self Healing Hysterical Strength Ignore Pain Response Mind Over Matter
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 94
Perception + Awareness Once per day Twice per day
See Shadowlands vs Gauntlet
1/Min per success
Three times per day
See Shadowlands vs Gauntlet
Scene duration
Infinite Channeling
See book for more
Two at once
See book for more
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 94
Perception + Awareness Hazy Viewing
1 Mile
Hear and See Clearly
5 - 10 Miles based on Successes
See, Hear, Feel
10 Miles per Success
See, Hear, Touch, Smell
100 Miles per Success
All Five Senses
1,000 Miles per Success
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 66
Dexterity + Occult 1 ounce; 2 feet; low accuracy; 1 item few pounds, small lifeforms; 20 feet; rough motor control; 2 items 100 pounds, medium lifeforms; 100 feet; some fine control; 3 items 1,000 pounds, willing humans; 1/2 mile; fine control; 10 similar or 3 different items car, elephant, unwilling human; 5 miles; extreme control; 20 similar or 10 different items
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 68
Stamina + Occult 10 feet; 3x walking speed; clothes(?) 100 feet; driving speed; 20 pounds 1 mile; 80 miles per hour; 1 other person or 200 pounds 5 miles; miles per second; 2 other people 10 miles; instantly; 3 other people
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 95
Manipulation + Computer Switch Link Scramble Password Run Hot
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 95
Perception + Computer Analyze Structure Read-Only Mode Download Remote Access Decrypt
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 70
Perception + Fortune Telling 1 week; vague; simple yes/no question 1 month; symbolic; specific question 1 year; implicit; detailed question 10 years; slightly symbolic; obscured details 20 years forward, 100 years backward; easy to understand; very detailed, actively obscured
Ectoplasmic Generation
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 96
Charisma + Occult The Big Sneeze The Mists A Fog So Thick... Dream Shaper Tulpa
Kinfolk pg. 58
use Healing or Psychic Healing instead . . . .
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 71
Intelligence + (Occult / Science) +1 ability or subset of an attribute +2 ability or subset of an attribute emulate level 1 of some other supernatural power raise attributes/abilities above 5, emulate up to level 2 of some other supernatural power emulate up to level 3 of some other supernatural power
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 74
social attribute + Occult +1 die to a social attribute; 1 person; few minutes +2 dice; 2 people; scene +3 dice; 10 people; 2 days +4 dice; 50 people; 2 weeks +5 dice; hundreds of people; several months
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 76
Manipulation + (Intimidation / Mathematics) 1 specific named target; single event; brief 2 targets or 1 poorly defined one; 1 day; lasting but minor 4 related targets; 3 weeks; serious, major couple dozen related targets; several months; permanent, debilitating 100 related targets; years; suffering/cheating death
Gauntlet Manipulation
Dreamspeakers pg. 65
Wits + Gauntlet Manipulation +/-1, 3 turns +/-2, 1 scene +/-3, 1 day, artificial shallowing, cross Gauntlet +/-4, 1 month +/-5, 6 months (longer with special items)
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 78
Manipulation + Intuition headache; antiseptic; minor bruises migraine; toxin rating 1; 1 level bashing, stabilize lethal groin kick; toxin rating 2; 25% bashing gut stab; toxin rating 3; 2 levels bashing, 50% lethal, minor debilities amputation; toxin rating 4-5; 90% bashing, eyesight, hearing
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 80
Manipulation + Occult 2 dice lethal; touch; one target 4 dice; 10 feet; 3 square feet 6 lethal or 2 aggravated; 25 feet; 2 square yards 8 lethal or 4 aggravated; 50 feet; 10 square feet 10 lethal or 6 aggravated; 150 feet; 20 square feet
Mana Manipulation
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 81
Manipulation + Occult sense area/item sense creature block, redirect, trap in object trap in self, attack creature countermagic, alter resonance
Mind Shields
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 100
None Vs Psychic: 2 Dice
Vs Other: 1 Die
Vs Psychic: 4 Dice
Vs Other: 2 Dice
Vs Psychic: 6 Dice
Vs Other: 3 Dice
Vs Psychic: 8 Dice
Vs Other: 4 Dice
Vs Psychic: 10 Dice
Vs Other: 5 Dice
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 82
Wits + Occult physical contact; sense dream True Name; enter dream body part/secretion; isolate self, alter dream prized possession; send dream any possession; merge dreams
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 99
Perception + Awareness Intuition Insight Danger Sense Show Me the Cards Clear Vision
Psychic Healing
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 101
Perception + Empathy Diagnosis A Good Night's Sleep Basic Healing Triage Psychic Surgery
Psychic Hypnosis
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 98
Manipulation + Expression Trance State Sideshow Suggestion Delayed Action Fast Trance Manchurian Candidate
Psychic Invisibility
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 102
Wits + Stealth Hide Slow Movement Invisibility Selective Invisibility Forget You Ever Saw Me
Psychic Vampirism
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 103
Manipulation + Empathy Rush Sapping the Will Energy Transference Life Leech Emotional Vortex
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 104
Wits + Empathy Strength 0
5 + Wits in Yards/Round
Strength 1
7 + Wits in Yards/Round
Strength 2
9 + Wits in Yards/Round
Strength 3
11 + Wits in Yards/Round
Self Levitation
Strength 4
13 + Wits in Yards/Round
Extra Object
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 105
Perception + Empathy Vague Impressions "Owner" Strongest Emotional Incident Clearly Visualize the Day Clear Emotional Impressions
Psychic Link
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 105
Perception + Alertness Short Hop Simple Jump Long Jump Very Long Jump Blind Jump
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 106
Manipulation + Meditation Matches Ignite Fireworks Pyrotechnics Inferno
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 83
Manipulation + Occult darken conceal self, cause fear conceal other, cause panic interfere with recording devices, cause terror defeat recording devices, cause breakdown
WoD: Sorcerer pg. 105
use Shadowcasting instead . . . .
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 84
(Stamina + Animal Ken) / (Intelligence + Science) cosmetic; self; features from 1 animal noticeable significant half body; other target; features from 2 animals full body; 2 targets; features from 3 animals
Kinfolk pg. 59
Willpower Dream Invasion Will Sapping Drain Vital Essence Shift Life Gnosis Theft
Spirit Awakening
Dreamspeakers pg. 64
Intelligence + Spirit Awakening Use fetish created by mage or static shaman Use fetish created by spirit or other creature Create one-use charm, awaken simple item Create fetish, awaken small complex item Release spirit, create fetish without Tass, awaken large complex item
Spirit Command
Dreamspeakers pg. 64
Manipulation + Spirit Command vs. spirit's Willpower Power <= 10 Power <= 20 Power <= 30 Power <= 40 Power <= 50
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 85
Intelligence + Occult Summon: simple creature, simple spirit
Ward: -1 dice vs caster
Bind: can't attack caster
S: large creature, ghost
W: -2 dice vs caster
B: answer question
S: human, spirit
W: -3 dice vs caster, circle
B: perform service (can twist intent)
S: ghoul, sorcerer
W: -4 dice vs caster
B: perform service
S: vampire, werewolf
W: -5 dice vs caster
B: answer/serve others
Summon Naturae
Dreamspeakers pg. 65
Charisma + Summon Naturae Power <= 20 Power <= 30 Power <= 40 Power <= 50 Power <= 60
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 107
Perception + Awareness Psychic Sense Share Will Group Effect Share Powers Power Gestalt
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 108
Intelligence + Empathy Read Basic
Send Simple
Read Surface
Send Word
Read Recent/Future
Send Sentences
Read Deep
Send & Implant Memories
Deepest Secrets
Seize Control
Inquisition pg. 62
use Summoning/Binding/Warding instead . . . .
Inquisition pg. 61
use Hellfire instead . . . .
Inquisition pg. 61
use Healing or Psychic Healing instead . . . .
Inquisition pg. 63
use Summoning/Binding/Warding instead . . . .
Inquisition pg. 63
use Divination instead . . . .
Weather Control
Sorcerer (Rev.) pg. 86
Manipulation + Willpower small changes; start in minutes to weeks; last a few seconds; 50 square feet minor changes; seconds to minutes; 1 minute; half mile diameter rain, wind; minor in seconds, major in hours, extreme in several days; half hour; 2 mile diameter storm, heat, cold, tide; extreme in couple days; hour; 5 mile diameter blizzard, drought, elemental attack; major in 1 hour, extreme in 1 day; 1 day; 20 mile diameter