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"Fuck it... I'm in!"

She was born into a wealthy family, and raised by a slew of nannies, tutors, caregivers and coaches. All she really wanted was her parents attention. She got their money instead. So fuck it, she'll do her own thing her own way.

From an early age, she loved to be in cars. It started with zipping around dangerously in small go-carts on their enormous driveway. From there she was hooked. She wanted to drive anything and everything. She raced constantly through her teen years, causing more than a small amount of trouble for herself on several occasions. Nothing she couldn't buy her way out of. She soon learned that driving was not only a means to get from one place to another, but a way to feel a rush. She loves nothing more than getting behind the wheel of a sports car and pushing it to its limits. She never went pro - too much hassle in that. Instead, she visits cities, meets various street racers, and competes in those arenas. She loves all things related to amateur and/or illegal racing: Drag; oval track; street; quarter mile; drifting; rally; anything that allows her to strap into a powerful vehicle and hurtle herself down the track as quickly as possible. What a rush!

RP Hooks
  • She loves to drive really fast. Interested in a ride? Interested in a race?
  • She loves new experiences! Got a drug she hasn't tried? Hand it over! New extreme sport? She's game! She is not suicidal, however. There are limits to thrill-seeking.
  • She loves to dance and party. Night clubs, beach parties, you name it. If she hears of a party, she will be there.
Friends, Contacts & Acquaintances
  • Keiran - Fun at the cove.
  • Klaus - Strange outfit for this night club.
  • Lidya - A beast at laser tag.
  • Merek - Waiting for you to perform!
  • Michael - Bird's of a feather...?
  • Oksana - Can somebody translate that?
  • Tiva - Beautiful strange dance.
  • Verlaine - A moral compass.
Name Serena Marie Cartwright
Occupation Rich bitch
Nature RP to find out
Demeanor Thrill seeker
Height 5' 10"
Weight 140 lbs.
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Natural blond
Apparent Age Early twenties
Played by Kate Upton
- Play List -
Cherry Bomb - The Runaways
Flower - Liz Phair