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Indigo Carvalho-Adams

Full Name: Sancia Luiza Carvalho-Adams
Birthdate: September 28, 1999
Apparent Age: Early 20’s?
Occupation: Stripper

Race: Changeling
Kith: Pooka
Species: Hyacinth Macaw
Seeming: Wilder
Court: Unseelie


Natalie – Walk off the Earth ft. KRNFX
Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde
Kicks - Barns Courtney
L.A. Devotee - Panic! At the Disco
Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene - Hozier
Lime Habit - POLICA

Comatose, Holy Ghost, again and again...

Indigo is an enabler---she is the little fallen angel on your shoulder, whispering that you should totally eat that sandwich out of the garbage, then text your ex boyfriend that you love him and turn off your phone. She is the friend that encourages you to fuck that hot bartender and then is nowhere to be found when it turns out he likes to wear a Winnie the Pooh outfit during sex. She absolutely encouraged you to get that tattoo and then laughed her ass off when it was spelled incorrectly because you were too drunk to use spell-check or words. She absolutely will never admit that she has done anything wrong in her life, ever.

On your back, Cadillac, drinkin' till I'm dead...

So I say do it! Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it!. – Indigo is the worst kind of enabler. She doesn’t care if your poison is booze, drugs, sex or Winnie the Pooh porn. She’ll encourage you all the way to the precinct and then laugh at you from the other side of the bars. She’s not going to judge you. She’s just going to laugh.
Striptease – What kind of a person takes their clothes off for a living? The kind that is a compulsive liar and can’t seem to shake the interest in having blue hair. It was this or porn.
We are beasts, and this is our consolation. – Pooka---love them or hate them (let’s be real, they’re real easy to hate), you have to admit that they are definitely a thing. That exists. Animal rights activism with none of that icky rage? Table for one.
Polly stole your crackers... - Parrots are the worst, my dude. Legitimate demons. Indigo is just as likely to preen your hair and bring you your cellphone charger as she is to steal your boyfriend and chew your toothbrush into ten pieces.
Eau de natural... - So, for someone who has hair that presumably maintains its color through rigorous bleaching and dying, it doesn't smell. Which is weird, right? It should reek of bleach if you have a nose that picks up on that stuff, but it doesn't. It smells like some tropical shit, but that's a far cry from cell-destroying chemicals. Weeeeird.
Mean Little Girls. – Indigo isn’t inclined to be your manic pixie dream girl, no matter how much she looks like she might fit the bill. She is perfectly happy to be someone’s muse…you know, if she can also burn them out creatively for fun and profit. She fits best into the ‘Unseelie’ category for that reason.
Party Goblin. - Do you know what's more fun than doing coke off of someone's collar bone, drinking an entire bottle of wine, eating 12 tacos and fucking someone on a birthday cake? Finding someone who has done all of that and then sending pictures of their activities to their mom.
Going (half) Brazilian – Despite adopting a name that all but screams 'hipster', Indigo is half-Brazilian and has connections throughout South America.
Polly got it... - Despite the fact that Indigo presents herself as a hot mess and definitely does not have a profession that suggests intellectualism, she is fluent in four languages with aspirations toward adding German to her repertoire. With English, Spanish, Portuguese and French already under her belt...look out German.


The (Un)usual Suspects

Partners in Crime

Aiode - "Define friends. But also benefits..."
Dante - "Baller, baller, shock-collar."


Hawthorne - "Vibe check?"


Tristen - "What's the story, Morning-Gory?"
Olivia - "Hey lil' mami, let me whisper in yo ear..."


Jericho - "Mary, Mary, quite contrary..."


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