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The Details

A mix of New York, good looks, and bad decisions.

  • Sphere: Changeling
  • Apparent Age: 18 - 21
  • Occupation: Unemployed College Student


  • New York: He was born and raised in Brooklyn, and it bleeds through in his accent.
  • Dabbles: He dabbles in a lot of hobbies, from cooking to painting to music. He doesn't excel at any of them.
  • Student: A Freshman at UC Prospect. He lives in the dorms.
  • Changeling: He is one of the Changelings. A Wolf Pooka, in fact.
  • Trouble: Hawthorne isn't a serial killer or anything, but he's not a great guy. He lies and steals and manipulated when he thinks it can get him what he wants, but he still believes in friendship and love and will go to bat for and protect people he cares about. He just doesn't believe that True Love saves the world, like Seelie often do.
  • Unseelie: He doesn't support the Shadow Court or anything crazy, but he IS Unseelie. He is a Cerenaic. See above.