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A pre-med student at UC Prospect, in the summer of 2018 Jade Lambert traveled to the Democratic Republic of the Congo under the auspices of international aid group Third World Concern. Among several dozen college students from across the United States to volunteer to spend their vacation assisting the underprivileged, Jade was one of ten assigned to a village of the Hema people in the extreme northwest of the country. She was also the only one of the ten to survive when Lendu militia attacked the village. Believed dead for over two months before she finally resurfaced in Kinshasa, she spent about a day and a half as a minor celebrity for her miraculous survival before some fresh outrage overtook the headlines.

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Changeling "I still have the Brian Froud art book Gramma gave me for my tenth birthday, but I'm not Irish enough to believe in faeries."
Demon "I don't believe in God, so why would I believe in Lucifer? That'd just be weird."
Hunter "Oh, sure, like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I used to love that show, but you do know it's it's fiction, right?"
Mage "Call me a reflexive contrarian if you want, but I'm sick to death of Harry Potter."
Mortal "There's some good and some bad in everyone. The trick is put people in situations where the former can come out and the latter can't."
Vampire "At least the genre's gotten less sexist since Bram Stoker. I said less sexist."
Werewolf "Uh huh, sure. Do you also have grainy video of Bigfoot?"
Wraith "When I was in Africa I met plenty of people who thought their ancestors were watching over them. Maybe it's all rubbish, but the ones who honored the dead seemed to be doing pretty well."

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RP Hooks
  • Birdwatching: She loves birds of all sorts, and might be almost anywhere observing them. Needless to say, she won't be very pleased with you if you're harming them!
  • Boating: Do you enjoy being on the water? Jade may not have the money for a yacht, but she'll periodically rent a little sailboat and go out on the ocean.
  • Languages: In the unlikely event that you also speak Swahili, and the still more unlikely event that she realizes you do, she'll definitely have some questions for you.
  • The University: Jade is (very gradually) getting back into the rhythm of university life. You might have a class with her, live in the same dorm, or just run into one another on campus.
  • Volunteering: Some of her previous efforts in volunteerism ... didn't work out so well, but she hasn't let that stop her. You might see her pitching in almost anywhere, particularly at hospitals or on campus.
  • Weirdness: Unbalanced people tend to be drawn to Jade, and where there are unbalanced people there're often strange happenings. She tries to take these in stride, but it doesn't always work out ...

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Jade Lambert

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Status: Active PC
Full Name: Jade Helene Lambert
Date of Birth: November 8th, 1998
Nationality: USA
Occupation: Student
Demeanor: Gambler
Apparent Age: College
Height: 5' 8"
Build: Slender
Hair: Copper-red
Eyes: Yellow-orange
Played By: Alina Kovalenko

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Notable Stats

Appearance Fdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.pngFdot.png

Banality Fdot.pngFdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.pngEdot.png

Acute Vision: She's got her eye on you. Both of them, probably.
Changeling's Eyes: See that entry in the infobox under "eyes"? No way that's normal.
Surreal Quality: People seem to get strange ideas if they stare at her for long enough. Sometimes that's not very long at all.

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Kadin -- Maybe dial back on the sonorous wise old wizard talk if you're my age and look like an out-of-work surfer. Just a thought.

Sonya -- I had no idea you could be a nerd and also be kind of cool. Pros: buys drinks. Cons: Wants to set me up with her brother. Pro to the Con: He is kinda cute.

Valentina -- Fun, knows good restaurants, but I'm pretty sure definitely positive she's in some kind of cult. Oh, well; nobody's perfect.

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Would you lay your body
Down on the tracks for her?
Stand on one tiptoe
In Hell for her?
Don't you have someone
You'd die for?

- Belly, Someone To Die For

Every night I burn,
Every night the dream's the same.
Every night I burn,
Waiting for my only friend;
Every night I burn,
Waiting for the world to end.

- The Cure, Burn

Don't let your lights go down
Don't let your fire burn out
'Cause somewhere, somebody needs a reason to believe.
Why don't you rise up now?
Don't be afraid to stand out,
That's how the lost get found.

- Britt Nicole, The Lost Get Found

Buy the sky and sell the sky
And lift your arms up to the sky
And ask the sky, and ask the sky
Don't fall on me

- R.E.M., Fall On Me

I'll open my head and let out
All of my time
I'd love to go drowning
And to stay and to stay
But the ocean doesn't want me today

- Tom Waits, The Ocean Doesn't Want Me

Now some say life will beat you down,
Yeah, it'll break your heart, steal your crown.
So I started out for God knows where
But I guess I'll know when I get there

- Tom Petty, Learning To Fly

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