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Chayse: Watching you, watching me.
Rian: Darling you're a trendsetter.
Jasper: I hope the flowers speak to you one day.
Konstantin: Brooklyn Boy you bore me.
Dominic: Pretty and he knows it.
Caspar: I'm looking forward to working together.
Jake and Giselle: Thanks for the cookie.


Serena: Let's ride, darling.
Emma: My little owl and partner in crime.
Cole: A fire inside I like.
Xanthippe: A sisterhood born in shared trauma.
Lidya: Darling, you're a star.


Aaryn: You opened the door.
Xenovia: I told you I'd make you fabulous.
Merek: Lace and leather? An interesting combination.
Michael: Where does he get all his wonderful toys?
Lleu and Faith Your love is an inspiration.


Kim: *hic* You up?
Natalia: Still figuring you out. You might be sneakier than I give you credit for.
Verlaine: Say a little prayer for me.
Jade: Anyone who offers me coffee without me asking is a good person.
Rachel: I think I feel a steampunk phase coming on.
Alsatia: Meeting you was music to my ears.
Branton: I'll stay here in the shadows cast by your light.

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Name: Hannelore Darleen

Occupation: Fashionista and CEO of Guardian Security

Demeanor: Avant-garde

Height: 5'9" in heels

Weight: You're kidding, right?

Apparent Age: Late 20s


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RP Hooks
Personal Shopper: Hannelore is a personal shopper for the wealthy. Maybe you have difficulty controlling your anger issues when dealing with salespeople. Maybe you're health condition prevents you from going out during the day. Whatever the reason, Hannelore can get you what you need - for a price.

Fashionista: Maybe you don't have a problem shopping for yourself, but instead you need help cultivating your look. Hannelore can help with that as well, pulling together a look that makes a statement for an everyday fashion makeover or a one time event.

Shopping: Look, she likes to shop, ok? If you need a partner or want to bump into each other at the mall, we can meet.

Designer: Hannelore also dabbles in the creation of fashion accessories, particularly jewelry. She can design something unique just for you.

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