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Blue Alert.png INFO: (OOCLY This is for player OOC information only. Most places would be found by word on the street by those OF THE SPHERE so that one can find safe and sphere related places to play if one desired


  • Smoke and Barley -- ooc note, for more 'open' discussions, use the office upstairs, Klem 'leaves' a key with Timor that shifters and kin may ask for. The main room is PUBLIC and always has a few NPC patrons lurking.
  • Creepy Basement --ooc note this entrance is 'dark' you enter from D st and 1st Ave by typing CB -- any Gaian shifter type / kinfolk welcome
  • Monroe Animal Ranch is a sanctuary for exotic animals, and available for fera to come roam in their animal forms, or to help get beast kinfolk into the country safely.
  • Black Stag Forge is a commercial blacksmithing forge as well as a sanctuary for urban garou.

Shifters of the Wyrmy type




  • Feather of Maat Books - Commonly known among the Traditions as a Hermetic run bookstore and a place to contact the local Traditions. Werecats with ancient Egyptian affinity are also welcome.
  • Prospect Roasters



  • Club 215 - Run by the Lammasu Caztriyl the symbol of the fifth house can be seen blending into the wall near his office fitting quite well in the background of the club. Marking it as a safe place for those wishing to meet the Demon community in Prospect.