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Beauregard Bartons, AKA Bobo is an eccentric, enigmatic man. Though he's in his sixties, he seems like an awfully energetic, friendly guy... at first. Those who know him better would describe an emotionally unstable mess, hopping from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other at the drop of a hat, and then acting like it never happened in the first place. Just where he comes from is a secret he keeps close, but he seems to talk with a thick midwestern accent... when you can make out what he's saying through his raspy, Carton-a-day voice. He's rarely spotted without his small Chihuaha Lulu, an old, viscious looking thing with a fiery spirit.

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Normies - "It's weird. I envy you guys so much... n' yet, at the same time, I'd REALLY hate to be you guys in this crappy city. Yer' never gonna be able to do shit 'bout the nightmare world we're livin' in unless someone shows you the truth... n' I guess it's gonna have to be me. This lie is comin' down n' yer' gonna see the world for what it REALLY is."// "Bobo...ya know that's gonna go TERRIBLY, right? What are you, stupid? Come on, we got better things to worry about than these idiots. I don't know what the hell you see in them..."
Gone but Not Forgotten - "Y'poor, poor bastards. I wish I could tell all ya'll...but thems the breaks. Until then I'll show every damn one'a you the way out that I can."//"DO IT BOBO. They NEED you. They need to be shown how GREAT it is up here. And when they'll be their king. No. A GOD. ...And I'll be right here with you, through thick and thin... Buddy."
Sabbat The Sabbat: "What the fuck is wrong with you?" //"BIG Fan. Can I have an autograph?"
Brujah The Brujah: "YEAAAAAAAHHHH. MY KIND OF PEOPLE." //"They really are your kinda people... Ugly, dumb, temperemantal and irritating. Guess we know why you guys get along so well, eh?"
Gangrel The Gangrel: "Yer' already the top of the food chain, man. Keep the puppers outta it." //"Bark at the moon, wannabe's. See where it gets you."
Malkavian The Malkavians: "Real fuckin' nutter-butters right here. You think you've seen some crazy shit? Try ME sometime." //"Crazy. Don't listen to anything they say. ANYTHING. NOT A WORD BOBO I'M BEGGING YA"
Nosferatu The Nosferatu: "The Cammies lil' hound dogs, sniffin' out shit they don't need to know."//"Eh, I'd still hit it."
Toreador The Toreador: "I used to sell coke to dipshits like you back in the eighties." "You want art? Lets stick ya up on a pole and watch the sunrise together. That'll be ART."
Tremere The Tremere:"They're wizards. 'Cept without the Wisdom. Or the sense." //"They're DANGEROUS Bobo! Don't trust them! .../ANY/ of them! They're all just pawns on one big pyramid. All of them!"
Ventrue The Ventrue: "You remind me of other people I used ta' know who'd throw little shitfits if you wouldn't get down on your knees n' lick their boots." //"They don't seem so bad, Bobo... if you were gonna go begging people for help, maybe you should've went for the people with the power TO help you, eh?"
Lasombra The Lasombra: "...I-I ain't scared'a you."//"It's hard to explain... but I get the feeling we're kindred spirits."
Tzimisce The Tzimisce: "Love the way ya go splorch when I hit ya with a truck. You are gods lil' gift to me, ya sickenin' bastards." //"Beautiful... just... beautiful. No other words for what you do."
Caitiff The Caitiff: "You...poor, poor things."//"Aww is da widdle baby gonna cwy cause you're a clanless freak? Get used to it. Only a coward needs a guide to being dead."
Assamites The Assamites: "More like Assaholes...hehehe"//"Sneaky sneaky... but you can't hide from ME."
Setite The Followers of Set: "Vampire's pretendin' to be mummies. PFFFFFFFFFT."//"Hedonists. Not the kind of people I'd raise hell with, but they seem like they'd be pretty cool to shoot the shit with. Give em' a try, Bobo. They're more up your alley than the Brujah are... whether you wanna admit it or not."
Anarch The Anarchs: "An American Dream for the Damned. ...I'm in."//"Oh... how far we've fallen, Bobo. You never should've come here..."
Ravnos The Ravnos: "Bitch, are you for REAL?"//"If they throw a baby at you... don't catch it, Bobo."
Bloodsuckers - "So this is m'life now, eh? S'my purpose now? I threw it all away for this load'a shit? Goddamn Cammies. Ya'll piss me off. Ya remind me of EVERYTHING I'm tryna get away from."//"Don't be so hard on them Bobo... they could be your friend... they have so much they can teach you. So many weapons in your arsenal that only they can provide... Are you really so different from them? Have some Sympathy, Bobo. Don't be such an asshole to people suffering just as much as you... You didn't ask for this... and neither did they."

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Floyd: A real goddamn honest to life Doomslayer. Trainin' you guys is about the only damn thing the Heirarchy EVER got right. Shame, though. Ya'd make one HELL of a Renegade. But...what the hell'r ya doin' up here? Y'seem like yer' in a tough spot...and I think ya need my help. Whether you LIKE it or NOT.// "Bobo...come on. When a FRIEND tells you to drop it, you drop it. Have some faith, he's not acting THAT weird... I think you're just worried he'll steal your thunder as the big shambler on the Block. Besides... you should HEAR some of the things his Shadow's been telling me about how he REALLY feels about you."

Sigvard: 'Nother Grimmie, eh? I dun' get how you got through a whole damn tour before ya realized that the Heirarchy is a bunch'a damn FASCISTS but I'm glad it finally hit ya eventually. Some'a us just have a better nose for spottin' evil, I guess. I can't hate ya for it, though. Now that I know that they got YOU too... bastards." // "OH WAAAAHHH, I was somebodies PET. Well BOO HOO, I think I MIGHT care if you weren't a goddamn LEGIONAIRRE. You signed up to be someone's pet again after all that, like you didn't learn NOTHING. How many of ours do you think he's led to the soulforges, Bobo? And you can just forgive that? Because you both bit the bucket in KINDA similar circumstances? Ugh...You're way too trusting, Bobo. You're lucky you've got me to tell you how it really is."

Beckett: Always seems to know jus' what to do. Always talkin' bout shit SO beyond me I can't even begin to understand it. Always there fer' us without askin' for a damn thing in return... jus' what's your angle? You jus' tryin' be some Gandalf for Damned, or somethin'? // "THAT SON OF A BITCH HURT ME. HE HURT ME REAL BAD BOBO. And you KEEP going BACK like you can't hear me SCREAMING in there. I...I thought we were friends, Bobo. Guess you just don't care... after everything I've done for you..."

Gus: Kickin' ass and takin' names. ...Just what the hell do you need a portrait for, though?// ...Yeah I was actually wondering that myself."

Moe: Gotta pretend I hate it, I'm a rocker at heart... but damn if that Sax ain't somethin' beautiful. // "PFFFT, a Sax, Bobo? I thought you were hardcore, but I guess you're just a Poser. Hehehehe...Jazz. Get real."

Lochlan: Who ARE you? WHAT are you? Why do ya stick yer' nose where it don't belong? Why do they COME to you for it? I... sure got some questions for you. // "Don't bother, Bobo. This guy seems like a weirdo. Never trust someone with an eyepatch. Just get the hell out while you still can. Before he hacks YOU up too. Bet he'd like to see what makes you tick..."

Latona: Mysterious. n' clever. Gotta make sure this one likes me... or at least has a use for me. Cause I get the feelin' she's the last person ya wanna make an enemy outta in Chula. // Now you're getting it. Keep an eye on the clever ones, Bobo... those are the ones that are gonna get IN YOUR WAY.

Karen: She's a lil' sweetie, n' that bums the hell outta me. No one THAT nice outta be stuck in this sunless, neverendin' nightmare life. // PSSSHHHH, you /buy/ that crap? You think a Blue ain't just puttin' on some puppy dog act so she can stab ya in the bag the SECOND ya show her it? S'more to this one than meets the eye, buddy. Don't. Trust. Her.

Camilla: So you lied. Whatever. You're a Ventrue, and an old one at that. You lyin' is like the sun shinin'. Least you came clean, I guess. // Yeah, you're right, Bobo. What kind of worthless lowlife lies to their allies and just tries to play it off like it wasn't a big deal? ...Oh wait. Sorry, Bobo, you know I didn't mean YOU. It's OK when you do it.

Circe: A little less accepting... but that's smart. You should be worried about a freak like me... // I dunno Bobo... I kinda like her. She's got that spooky Goth Chick thing going on. And she knows just what to say to HURT you. Where you think she picked that up? How FELL do you think her powers are, Bobo?

Capone: So I pretended. I hope ya don't think that you bein' MY KIND OF DUDE was part of the act. Where the fuck you work out? // Oh fuck off Bobo. This guy just backed down cause he knew you'd whoop his ass, and you backed down cause you didn't have the balls to do it. Don't trust him. Don't trust THEM.

Wick: A Genuine Rock Star. Dude beat back my...talents with nothing more than raw fuckin' tunes. I'm not even mad. That's amazing. // Maybe you're just so bad at what you were doing that any hippie with a six string can whoop your ass? Ever think of THAT?

Louis: A Torrie, AND an Elder. Did ya just like, collect so many things I don't like that ya looped back 'round to bein' cool as SHIT? // "Riiiiiiight. An Elder that just HAPPENS to wanna roll with the gang. And you believe it's not all an act to get something? ...Get fuckin' real Bobo, you're smarter than that. At least... I THOUGHT you were."

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The Murderhobo himself.

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Name: Beauregard Bartons

Voice Acted By: Steve Blum

Age:Looks to be late sixties.

Height: 5'8

Body Type: Thin, Lean, but surprisingly muscular. The 'crackhead' build.

Race: Whiter than an Albino Snowman

Eye Color: Grey-Blue

Notable Features: Incredibly scarred. His skin looks like a cheap leather couch after a wolverine got done with it

Career: Careers are for Bootlickers

Concept: Con-Man

Demeanor: Rebel

Nature: Eccentric

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