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Beckett A. Jacobs is the name, or perhaps alias, of an entity that takes the form of tall slim man of indigenous descent. He can equally be both patiently quiet and happily conversational, the later more readily so if you happen to be Dead. His trim physique suggests a regular if not rigorous work-out routine and diet with barely a scrap of fat on his body and sleek muscle mass. He is typically well dressed and well groomed, carrying himself with practiced posture and poise. He is a man of duality, who is both enjoyably friendly but so tantalizingly distant. Those that know him better might know that he was born in First Mesa Arizona. He can sometimes be found around some of Prospect's more eclectic shops, Museums, and more curiously around several of the surrounding area cemeteries. Outside the city he can sometimes be found hiking the trails of the Cobre Desert. There are few places he stays for long and he is difficult to track and follow, moving much like a ghost himself.

His credentials state that he has a Bachelor's degree in Finance, but he has extensive knowledge on a broad selection of subjects including Botany, Ecological Studies, and Cultural Anthropology; the former of the two he teaches at the Sustainable Sciences Center for the American Indigenous along with classes in his degree study.

His wants, needs, plans, and ambitions, if he has any, remain a mystery

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Man's Kingdom - "Since before even Time can remember, men have been taught to see themselves as expelled from the natural world. Are you so shocked they behave in such a way when they have been conditioned to see themselves as an exemption from every ecology they reside in? You should have tended to your flocks better."
The Gifted - "Don't get cocky."
The World's Anathema - "When you get past the sense of wonder and beauty you'll find most of these are petty and self-serving. Their magic has a strange saccharine flavor to it that's suspiciously artificial."
The Dead - "So I've seen how the other Sighted around Prospect treat these people and honestly I'm not surprised at the level of distaste the dead have for the living. Imagine being told to 'move on' all the time? People treat either them like they have no place in this world or try to enslave them. Honestly, though it's depressing to think about. I am beginning to see why there are so many specters around Prospect. The living are practically chasing the dead into the mouth of Oblivion. "
Risen - "This seems like a path to expedited suffering..."
Wizards - "They're worse than I even thought! These thieves will take everything. Steal your secrets. Enslave you without care. They like to talk about themselves as if they're the protectors of humanity, but I know one around the local scene has a penchant for murdering some of society's most downtrodden as fodder for their rituals. Worst of all, they're so damn smug about it."
Leeches - "Parasites. Don't let them clock you, or you'll end up in a cage as part of one of the Camarilla's sick Menageries and you'll only get taken out for buffet night. It's better for us the more preoccupied they are with killing each other."
The Wolf Blooded - "I am both surprised and thankful for the respect I've been shown, but it's probably better if I keep my distance."
Beast Blooded - "Some of you are wonderful and the world is at a loss there aren't more like you... the rest of them are just looking for someone to play house-pet to. Sad, either way you look at it."
Tomb Dust - "Did you really shake off hundreds of years of tomb dust just to see what the SoCal dating scene was like?"
Memes - "These weird fuckin' faerie people are always ruining my me-time... Though it all honest? A handful of them are helpful, if naive. The rest just want to slap a collar on your neck and parade you around their courts like a pet."

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Blythe: "And people say I'm full of surprises..."

Mizzy: "A real carebear. I'm having a hard time talking to you lately. I've... seen some things lately that I can't talk to you about. I don't want to be the thing that cracks the wonderful person you are."

Forrest: "I missed you, friend. Just, wait until you see what a madhouse this city is!"

Floyd: "The first person I met in Prospect. He did something to something to himself... bad. I can see how he's changed. I should have committed to help much sooner, because part of this is always going to feel like my fault."

Conn: Sighs. "Definitely too good for his own good. Though all the same, I've come to enjoy the times when we are friends."

Maggy: "Oh no, not you again..."

Mearns: "Maybe a little young and inexperienced but it's nice that at least there's someone around that's on the same page... Wash your fursuit you filthy animal."

Solara: "She's going to destroy the lives of alot of people if she's not careful."

Wick: "Was the devil a serpent or did he have horns and hooves?"

Alberic Belmont: "From one Priest to another, if you save me I'll save you."

Kaati: "Under that blush she's a little cocky. We're more alike than I first realized. Both too independent for our own good. We'll see who ends up dragging who out of hell."

Bobo: "Faster than he looks. More competent than he seems. Against my better judgement I find Bobo likable... but if you wind up Forrest again I won't be so inclined to help with that thing screaming inside your head all day!"

Sumter: "Wow. A real nymphomancer!"

Tristen: "You cannot let your pain get in the way of your duty. I will try to help but some wounds may never heal. Some sickness may never pass. You must be prepared to press on, no matter the outcome."

Burt: "Righteous."

Bergin: "Ah. A Union guy. We might just get along."

Zyra: "So people are trying to teach you how to be human... that's quaint, but to what end?"

Tinlin: "I know you want to get out more, but I don't think you're going to like what there is to see."

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Beckett A. Jacobs.jpg

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Mortal Name: Beckett A. Jacobs

Voice Acted By: Darren Korb(Zagreus;Hades)

Age:Appears to be around 30.

Height: 5'11

Body Type: Slim. Ectomorph.

Race: Appears to be a mix of several, predominantly Pueblo Indian, Hawaiian Islander, and Meso-American. Amerind, but could be mistaken as Hispanic.

Eye Color: Brown. Slight heterochromia with one eye being a light almond hazel and the other being nearly black.

Notable Features: Birthmark over left eye.

Vocation: Accountant by day. Professor by night.

Concept: Modern Shaman and Land Protector.

Demeanor: Trickster

Nature: Visionary

Totem: Dragonfly

Affiliations: La Rosa Negra Federacion, PWNA, Various Indigenous Solidarity Networks

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RP Hooks
First Nations: A member of the The Navajo Nation(Diné), despite his muddy heritage.

Medium: As implied by his namesake, Beckett can see and hear Wraiths. He will happily converse with them, perhaps more readily than he would the living. Are you haunted? Do you need help getting your ghostly room mates to actually pay rent?

Pharmacopoeia: A practitioner of traditional New World Medicine... and less traditional psychedelic fun.

Occult Secrets: Do have a cursed object in your possession? Beckett can confirm if it is or not.

Political Activism: Beckett has been a present figure at Standing Rock protests and other adjacent Land Back movements. He is similarly known and recognized around environmental movements and often seen as a go-between for them and Native Rights circles.

Hiking: You might encounter Beckett out on the trails in the Cobre National Park or other areas.

Botany: Plant Dad and Ecological Enthusiast.

Educator: Teaches night classes at the Sustainable Sciences Center for the American Indigenous and can often be seen around the site.


Notable Flaws: Addiction, Strangeness, Allergy, Nightmares, Dark Secret, [REDACTED]

Notable Merits: Good Taste, Way With Words, Medium.

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