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The being known as Ghostwalker is more commonly known by his mortal name of Beckett Jacobs, though to a scant few he is also known by the moniker Stone-breaker, a name he earned by some feat in the Southern United states. He is a tall slim man of mixed race descent who can equally be both patiently quiet and happily conversational, the later more readily so if you happen to be Dead. His trim physique suggests a regular if not rigorous work-out routine and diet with barely a scrap of fat on his body and sleek muscle mass. He is typically well dressed and well groomed, carrying himself with practiced posture and poise. He is a man of duality, who is both enjoyably friendly but so tantalizingly distant.

Beckett is still a newcomer to Prospect and to California. He's earned a respectable if not surprisingly dull Bachelors of Accounting with a minor of Macro-Economics from the University of Denver and is currently working on a Masters of Socio-Economics. He has no settled hangouts, and known for cropping up curious places on a whim. He's also prone to disappeared when he doesn't want to. Those that know him better might know that he was born in First Mesa Arizona. He can sometimes be found around some of Prospect's more eclectic shops, Museums, and more curiously around several of the surrounding area cemeteries. He can just as easily be found outside the city, though, hiking the trails of the Cobre Desert.

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Man's Kingdom - "Since before even Time can remember, men have been taught to see themselves as expelled from the natural world. Are you so shocked they behave in such a way when they have been conditioned to see themselves as an exemption from every ecology they reside in? You should have tended to your flocks better."
The Gifted - "Don't get cocky."
The World's Anathema - "For relics of another time the ones of which I have encountered tend to act more with the minds of men than of beasts with all the desires for fickle and fleeting things. This is not a complement."
The Dead - "Some of the best examples of humanity reside among them."
Wizards - "Mankind's hubris made manifest. Stop breaking what you don't understand."
Leeches - "Parasites on every conceivable existential level."
The Wolf Blooded - "There's so much I wish we could talk about..."
Beast Blooded - "... and you, too."
Tomb Dust - "Sacred tasks, did you say?"
Memes - "These weird fuckin' faerie people are always ruining my me-time..."

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Blythe: "And people say I'm full of surprises..."

Mizzy: "A real carebear. The world would be better off with more people like you. I'm sorry my cousins don't understand that."

Sigvard: "I miss you, friend. I kept your room up nice for you."

Floyd: "Sometimes I can't tell if he's having a mood or he genuinely thinks I'm a pest... or I'm going to eat him."

Dove: "There are things I'd love to talk to you about, things that I know you'd understand that others wouldn't. It's a shame it's in your nature to tattle. Each of us has our tasks, I suppose."

Conn: Sighs. "Definitely too good for his own good."

Maggy: "Oh no, it's you again..."

Mearns: "Maybe a little young and inexperienced but it's nice that at least there's someone around that's on the same page... Wash your fursuit you filthy animal."

Solara: "She's going to destroy the lives of alot of people if she's not careful."

Wick: "Demure, polite, helpful, attentive... and definitely hiding something."

Hayden: "Come back down here, cosmonaut, and tell me what you found up there in space."

Nascha: "Hardworking, extremely talented, and blessed. I would like to talk to her more."

Valentine: "You have some growing to do but you're still family."

Alberic Belmont: "From one Priest to another, if you save me I'll save you."

Kaati: "Nice to meet someone else who gets it."

Bobo: "Against my better judgement I find Bobo likable."

Sumter: "Wow. A real nymphomancer!"

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Mortal Name: Beckett A. Jacobs

Voice Acted By: Darren Korb(Zagreus;Hades)

Age:Appears to be around 30.

Height: 5'11

Body Type: Slim. Ectomorph.

Race: Appears to be a mix of several, predominantly Pueblo Indian, Hawaiian Islander, and Meso-American. Amerind, but could be mistaken as Hispanic.

Eye Color: Brown. Slight heterochromia with one eye being a light almond hazel and the other being nearly black.

Notable Features: Birthmark over left eye.

Vocation: Officially? Accounting.

Concept: Modern Shaman. Land Protector.

Demeanor: Trickster

Nature: Visionary

Totem: Dragonfly

Affiliations: La Rosa Negra Federacion, PWNA, Indigenous Solidarity Network,

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RP Hooks
First Nations: A member of the Navajo tribe, despite his muddy heritage.

Medium: As implied by his namesake, Beckett can see and hear Wraiths. He will happily converse with them, perhaps more readily than he would the living.

Pharmacopoeia: A practitioner of traditional New World Medicine... and less traditional psychedelic fun.

Occult Secrets: Always wants to know more.

Political Activism: Beckett has been a present figure at Standing Rock protests and other adjacent Land Back movements. He is similarly known and recognized around environmental movements and often seen as a go-between for them and Native Rights circles.

Educated: Bachelors in Accounting, working on a Masters in Socio-Economents. Several certifications from the National Forestry Service.

Addiction: Addiction to stimulants.

Flirt: He can't help himself.

Hiking: You might encounter Beckett out on the trails in the Cobre National Park or other areas.

Strangeness: Flaw. Strange things happen around this character.

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