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Information Fae mien
Mortician: Lochlan is the head mortician at Underhill Funeral Home, a family owned company offering complete mortuary and burial services for the bereaved. From the morgue to the grave and beyond, Underhill Funeral Home is here to help both the living and the deceased.

Sluagh: Lochlan is one. Helps explain all the victorian clothing and the morose personality.

Dead Friends: Lochlan has been known to help out wraiths in a jam, and has a good reputation among the dead of Prospect. Sometimes they even help him out when he needs information.

Deceased Twin: Lochlan's deceased twin brother Alexander is a wraith. While Lochlan and his mortal employees run the funeral home, Alexander (with Lochlan's help) operates a sort of storage service for other wraiths: helping them recover and safe keep their fetters. Payment can be made in oboli or in information.

Adjunct Professor: Lochlan was recently offered a position at Covey-Fychell College as an Adjunct Professor of Spectral Studies. Students with questions about ghosts or the shadowlands should feel free to reach out to him.

Not a Doctor, But...: Lochlan is not a doctor, but he has plenty of practice taking apart bodies and putting them back together, an encyclopedic knowledge of human anatomy, and access to medical equipment. Provided you don't mind a lack of anesthesia, he can play the part of trauma surgeon in an emergency.

Noteable Stats Quotes
Appearance 3

Stealth 4

Resources 4

Medicine 4


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