2020.12.7 I See You

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I See You.
A Risen's nightmare comes true, the Unlidded Eye have come.
IC Date 2020.12.7
IC Time 7pm PST
Players Bobo Floyd (ST) Karen Latona
Location Izulu, Chula Vista.
Prp/Tp The However Long it takes for Bobo to Die PRP.
Spheres Vampire Anarch Wraith
Theme Song [Renegade]


Izulu is absolutely POUNDING tonight. The floor itself nearly rattles as a horde of dancers affluent enough to simply escape to Chula Vista when the Blackout struck, and they're causing quite an influx of business. Music can be heard pounding through the floor itself. It was Bobo who suggested that the three Anarchs should meetup in the Private Rooms of the Izulu to discuss the ongoing power outage in Prospect, and whether or not there was an opportunity there... the Three slink past the bar, into the trapdoor and finally into the backroom of Izulu...


The backroom of the Izulu is occupied! Though perhaps the trio may not think it would be. It IS afterall supposed to be a secret. But there is someone who is here. She is tall for a woman. By the looks of her features she has capped at middle age. A woman if iron zeal and is the type of person who makes people, only sometimes, recognize that older generations may be withering but they wither into steel. She isn't beautiful, but she is appeasing. She is dressed as a nomad might be. Brown leather jacket overtop of a black turtleneck sweater to keep the heat in. Fitting jeans and sneakers. Her hair, black with salt and pepper, is pulled into a ponytail as the woman drinks beers, looking to the oncomers with a smile. "Why hello there. I totally didn't think I'd see you all here...so soon!" She gestures inside. "Please. /Come in/. Be comfortable! We're allllll friends here. Aren't we?" She looks to Bobo. "Beauregard?"

It was Bobo who called the group into the Izulu tonight, having texted all of them about meeting to discuss the ongoing power outage in Prospect, and if there were opportunities for them there. He guides the Ragtag Gang through the trapdoor behind the bar, and through the hidden hallway. "And then I said, GOLFER? I HEARDLY KNOW HER" Bobo cackles madly with laughter as they walk through into the entryway. He pauses, looking the lady over carefully. "Hey." He says in a flirty tone. "You new or somethin'?" He says in a friendly tone, shooting her a smile. His entire face falls as she says what appears to be his 'real name'.

"Oh no. Oh god no."

And so Latona finds herself entering the clubhouse of Izulu alongside the two others she knows, only to find herself looking upon a new face. She raises an eyebrow slightly at the greeting they're given, but regardless maintains the calm smile she's held in spite of Bobo's sense of humor. "I don't believe that we've met, but if you're back here I certainly would hope so." Her eyes shift upon Bobo as the woman mentions a name seeming to belong to him, her arms crossing as she pauses. "Huh. Friend of yours from back in Primm?" she asks, maintaining her gaze.

Karen shakes her head slowly, smirking a little and managing a faint laugh at Bobo's joke. "You're silly..." She says softly while moving with the others through the trap door. Tonight her blonde hair is straight, not in any doo and she's wearing a black tee that has Harley Quinn from Arkham Knight on it with 'Batman' and his logo under it, form fitting denim jeans and her black with white trim sneakers. There's a pause when she enters, regarding this woman with a nod and a smile. She wasn't expecting any company tonight, and her eyes fall on Bobo. She expects him to say something in reply to Latona's question, or introduce them to her. Maybe she's someone he told to come by so they could meet her.

The woman smiles at Latona's question. "Ohhhh me and he go back a loooong time. Some might say, we're eternal." She giggles. "Aren't we...Bobo?" She smiles. "It's been so long. Introduce me to your friends! They look so lovely."

Bobo takes a step back, his entire body shaking with fear. His palor grows even more sickly as he stares her down. His voice quivers as he barely manages to stammer out, "Y-y-you need to get out of here." Bobo does his best to put on a firm tone, but it completely falters. "Now. I'm not...I can't..." Bobo pauses, hanging his head. "I don't want to go." He finally admits, his tone sad and defeated. He pauses, taking a moment to look over his shoulder at Karen and Latona. There's an utterly primal terror in his eyes. Like he's screaming for help on the inside.

Latona's head turns slightly at the woman's wording, seeming to pick up some sort of implications from them. Her eyes turn upon Bobo... and note the terror that seems to overtake him. She uncrosses her arms as she stares for a moment, perhaps running through a few possibilities in her mind. "I'm guessing we need to have a conversation later," she states, perhaps with a hint of minor annoyance before her eyes move to try to meet Karen's for a moment. And then, she looks back to the stranger and begins to slowly saunter further into the room, spacing out from the other two.

"Judging by his reaction, I'm going to just assume 'it's complicated', right? My apologies if I'm far off the mark, but the Sabbat isn't welcome here," she states, maintaining a careful gaze as she moves.

"Aren't we all?" Karen smiles playfully towards the woman at her comment about being eternal. That playful smile soon fades into a glance of worry. She's never seen or heard Bobo so frightened. She raises her brow, curious as to why Bobo would want this woman to leave. "Go?" Her tone matching the confusion on her features. "H-hey... What's going on?" For a moment, her eyes meet Latona's, looking to her to gauge her reaction or see if she might have some kind of answer to all of this. She turns her head to the woman now, expecting some sort of explanation. The mention of the Sabbat from Latona makes her realize. Mentally, she's on her guard now, and starts to tense up.

The woman seems disheartened that she didn't get anyone's name! So rude. But then again they are Anarchs! What can you do. The implication that the Sabbat is here makes the woman laugh, one a rich bubbly one. "Oh good fuck no. I'm not Sabbat." She waves a hand. "Going ten toes for Caine and slinging bodies by the rafters to drip into my mouth and calling it dinner is more than enough reason for me to say 'fuck. that'." She waves a hand in front of her face as if she just smelled something foul. "But it is complicated. On that we can agree. I can promise you I am not here to recruit you for some terrorist cell invented by some lick whose balls brush their knees."

She looks to Bobo. "Shall I tell them Bobo? Or would you rather I...simply cut to the chase?"

Bobo freezes in place, shaking fiercely. "Why the hell you gotta bother ME?" Bobo looks to the floor. "Don't ya got yer' own crap to be worryin' bout? Why you gotta stick yer' nose in MY business. I ain't never done nothing to you." Bobo says fearfully. Bobo begins to step into the room, emboldened by Latona's own approach. He's trying to subtly make his way towards his Cane, lying upon the sectional. "B-but..." Bobo pauses, doing his best to look her dead in the eyes. "Yer' not sayin' a-anything." She'll know exactly what Bobo is trying to do... it looks like Bobo is trying to 'Dominate' her. But he's too frazzled to maintain the eye contact necessary. "J-just...Just get out of here." He stammers, fauling to maintain his eye contact at the most critical moment. "W-we...we don't have to do this."

Latona stops as she gets an answer from the strange woman, and one which allegedes her first assumption to be wrong. She sets a hand on her hips, glancing between Bobo and the stranger. "Well then, I'm sorry for jumping to conclusions. But I'm certain you can understand how this looks very... strange. It hardly would have been the first time something like that had ever happened." She looks over to Karen, offering a look of deep uncertainty. She might not be as on edge as a few moments before, but her guard's definitely not down.

"...Let's just get out with it, before I end up at any other conclusions. Whatever the case, I've likely heard of, or personally seen, something just as weird. Trust me," she states, her eyes turning back onto Bobo and offering a small smirk to try to reassure him. "If you're a runaway Giovanni, you wouldn't be the first I've met in the Movement. In the county, even. There are very few things that surprise me anymore."

Karen tries to relax now, visibly, walking towards Bobo and trying to lay a concerned hand on his shoulder. She's not used to seeing or hearing him act like this at all. She glances over her shoulder towards Latona, still visibly confused as ever. If this woman is not Sabbat, maybe she's just independent or something? That's the expression she's wearing to Latona. Just trying to figure this all out. She doesn't say a word, just squeezing Bobo's shoulder to let him know that she's here. She hopes he'll remember what she told him in the park. She peers at the woman before them now, just nodding her head in silent agreement to Latona's words.

The woman frowns at Bobo. "Oooo Beauregard." She shakes his head. "Do you honestly think that I came alone?" As if cutting him off at some fractious point. She looks to the ceiling. "Please inform our friends of how Not alone we are please!"
The sound of several doors slam shut, in unison.
"See? The Lighthouse has SEEN you, Bobo. And we NEVER, blink." She looks to Karen and Latona. "Mmmmm." Latona seems to be the more talkative of Bobo's two friends, so the woman addressses her. "You seem a sound soul. I like you. Good head on your shoulders. We admire that." She reaches into her jacket. "Bobo doesn't want me to say anything so I will honor his wishes but! I came prepared." Out of her jacket is a file. About an inch thick. She throws it on the table she sits at. "There you are."
Then the woman stands up. "I see that my presence has caused a little bit of a STIR amongst you. I can see myself out."

Bobo finally reaches his destination at the sectional, grabbing his Cane off of it. He goes wide-eyed in terror as she lays the file down upon the table. "...You're right. Screw this. I ain't come this far to get forged." He says, looking to the sky like he was speaking to god himself. Anger flares violently in his eyes, the 'old' Bobo that Latona and Karen will recognize flushing back to his features. "The LIGHTHOUSE is gonna need a brighter light if they wanna FIND WHAT'S LEFTA YOU." He begins to walk directly towards the Woman, grasping his cane tightly as he draws his sword. "I ain't scared'a yer' PUNKS." Bobo pounds at his chest with his free hand. "I AIN'T SCARED OF NOTHING. I'M NOT GOING BACK. EVER." And with that, Bobo swings like a madman, bringing his sword down in a mad slash at his 'old friend'. "YOU WANT ME? COME AND GET ME, I'M RIGHT HERE"

Bobo deals five lethal! Bobo rolls Strength + 2 vs 6 for 3 successes. Potence

Latona's eyes dart to try to catch the sound of slamming doors as they come, her brows rising and eyes widening in confusion at the turn of events. "...Huh," she utters, looking between the woman and Karen, holding her gaze on the latter as she quickly narrows down the possibities aloud. "Lighthouse... I'm fairly certain that's not part of any clan's organization. At least none I've ever heard of. It's obviously not an Anarch thing... I'm fairly certain that's not part of the Cam's struture. So I just have to wonder..." Her eyes turn back upon the woman, and then down upon the folder she leaves as she ponders, "Who is 'we'?"

Just as she begins to somewhat relax, with the announcement of peaceful departure from the stranger, she blinks as she hears Bobo's enraged shouting. "...Fuck," she utters, sounding more exasperated than afraid. "/Please/ don't frenzy in here, Bobo. This isn't the time or the place," she implores as her relatively relaxed posture fades as she turns towards the start of the violence. Was she going to have to do something about this?

Latona's spider-sense goes off! Latona rolls Perception + Awareness vs 6 for 3 successes.

The lighthouse. What could this woman mean by that? Karen's eyes turn to the folder, wanting to go and investigate it. Her hand drifts away from Bobo as she goes to do so but stops in her tracks when Bobo starts to scream. She's... She's frozen in fright. Everyone's words are just... going in one ear and out the other. She tenses up again and now actually gets into a fighting stance, like she knows some type of Martial Arts. That's when she sees Bobo slice at the woman and she steps back. Finally, she says out loud, something, "Nooooooo!" Bobo struck first. He drew first blood.

Karen tries to appeal for Bobo to stop. She doesn't want him to frenzy either. What is going on?! Everything happened so fast. What does Bobo mean about not 'going back?' What... what is in that file. What is the meaning of all of this?

The woman is cleaved in half. It is...weird. She simply smiles at Bobo as he rushes forward and swings his sword. She doesn't blink. She doesn't even bat an eyelash. Nor does she lose a step. The sword splits her skull in half and she simply remains poised with a smile on her face.
Latona senses something...odd. You do not -see- anything. There is still an empty shadowlands. But you feel something akin to...travel? Outwards, to the front of the bar.
"Bobo." Comes the voice of someone coming through the swinging secret door. This time it is a man. Tall, dark skinned, dressed in a flannel, undershirt and jeans. "That's rude. Whatever happened to that good ol' charm of yours? Back when you were SLATED." The swinging door closes behind him. "I can do this all day and have no care for how many bodies you stack, Beauregard. I have..../forever/. But for now...I shall read you. Your /crimes/."

Bobo grins with mad cruelty as the woman simply stands there and takes it. But his entire face falls. His demeanor shifts. He looks like he just made a terrible mistake. "KAREN" Bobo roars, looking to her with a burning desperation in his eyes. "GHOUL 'ER, PLEASE! I can't... She wasn't... God...just...please." Bobo looks like he should be crying. His lips are quivering. His voice is shaking, cracking with every word that leaves his mouth. He collects himself, just long enough to look at his Plasmic guest with pained, but furious eyes. "Yer' a goddamn COWARD bringin' them into this. Deathlord BOOTLICKER." It's hard to take him seriously with his cracking voice... but he certainly seems angry.

Latona blinks after she watches Bobo manage to simply... cut the woman in half. And then she feels something. Her eyes follow the sensation, and then settle down upon the cleaved corpse. Her mouth falls agape for a moment as she studies it, and then her brow furrows. "Bobo, what the fuck?! That wasn't a Kindred. You knew who that was- you should have known that they were using Possession." She groans in disdain as she steps forward, splaying her outstretched palms in a gesture of frustration as she looks down at the body. "Pretty certain she's too far gone to becomoe a Ghoul Ghoul. Great. Some poor random woman's dead, and lying on our floor-"

She stops abruptly as she hears, and then sees another stranger walk in. And immediately make it clear that they're the same that was just slain. The brunette turns towards the man, her lips parting as she stares in confusion, her eyes narrowing as she processes it for several seconds. "...You should be torpid," she states first, her eyes darting over to Karen to non-verbally express her concern. "...An Elder old enough to pull something like that wouldn't bother going through all of this for some Caitiff," she states, her eyes returning to the dark-skinned man. She focuses her gaze intently through her confusion as she tries to find an answer.

Latona uses Aura Perception on the dark-skinned man! Latona rolls Perception + Empathy vs 8 for 2 successes. WP
"Possessed. Dedicated. Fanatic. Opportunistic."

Karen is just in... absolute shock. It's.. funny that just a few nights ago she was talking about it being inevitable she will have to see something horrific in her unlife but... she didn't think it'd be so soon, and in the same spot she said it in. She shakes her head slowly at what transpired, glancing over her left shoulder to see the man coming in. "Crimes? What is the meaning of this?" No, her attention deserves to be on the woman. She's... She's in need of being ghouled, right? Bobo instructs her to do so and she brings her left hand to her mouth like she's going to bite her wrist but... Latona's right. This woman is too far gone. "She's gone... Bobo..." She says solemnly. "She's gone..." Even if she was to ghoul her, the woman would probably wake up in so much pain and it would take a while to heal it all. She questions whether it would be worth it but... an attempt would be best so they know for sure. She bites her wrist and watches her blood drip slowly from it into the woman's mouth.

Wait. Possession? What does Latona mean? Again, her glance meets Latona, "What do you mean by possession?" After she asks that, she takes this moment to finish up, licking her wrist and then walking over to the file and starting to look through it. It's got to have some kind of answers as to what's going on here. What about that dead woman, though? Is she waking up? If not... that poor woman had her life cut short in the club's secret room... and for what?

The woman is dead, Jim. She lays helpless on the floor, with a serene smile on her face as blood continues to pour from her head.
The Dark Skinned man adjusts his flannel shirt. He looks up to the ceiling. "Prepared?" A creaking of pipes is all that is given.
"Beauregard Bartons. Grim Legion. 173rd Maurader Corp. YOU STAND ACCUSED of Desertion. Of Treason. Of the violation of Dictum Mortuum. You are hereby declared...GUILTY."
But the dark man doesn't seem to end with Bobo. To Karen. "Karen Saunders. Of the Ventrue Clan. Anarch. You are accused of violating the Dictum Mortuum and are declared...GUILTY." To Latona. "Latona La'velle, of the [REDACTED]. You are accused of violation of the Dictum Mortuum and are declared...GUILTY."
He pulls out a zippo. "Your sentence." He flicks it open. 
"Is Obliviation." He lights the Zippo.
The Zippo lights the gas that has been slowly filling the room since the woman first arrived. The zippo does not so much as light, but -ignite- as the entire room bursts into a massive fireball that sucks the air out of the room instantaneously. Whoever organized this molotov hit has done their homework. No one outside the room seems the wiser, nor does the gas mein ignite and blow the whole building to smithereens. It is just this room, it seems, that turns for a few precious seconds into a fiery inferno that sears the flesh of everyone inside.
The Dark skinned man? Another helpless mortal who gets consumed by the flames, turning to a charred husk as Latona once more feels that sense of eerie travel, to the front of the bar again.
Bobo takes 3 aggravated damage
Latona takes 2 aggravated damage
Karen takes 3 aggravated damage

Bobo watches the woman continue to bleed on the floor. His face twists into a sneer. A mortal cut short because Supernaturals were too engrossed in their own nonsense to care about the little man. Everything Bobo despises in the world, and in an attempt to avenge it... he's become it. He grasps his sword tightly, prepared to make another mistake in his haste to avenge the first. And then the waves of Obliviation hit.

Fire washes over Bobo, searing his very soul with the almost forgotten sensation of pain. Were it not for the pounding music of the nightclub above, it would be difficult not to hear his scream. His wail of desperation and pain fills the room for as long as his lungs will allow. His eyes dart between the two bystanders drug into this situation, and it is only by sheer luck that his beast has not seized control of him. He pauses, looking to Karen and Latona with terror in his eyes, unsure if they'll even still be there when he looks.

And suddenly, fire. "Fuck!" Latona screams as she shields her face with her arms amid the blast. She hastily staggers out of the room and away from the lingering flames, trembling from terror from the fire- but holding it together. But of course, that's hardly the only thing she's feeling. She is hurt... but overall not too terribly, considering the firey blast. She hastily pats down any small flames that might linger on her clothing, before letting out a shaken huff of rage.

"...You'll regret that, you bastard..." she mutters as she reaches for her phone, sending a quick message to her Ghoul. After all... "Are you two okay? Fuck, I think he's still nearby." She stays in the hallway, not keen on immediately returning to the room. "Hat trick it is," she mutters to herself, before calling back to the others, "Let's move to the office, quickly. Before we find any further 'surprises'."

Karen's eyes widen. Again, everything happens so fast and now she's on fire! She shrieks in pain. Martial Arts... all of that is out the window. Her instinct, her inner beast is telling her... survive. Flee. She rushes out of the room, following Latona out and patting the fires out as quickly as she can. Her clothes and her hair are more than likely seared... but that's the least of her worries now. She starts to drop and roll as well to put it out quickly, shrieking all the while. Luckily enough for her, combined with 'stop, drop and roll' and the powers of Fortitude, she came out of this just injured... slightly hindered. She props back up to her feet, a blessing from her Martial Arts training. When she hears Latona say that he's still nearby, she glances around and readies herself like she's going to strike... but can Martial Arts really help against someone who can basically set the -room- on fire? "We should probably go outside. We should probably go outside quickly. Who knows where else he's going to make a hot box next! God... I hope Bobo's okay." Bobo. Oh he needs a talking to after this. How did that man know her name, and her clan, and she's guilty of a -crime?!- A crime she didn't even know she was committing. The beast gnaws at her, telling her she needs to go. To run. She musters up the will to keep herself calm, but it echoes in her words. "We have to go. We should go. Soon. Now!"

Bobo doesn't rise from his knees, not even showing a hint of being affected by 'The Red Fear'. He takes a moment to look at the poor young woman who's life he has cut short, grasping her shoulders tightly. "Come on." He says, shaking the corpse slightly. "Wake up." His voice is flat and dead as he stares into the poor young womans eyes. "wake up." He says again, projecting his personality like he was trying to Dominate her into life once more. Bobo's voice is tinged with denial. Like he's not even dwelling in reality anymore. Just a sad old man, sitting on his knees, surrounded by corpses. Some asleep, some awake. After a few moments, he simply rises to his feet, eyes turning from the Floor to Latona and Karen. "...I'm sorry."

Latona's eyes quickly dart between Karen and the two paths they could take: escape or barricade. "He's probably out there possessing someone new. Look... Twenty minutes and I can make us a lot more fire-resistant. But..." She bites her lip as she looks towards the exit. "...I doubt he'll do anything in front of a crowd. If he does, that makes everything a much worse problem. But if not..." She quickly looks back to Karen. "Car. Do you have a car? If so, I can do it while you drive. We need to go somewhere so I can get something... But first, I need to make certain of what the fuck we're dealing with."

She looks at Bobo once he apologizes, staring for several seconds before she utters, "Don't apologize now. You know what he is, don't you? At least, you have a pretty good idea. I have strong suspicions, but I see three-" Her eyes dart to the side briefly. "Four possibilities. Either this is going to be extremely easy, less easy but doable, very complicated, or an utter nightmare. But I need to know /now/. And then, we need to get in a car, and get the fuck out of here as quickly as we can- assuming one of us has one."

Karen is frozen once more, watching Bobo trying desperately to wake that woman up after she put her blood inside of her. If she wasn't getting up then, she's definitely not getting up now. "Bobo..." She can only say his name after he apologizes. Latona's question snaps her back to reality and she shakes her head. She uses a car to get around, but... "I didn't take mine tonight. I just called myself an uber. I have one but it's... not here..." She frowns, feeling utterly helpless and useless tonight. "I was thinking the same thing, too, about the crowd. That's... one reason why I want to get out of here." She takes a moment to look down at herself, at her wounds, just to see how bad she is visibly. She... should manage to walk out of here without arousing suspicion. "Let's... Let's just go, and we can talk about this while we're heading out. I just..." She trails off.

"...Yeah. I gots an idea." Bobo says, his tone still cold and monotonous with the weight of his sins tonight. "Y'seen what he is a million times, Latona." Bobo doesn't have the energy for his little nicknames for people. Not right now. "Karen can't, but you seen em' every day, I figure. Y'just never been unlucky enough to piss one off the way I did. He's..." Bobo pauses, gritting his teeth. "A Cop."

"Either way...I think we're good for now. Tricks like that ain't easy. But we should get outta here either way..." Bobo pauses, taking a moment to go and grab his 'file' off of the Counter, taking a moment to shake the blood loose off of it. Speaking of blood...

"Gimme a second." Bobo says coldly. His Jacket and Scarf are splattered in blood, so he simply removes them and tosses them behind the bar. And now that you've got a good look at Bobo's bare skin...good lord, he's a mess. His skin looks like it's been lit on fire a dozen times, ripped open and sown back together again, and then lit on fire again. Like Freddy Krueger and Jason Vorhees had a lovechild. He doesn't say anything about it, tightening his unbloodied coat to hide it. "I'll...I'll take the front. 'Case he's got more tricks up his sleeve." Bobo says, as he finally joins the others in the exit hallway.

Latona lets out a groan of frustration when she hears of Karen's lack of personal transportation. "Well, that makes things a lot more difficult," she mutters. She shakes her head quickly, before looking over the trio. "When we leave, if anyone asks... There was a kitchen fire. Look... If we don't have a vehicle, we don't have a great means of escape. He's clearly demonstrated that he's able and willing to possesses people, and doesn't care to get them killed. I read his aura- whomever he is, he's a fanatic. After what just happened? I wouldn't rule out him taking out a bus full of people to get at us. Walking puts us in a very vulnerable position."

She brushes her hair with her hand, groaning as she looks at her singed locks. Her blue eyes shift upon Bobo as he explains, and she nods. "You might be surprised," she mutters. "To be clear, he /was/ human, right? That's a very important distinction. If that's the case..." She tilts her head slightly during a brief pause. "Doable. I've never dealt with one that possessed people like that. But doable." She turns towards the stairs, and glances at Karen. "Alright... We'll leave the building, and find an alley to take shelter in until my Ghoul arrives to give us a ride. And bring some of that 'hardware' I mentioned. We'll head to a cemetary... There's something I'll need there, in case we can't end this tonight." She looks towards the stairway, and focuses her heightened senses as she follows along, to help watch for signs of trouble. She sends another text on her phone to her Ghoul, and then begins to walk. "Let's move. I have a trap in mind."

The barfront has all the people, just as you left them when you arrived. The bartender serving drinks, the TV playing some game or whatever. People huddled around tables. You count....20 or so people. Tops.
About 8 of them, turn their heads in unison, staring at the three of you. "SUBMIT TO JUDGEMENT." They say. Movies who try to pull off 'Legion' could never do it so perfectly. The others in the bar, naturally, think that it was a prank, and laugh at the sheer absurdity of it. But they don't rush after you. Yet.

Karen just... stares at Bobo from the exit hallway when he takes off his jacket and scarf. She doesn't look repulsed by the sight of him, just... saddened. She's heartbroken to see him like this. After all the conversations and getting to know him as a friend. Forlorn. She looks forlorn. She steps out of the way so that he can walk in front. "A Cop..." She says softly. "Well, talk about police brutality..."

Karen thinks she has an idea, "Well, I mean, I can call us an uber, and if I have to... Dominate the driver but... they could possess the driver too." She turns her eyes to Latona, nodding to her plan. "That's a good idea." She just falls silent and tags along. She doesn't know what exactly Latona has in mind for her plan, with the whole cemetary business but..... she trusts her. While she walks with them into the barfront, the 8 people turning their heads and screaming at her makes her eyes wide and she reaches out to grab at Latona's shoulder before shaking her head and darting her eyes to Latona. "Let's get the hell out of here." She then states in a quieter tone, "Before more innocent people have to die..."

"Yeah... Once. Sure as hell ain't anymore." Bobo says flatly, taking a moment to look at the charred corpse. Bodies that didn't require Bobo to leave behind. "Shouldn't be too bad. They've got a Masquerade too, s'why you dun' hear about shit like this everyday. ...But these are the Cops. I dunno what rules they play by. Ghoul's probably the best idea. Freaks like us are a little harder for them to just...hop into. Can't say how much more with a ghoul, but it's sometehing." Bobo shudders as he lifts up the trapdoor into the Bar proper, eyeing the room carefully. He slinks across the room as best he can...

Until suddenly the voice of the Legion is addressing him. The bystanders seem to perceive the event as a practical joke, so Bobo fires back with his own. "WHAT? FREE DRINKS FOR THE FIRST 20 CUSTOMERS AT THE BAR? THAT'S CRAZY" He announces as loudly as his rotting lungs will allow. He gives Latona and Karen one last look before he absolute BOLTS for the door.

Latona pauses briefly as she looks towards the possessed men acting in unison at the bar. "Eight..." she quietly mutters to herself. She looks over at Karen and nods in agreement. "Let's. The quicker the better," she whispers back. And then, she joins Bobo in running towards the door. Certainly, she doubts that they're going to just take off after them. But all the same, putting more distance inbetween each other can only be good. Once out, she looks for a convenient alley for the trio to take cover in. Cops or not, after what's happened so far she hardly trusts them to maintain the Masquerade.

"She stared a demon in the face and is still mostly sane- she should be fine."

Freaks. Freaks like... him. It makes Karen wonder a question. Before she has time to ask it, Bobo's quick wit and thinking about free drinks probably just helped them with some getaway time and she too bolts for the door.

When the three are safely outside and she gets a chance, Karen questions Latona about her ghoul. "Wait... A Demon?" A foreign concept to her, well, besides fandom... but... she doesn't doubt they exist or anything. "I'll have to ask you about that sometime." She takes point in the alleyway, looking around to make sure none of those 8 possessed are chasing after them. "I don't see anybody right now. I'd hate to have to beat up on innocent people but... you gotta do what you can to survive." She turns around to head towards the two, reaching in her pocket to check her phone. It's fine. No damage or anything, and it's still late in the evening. "Thank God the blackout is not effecting us out here. Imagine all of this plus a blackout." She comments.

The run across the bar, is a crazy experience. The 8 possessed do nothing. They don't even so much as get up. They just follow you with their look.

Bobo's attempt to draw attention flounders, as people give him a look like HE is the one with eight heads.

A lot happens in the time you hit the bar, and the time you run for the exit. First, Bobo is about to reach the front door when a loud BOOM! Goes off, as the Bartender stumbles and falls over as a shotgun goes off, blowing through the wooden bar counter and hitting Bobo with a 1 once slug.

Bobo takes 2 Lethal from a slug

Latona and Karen don't have such immediate luck. There is always junk on the floor see? Like those splintered pieces of wood that just so happen to be lying in your way, and why as you run, a chair immediately slides out to catch your pace and knock you over, serendipidously on those wooden splinters headed toward your chest.

Latona attempts to control the chairs! Latona rolls Willpower + -1 vs 5 for 6 successes. +1 suxx for merit

Latona watches as things all around begin to go... crazy. Deja vu, almost. As they run, she spots the chair slide out and try to jump in their way... to which she reaches out a hand and focuses. The chair... scampers on its legs, and scampers like a four-legged beast briefly to get back into the table. Fortunately, between the gunshots and other chaos, and possessions, it's a very subtle thing in the couple seconds it takes. "Not tonight, fuckers," she mutters bitterly, before they escape. She looks over at Karen once they seem to be clear, and says to her, "Once we're clear of here... I should come over, if you're willing. I can make certain these things can't get in. And yeah, demons are real. Go figure."

Bobo looks down as the Shell blows through his chest. He feels nothing, save for a faint tingle like the wound was asleep. "Huh." He remarks, his tone flat and almost uncaring. "Got shot." He says casually. "Come on!" He gestures, as he bolts across the street, eyes scanning in every direction for an approaching car, or more Wraiths coming to give him hell. He collapses onto the curb, burying his forehead into his palm as he seats himself on a bench across the street, getting a weird look from a couple of the homeless you can't take two steps in Chula Vista without seeing. The red stain in his shirt continues to grow and grow. "...Jesus."