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Mortal.png - It's sad to think I was so blind to the world around me, and that mankind suffers that on a daily basis. There's so much out there...though at the same time. I'm sure they'd ruin everything if they truly found out what lurks constantly around them. The only upside? The greater portion of them would probably extinguish vampires without a thought. Reinforcements. Puppies and Kittens.....just wait till the truck comes swerving by. Get yourself tossed into a bag and hop over to the other side - Your greatest acheivments begin and ends with me.
Wraith.png - We're a sad but fervent lot, but we're here to solve that which held us back. I've got my philosophies on what's going on with our continued existence, and I'm sure the rest of us do too. Worthless Little shits. You're all on a waiting list, you hear me? ONe Errant TWITCH and You're fucking GONE. LIKE DUST IN THE WIND!
Mage2.png - Rude, self centered. I don't know much if anything about them, but one once tried to trap me in some sort of electrical feedback to live the rest of my existence as a battery. I didn't look too kindly upon that. NO ONE PUTS ME IN A FUCKING CAGE. YOU HEAR ME!?! I'LL REACH THROUGH YOUR FUCKING 'MAGIC' AND RIP OUT YER GOD DAMN'D KIDNEYS IF YOU TRY AGAIN.
Leeches - Predators, Monsters, and Parasites. Nothing more than a walking corpse with a survival drive that cares little for the harm it causes around itself; so long as it comes out at the top at the end of things. Capable of ripping everything you've ever wanted away from you - and yet still somehow continuing to take more after you've nothing left. They wear a pretty face, and it's all just a guise to mask the terrible beast that lies behind it. You know every day they took a piece of you away, every day they just took more and more...I filled those gaps. You deserved every little bit. The salutes, the forced kneeling, every forced kiss, recital, and training regiment. Formed you...Moulded you into this Perfect Little Storybook Knight. Then in the end - you gave up everything...just like you were trained to. Even in couldn't escape all of it, could you? Fucking Pathetic.
Fucking Werewolves -Learning...but not fast enough. To know that there's so much more to this universe; and that it's shepherded by monster-movie-esque Wolf men and women....leaves a lot of explaining to do for most of the way things function...truly confusing. Protectors, Savages, Fucking self-centered Mongrels who're just ITCHING for everything to be over. I can feel it in them...they know it's coming. They just don't want to fucking ADMIT IT.
Faeries - Heard of these, once or twice. Never seen them. Don't plan to. I've got enough problems scattered across my plate. Little things...little things. All bundled up so frantic and so sweet. Clothed in light and made of Flesh I Bet You're Good to eat.

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Beckett:: "Probably the truest ally and friend I've ever met...perhaps more than those words can describe. Carried my bones, cared for my shell, and made my continued existence at least meaningful to something beyond my own selfish need for satisfaction. There's more to him than I know now, but I'm sure it will come in time. There's nothing that I wouldn't risk to help him for all he's done for me. ""When I get my hands on the thing you've been striving most for...I plan to wring every drop of agony from it that we can...seasoned fresh for my own enjoyment - then Banished to Oblivion when it is left spent and wasted."

Bobo:: "We're not so different, you and I. We came from the two sides of a similar coin. That small difference between us carved a chasm in the way we think. I don't agree with you on some things...and likewise you don't with me. Still - despite that fact...I'm sure we can be Frenemies, or better yet - allies...on some sort of front." "There's someone there knocking...but I can't see you. Just so we're clear - his is MY territory and I don't see YOU in it. Grow and fester, and when the time is right - I'll hunt you...consume you, and be the top of this Shithole's food-chain."

Floyd: "I heard a few things about you when I arrived, just as you had heard so much of before I had shown. Yet we find you suddenly different than was described...You've gone through something terrible - and it only seems to continue to haunt you...More than even I think Bobo deals with. What have you wrought upon yourself...I wonder... ""Give in. Give in. Give IN. GI**V̶̪̾E̶̙̍ ̸̻̎Ị̸͊Ṅ̷̢.̴̗̉ ̷̧̌G̷̲̑Ĩ̵͙V̶͓͝Ȇ̵̩ ̸̖͠I̸̝͠N̵̛̲.̴̞̋ ̵̲̀G̸̦̽I̴͙͗V̶̪͋E̶̛̟ ̶̭͐I̷̪̓Ṉ̸̛.̶͍́ ̵͕͂G̷̲̈́I̷̚͜V̶̨̈́E̶̻͊ ̵̬͐Ị̷͝N̶͚̅.̷͉̓ ̷͇͋L**IKE YOU'RE ALMOST THERE. I CAN ALMOST FUCKING FEEL IT."

Conn: "There's a brightness here that's hard to manage. Kind of hard to look at...not from lack of appearance - but in the brilliance of their aura. Still - seems level headed. More than most folk I have met." "I hate them. I don't know why - But I NEED to crush them. I Can feel it pulling at me, something in them makes me hungry."

Wick: "Another cursed pair of eyes. I'm sorry you've had to see the things you did. Had you died from what had occurred - that would have been a truly unsettlingly sad set of affairs...let alone a massive breach of the Dictuum Mortuum. I hope you're more careful out there." "SOOoooo you think yourself a BRIGHT and SHINGING light to push-back the shadows? That's not how this works kid. You'll soon learn that the brightest candle gets snuffed out the fastest.THE WICK'S BURNING, BOY! AHAHhAHHAHhAHHAH!"

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Sigvard Joschka Forrest

Date Of Birth: 1978, June 3rd, (2:02 pm) 6/3/1978

Date Of Death: 2017, April 7th, 5:00am (39 years of age at time of death)

Acted By: Mads Mikkleson

Nationality: Swedish American

Languages: English

Age: 39

Birth Date: June 3rd, 1978 (2:02 pm)

Height: 5' 11"

Weight: 86kg

Handed: Right

Blood type: O+

Death date: 2017, April 7th, 5:23 am

Cause of Death: Exsanguinated

Demeanor: Survivor

Nature: Activist

Thorns: Shadowplay, Bad Luck

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RP Hooks
Wraith: Boo. Ghost.

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