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Klementina Emilia Piaskovsky

"Fortunately, among werewolf women, the word "bitch" is not offensive.
I was having a lot of fun with that.
"Hey there, bitches!"
I called as I came through the door.
"What are my favorite bitches up to today?"
— Molly Harper (Nice Girls Don't Date Dead Men)

Klementina Emilia Piaskovsky

xxxxxMy name is Klementina Emilia Piaskovsky. I was born under a full moon in the City of Hope. I have a mother that was born under the Gibbous moon, and a father that raised us with a firm hand and a caring touch. I have an older brother Petyr, and two younger sisters Natasha and Adele. I come from a long line of Silver Fangs, who, if you believe my Mother, can be traced back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth. While we are a strong and noble family, thick with the history of how my great-x4 grandfather trekked from the motherland ( an area called Krasnoyarsk) over Siberia and through Alaska to form a pack in the Arctic. From there, our family slowly trickled south, until my family is where it is today, in California.
xxxxxI grew up on the edge of the city in a fairly big ranch house. My mother was the lore keeper for a local pack, and served as the Squire for the court as did her father before her. This tended to keep her away from home and left my father and the staff to raise the four of us. We were a wild bunch, with very different characteristics. My older brother was sullen, moody and prone to disappear into the shadows often. These behaviors only worsened as it was obvious he was not going to change, and when I did, our relationship grew strained. It did not help that I had a fiery temper and was bossy, impatient with the others when they did not react as I desired. The twins, Nat and Adele were born under the crescent moon and different from each other as day and night. One was destined to be a healer while the other seemed drawn to the mystics and spiritual training. It will be interesting to see whom Gaia calls to serve her.
xxxxxNow I run the Smoke and Barley with my long time mate, Tim. I am the Alpha of the best pack in the city Vanguard's Might and guardian of the inner city sanctuary for shifters and their kin. I am happy. Maybe too happy. That kind of happiness always follows by the BIG crash of doom, and this is a world of darkness. . .

RP Hooks

  • Smoke and Barley Klem co-owns this bar with her cousin Timor, Timor makes all the spicy sauces that are slathered on steaks and ribs, while Klem handles the bar and finding the micro brews. The bar is well known in the SHIFTER community for being a shifter/kin sanctuary.
  • Wanna play with me? Risk level 2, willing to do anything that helps with renown or character development

  • shift codes for people to borrow or use Shift
  • gifts that I have and their dice Gifts
  • prep code line to give data and rolls in a page to an ST Prep


Shifter Events


I hate to finally have to write this out. But I have discovered some things about myself and my play style and how I interact with others. And well, these two pet peeves are getting to be big gaping sores - even worse than a dentist grinding their drill on my teeth. If you want to irk me -- then play these. If you want me to play with you, and have fun while doing it, avoid these topics!

I will note .. these are PERSONAL OOC pet peeves, Klem will deal ICly with what faces her.

Paw.gif Peeve #1 -- Pregnancy
What in the world of heaven's name is up with all the pregnant people on a mush??? Seriously folks, you wanna play house, I get it. Everyone wants to play their happy little sim life, and for you, that is great. But I am in a mush to role play world of darkness. DARKNESS. not Sims. Bad things happen.
And have you ever noticed? within a week or two its not fun to play pregnancy - because everyone is bored of it. Timeline on CoH is 1:1 so that is nine SOLID months of being pregnant. And well Most supers are not going to take a pregnant person into danger, so that means all PRP activities are out. No hunting for you. And well. do you want to make your partner miserable cause you want to play house and stop THEIR ability to rp? That is just mean.
Lets go over what the Garou Society thinks too. Shall we? In gaining honor, having and protecting a mate is honorable. There is nothing about gaining honor for breeding many babies. In fact the litany lists nothing at all about procreating and making a mess of unwanted and untended babies. The litany just says don't breed with other garou. So if you are a proud daddy pounding your seed into all the girls on the grid -- don't bring it to Klem's attention. She is happy without that kind of play. really.

Paw.gif Peeve #2 -- hunting for sex -- being a maneater to the point of UGH REALLY
Its ok to have fun in a dating scene, or whatever. The goal of rp should be the rp in the scene, not to target and bag a man/woman to hump. But when you start IC and OOC fighting over another character to hump or mate, you have just ruined the fun for everyone else. I have witnessed this activity end a few scenes, and recently another person was completely chased off the mush because of this behavior.
Take it to Shagrila! And leave those who REALLY want to role play a world of darkness to play in peace

Garou Character

Rank: Athro (4)
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Silver Fang
Pure Breed: 4
Camp: Renewalist
House: Wyrmfoe
Lodge: Lodge Of The Sun
Rite Name: Time Stop
Pack: Vanguard's Might

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 130 lbs.
Hair Color: Silver
Eye Color: Blue

Needing an 'in' to the sphere? I have a few relatives that are up for dibs!
  • Petyr - Kinfolk, older brother, sullen and moody.
  • Natasha - younger sister, one of a twin, born under crescent moon, healer
  • Adele - younger sister, one of a twin, born under crescent moon, rites master
  • Willing to work in cousins or aunts/uncles as desired! Must be Silver Fang

Rumors and Friends (feel free to comment or add yourself here)

Tim My mate, my husband. A soothing balm to my rage. Married 5/22/2012

Liam My second in command for the Smoke and Barley. Kinfolk extraordinaire

Chance The spirit that guides and runs our hunts

Aodhan MacBhaird "I am a Man. A Fianna. A BARD. A warrior. I am Vanguard's Might. A steadfast wall against the inhumanity that presses against us. I am Gaia's Child. Chosen. I am yours. I am Aodhan."

Quinn Cousin to Aodhan, amazing sniper, needs to break the stick in her spine and have some fun. (says the kettle to the pot)

CJ This woman is amazing. Strangely scary, very alluring. Pushes Klem in every way possible - one day there will be an explosion.