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"Here we are, born to be kings
We're the princes of the universe
Here we belong, fighting to survive
in a world with the darkest powers
And here we are, we're the princes of the universe
Here we belong, fighting for survival, we've come to be the rulers of you all!"


Active Silver Fangs

Tribal Structure

Title Name Rite Name Auspice Breed Gender Rank
Twilight Lord Rian von Steuben Death Before Dishonor Ahroun Homid Male 5
Twilight Seneschal Vasyl War Cry Galliard Homid Male 4
Something Important ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ??

Sun Lodge Structure

Title Name Rite Name Auspice Breed Gender Rank
Sun Shaman
Sun Steward Felicity Homid Female Kinfolk
Sun Squire

Moon Lodge Structure

Title Name Rite Name Auspice Breed Gender Rank
Moon Shaman
Moon Steward Roman Andreov Homid Male Kinfolk
Moon Squire
  • Lord: Tribal Leader
  • Seneschal: Tribal Administrator
  • ???: Something Important
  • Shaman: Lodge Leader/Spiritual Advisor
  • Steward: Lodge Administrator/Coordinator
  • Squire: Administrator Minion

Fangs by Auspice


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Tribal Holdings

xxxxxThe Silver Fangs of Prospect own Pennington Towers, controlled by Felicity. It serves in part as an office building for the public, while the secure upper floors serve the same function for the Garou Nation. Several urban-minded Garou have offices here, speak to Felicity if you'd like to set up shop!
xxxxxPennington Fitness, connected to the Towers, offers fitness and sparring for shifters and kinfolk alike, as well as pool, spa and sauna services. It and the cafe connected to it are completely private to shifters and run by Kinfolk. Also offering yoga, martial arts, and self defense classes.

xxxxx Smoke & Barley, owned by Felicity and Roman. SAB is THE social gathering place for most all the Gaians. Great BBQ, safe atmosphere and protection as a meeting place to discuss matters and enjoy some food and drink while you do so.

xxxxxThe Winter Palace is a public ice skating rink and snow park with an attached Russian restaurant, Sokol Restaurant. A private dining room provides safety and food for shifters and kinfolk, and there's access to a snow cave underground.

Silver Fang NPCs of note

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Additional Information

Tribal House Structure

Originally, the Tribe was divided into 13 Houses that formed back in the Russian Tundra. Each house began with a mighty ancestor in the Dawn Time. It often took many years for each house to declare itself as such, under the leadership of a descendant of one of the original 13 Wolves of the Pale Tundra. These were the core alphas of the tribe long, long ago, the ones upon whom Luna bestowed her Touch of Silver. The first Garou ordained as Those Who Lead, therefore, each house has a single king or queen, who is the ruler of that house’s territory.

In the Modern Nights, however, only seven of the houses remained. Each Silver Fangs belongs to one of the remaining Houses, and most join one of the two lodges after they have completed their Rite of Passage. Each house has a single King or Queen, the ruler of that house’s territory, who in turn answers to the High King (if there's one who's worthy of the Silver Crown). Each King is served by various Lords, who rule other septs and are usually eldes in their own right or heirs to the throne. There are also stewards, who aid them coordinating packs in their territory. Of course, each pack has its own leader, who may or may not bear an additional title of some sort.


Source: WW3852 Silver Fangs Revised p. 35

Austere Howl - A house in reclusion, said to be tainted by the Wyrm by House Gleaming Eye because they shared Kinfolk with the Picts (traditional White Howler/BSD kin). Their Queen and Court has found sanctuary at the Sept of Tri-Spiral, the Fianna Tribal Caern.

The Blood-Red Crest - Located in Southeast Asia and in decline due to drastically low births.

Clan Crescent Moon - The oldest and most prestigious house, located in Russia.

The Gleaming Eye - Internal police for the Silver Fangs, they hunt those who have been corrupted by the Wyrm.

The Unbreakable Hearth - Ambassadors and emissaries for the Silver Fangs. They often serve as middlemen between the tribe and the rest of the Garou nation. Located in Canada and the Midwestern United States.

Wise Heart - Eastern mystics.

House Wyrmfoe - One of the youngest houses and appropriately one of the most brash, located in the north-eastern USA.


Source: WW3852 Silver Fangs Revised p. 41

Sun Lodge - Tied to Helios and is concerned with worldly matters.

Moon Lodge - Tied to Luna and is concerned with spiritual affairs.


Source: WW3852 Silver Fangs Revised p. 43

Even royalty has factions, and the Silver Fangs are no exception. While mostly united in their desire to remain "top dogs", the tribe is divided on how to go about it. The following camps are the most polarized factions within the Silver Fangs:

Royalists - The tribe's traditionalists, the Royalists wish to return the "good old days" where all other tribes bent the knee to the Silver Fangs. For obvious reasons, the Royalists do not get along well with the Renewalists.

Renewalists - Home to the tribe's "young Turks", the Renewalists advocate the integration of new ideas and, perhaps, new blood into the tribe, to stave off stagnation. For obvious reasons, the Renewalists do not get along well with the Royalists.

Ivory Priesthood - Less a faction than the tribe's self-appointed arcane researchers, the Ivory Priests research the secrets of death and life.

Grey Raptors - Perhaps best described as an extremist sect of the Royalists, the Grey Raptors take it upon themselves to pass judgment upon those whom defy the Silver Fangs.

Masters of the Seal - The tribe's most secret camp, the Masters of the Seal are thieves, dispatched to steal the most damaging and most useful secrets from the other tribes.

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