Shifter Events

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Ongoing Shifter Plots
Next Date Storyteller Name Description Logs
Past Shifter Plots
Storyteller Name Description Logs
Brooke The Great Hunt 2019 All Garou welcomed 2019.06.21: The Great Hunt Pack 1
2019.06.21: The Great Hunt Pack 2
2019.06.23: The Great Hunt Pack 3
Torsten Black Stag Forge BBQ All Garou and known kin invited TBD
Hel Nightmares of Purgatory Shifters & Kin. IC hooks can be through Gavin Rosenthall Coming Soon
TBD Phillipe Bastet Field Trips Opportunity for Cubs and Tekhmet to grow, learn, and earn renown with a bit of a safety net in place lest things go sideways. First Outing

Feel free to add your name here if you're interested in running one-shot PrP events.

  • Brooke: Gaian Garou mainly, Fera/Kinfolk welcome to join.