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Timara 'Tim' Jones
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People Snapshots
BryanO - Nothing worth having is ever easy.

Dre - I'm sorry.

William - Sneakers. Good guy. Best friend.

Wanda - William's shining star.

Yuri - Challenge accepted.

Leandro - I like you.

Xaviar - Welp, it's moving too fast to go back now.

Kieda - Thank you.

Typhanie - Whole again. Cracked and scarred, but whole.

Phil - Employer. super hero. He needs a bigger cape.

Todd - Thanks for stopping me.

Eugene - Not the best of first impressions. Sorry.

Fabian - I trust you.

Galen - We have a lot in common.

Deidre - Don't think she likes me.

Audrin - I am not worthless.

Vance - Bust me now big boy!

Thaddeus - It's all fun and games until someone loses a ball.

Chance - Your truths frighten me, but I am trying to right my wrongs.

Carver - Little bit creepy. Must not call him Stumpy.

Alisandra - Chatty, fun. I like her.

Chambers - How fascinating.

Velok - All talk; no follow through. Just a disappointment.

Dust in the Wind

Arguile - Grandfather. Missing you.

Alec Willings - I like your visits. Where'd you go?

Lihi - Quiet, pale, cute. I wish I had the answers she does. She's gone quiet.

Sirus - ADHD of the dick. AWOL.

Tomas - I can feel the energy rolling off of him. He's my beach buddy. He's missing, too.

Tokens and Trinkets


  • Tim-as-a-mermaid metal sculpture. 6" long, 4" high. Tomas
  • Sketch of Tim walking out of the ocean in a giant t-shirt. Deidre
  • Tim-with-fins stone carving. William
  • Lucky horse shoe for the barn. William
  • Crude but effective woodworking tools. William

Given Away

Finished Projects

  • Dreamcatcher bed - Mine!
  • Bed modified to be a dreamcatcher - Gifted to William and Wanda
  • House enchanted to radiate peace and dissuade violence and tempers - Mine!
  • Belled bracelet that chimes when near Wyrm taint - Mine! (Maybe this will help keep me out of trouble!)

The Family

Peanut, Spirit-Bird

Mike Jones, Ex-Husband. Missing.

Mermaiding is fun...

But flying is better!


Lords of Acid - She and Mr. Jones (NSFW)

Mrs Jones denies it's strong,
But we know that something's wrong,
All night long she screams and shouts,
We know what it's all about,
Somewhere on the second floor,
Behind the torture chamber door...

Garbage - #1 Crush

I will burn for you,
Feel pain for you,
I will twist the knife and bleed my aching heart,
And tear it apart.

Come With Me Now - KONGOS

I was born without this fear,
Now only this seems clear,
I need to move, I need to fight,
I need to lose myself tonight.

Like A Mountain - Timber Timbre

And out in the woods lighting struck,
I saw death in the eye of a buck,
Tied to a tree, drowned in the muck,
Everything had changed.
Story Hooks Past

Normal Stuff

  • Liquor - She's underage for drinking, but she loves her boozing. Want to buy her a drink? Smuggle some beer to her from a convenience store?
  • Making Things - If crafting could be a fetish, it would be hers. She loves creating something from almost nothing.
  • Husband - Tim's (NPC) husband works in security, she's learned a little about this. He's gone missing.
  • Handy-Girl - Looking for work and ways to earn some cash. Job hunting, odd-jobs, if it pays, she's liable to do it.

Supernatural Stuff

  • Peanut the African Grey - He's a pretty powerful Guide spirit that can see ghosts and the like.
  • Enchanting - Yes, Tim the Enchanter.
  • Mana Manipulation - I can sense ley lines and nodes, as well as sense 'energy' within people and animals.
  • Shapeshifting - Wanna play Angel? Mermaid? I'm really good at Marco Polo when I sprout some bat-like echo-location parts.
  • Channeling - Dead people lend a hand every so often to my cause.
  • She's had Peanut (Her spirit-guide) the african grey parrot since she was fourteen. He taught her what she knows about sorcery, and is there to fill the role of conscience, or common sense. Much like Jiminy Cricket did for Pinocchio.
  • Married to Mike Jones at the tender age of sixteen, they've moved often for his work. Most recently? To Prospect, California from Ferndale, Washington.
  • Mike Jones (NPC) is a security consultant for big companies and is often at work.

RP Logs

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