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Nataly Rodriguez
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Information Snapshots
-A nursing student at the University of California, Prospect

-A bit of a party girl, always looking for a good time.

Contacts Quotes
Note to the grid:

Nataly was created to be prey. With a board full of monsters, we need some victims, right? So long as she survives whole and doesn't end up especially beholden to one sphere or another, I'm probably down for the scene. There is an exception, if you are from the Wyrm sphere, best direct your attention to Summer Aguilar. She was made for y'all.

Dante: Met him in a club in Tijuana. He told me I wasn't like the other girls, and god help me, I listened to him.

Alice: Also met in Tijuana. Beautiful... scary too.

Angela: Such a superstar... and kissed me? Am I a groupie now?

Torgue: Sorry, sir. Sorry for everything.

Fritz: For a while there, I thought maybe he cared for me. Maybe he does but... I'm kind of scared now.

Solara: Something off about her. Offered to help, and I think she meant it but... just off, somehow.

Evie: Sometimes things just don't work out. I'll miss her.

Guivre: The Doc is is good, and really helps me to relax. For him, I want to be the best nurse I can be.

Conn: Nice guy, runs a great bar.

"Prospect is a fun town. Some real weirdos around, though."

"What's the point of life if you're not gonna have some adventure, too?"

"It's like I found this thing that was locked inside me, something I never knew about, and now I'm scared if I don't explore it, I'll lose the key."

"It's important to be the best nurse I can be."

"So, much like the town bicycle, Nataly is the Praxis blood doll. >.>"

RP Logs

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