Luke Whateley

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* Mage - All things Mage, of which he knows so very little. Always a conversation starter!

* Sons of Ether: - All things Ether. Just don't breathe too deep! Its bad for your lungs.

* Very Intelligent: - Like most Mages end up becoming. Very intelligent. Just without the needed Wisdom.

* Reinvent!: - He loves to reinvent old useless technology. He has a bit of a Jules Vernes fetish and a love for all things brass, copper and steam.

A Mundane Society

The Mundane

The Mundane world is the reality in which he lives. He can not deny it, he can not fault it. It exists, just as he exists. He grew up in it, spent his youth in it. In his mind, the mundane world is a filter through which those with the right mind and outlook in the world finds their way while the rest simply move along. He does not fault the Sleepers for being asleep.

Living among the Sleepers, knowing what he does, requires constant vigilance. That is why living in California is the best choice in the end, for a man like him. You can have radical ideas and you can dress a bit strangely without anyone batting any eyelashes over it. California is the State of Radicals after all. From fashion to thinking, you will find it all in Cali.

He has found a living working a steady job as a sort of full time consultant at a small think tank company. This company profile themselves as one that boasts some of the best and brightest minds in the fields of mathematics and physics. They offer assistance in solving various problems and finding solutions for issues other companies lack the expertise for. Through this company, Luke has managed to secure a few patents for minor inventions, giving him a comfortable living. Sometimes, you just have to work with the system to live outside of it.

The Society

His chosen lifestyle makes it difficult to co-exist with the Mundane world. His fascination for the Victorian Era industrial revolution and its aestetics is a hard sell for most credible Sleepers and Awakened within his field. Still, he has found likeminded people within the Sons of Ether, and since his Awakening he has never felt more at home in the world.

He is pretty much the stereotypical Etherite, with the only difference being that his main interest not being space. He has two main interests. The depth of the sea and the ability to move without moving. One, however, is mostly a hobby born from a love of Jules Vernes. The other is a more serious science.

While his chosen style leans so very heavily towards a Victorian Era type of industry, it is mainly the aestetics he is after. Brass, copper, boilers and cogwheels. Pressure gauges, glass, polished and cut crystals. In reality, though, he does employ some more modern things behind the scenes, incorporating it into his working machinery. He is also looking into minituarisation. A functional full boiler the size of a suitcase? Why not! As long as the material and the math checks out, it can be done.

He currently holds an employment with a scientific Think Tank at Math & Theory Constructs, C.o.H Phys.INC, a company that thinks up solutions and solves old problems; usually by also filing for patent once the work is completed.

Creations & Rotes

In lack of having any creations or any rotes, I will instead ask you to read this:


If you are a member of any sphere that belongs to what traditionally is called Antagonists (Wyrm, Sabbat, Technocracy among others), please note this: I would consider it a courtesy to be informed beforehand so that I may take a stand on wether or not I wish to RP with you. My preferences in RP hold to the PRP persuasion, and I have zero interest in IC PVP role-play with actual player characters. Thank you for considering my wishes.

The Rollerdeck

The Trusted

- Octava - Is that a Loris in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

The Friendlies

- Dr Veronica Varona - SoE - Student of Noetic Sciences
- Lady Xiu - Verbena - Wicked Witch of the West?

The Distrusted

Former ex-girlfriends! They just didn't get his Jules Vernes fetish.

The Departed

Some go 6' under. Others go Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea

- Arumi Hanada - SoE - Intelligence is nothing without the Wisdom to use it. And you had no wisdom at all.
- Young Master Joel - VA - Liquorice is not an acceptable flavour for tea.
- Miss Mikaela - SoE - A fellow student of Contiguous Ether



William Tell Overture - Sheet Musis Boss Remix

Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun
Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun DUUN DUUN DUUUN
Dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun duuun duuun
D-D-D-DUUUUUN dun dun dun dun dun dun dun

Luke Whateley
App. Age:
Scientific Think Tank
Jules Vernes revivalist
Sons of Ether
Played By:
James Callis