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Dr. Lakshmi Mehta, recent transplant to Prospect, materials researcher and sometimes college professor. What else to put here? God, I have no idea.

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Alsatia - To think, the hair would turn out to be one of the less striking things about you. A fine first impression.

Dalvin - There's more going on under that hoodie than I imagined. You are /too/ shy though.

Katja - Cute. Bit of a giantess. Happy to talk science and engineering in the future - molding young minds and that.

Siri - or as I currently think of her, "the extremely tall, fast, and loud one." Even more of a giantess than Katja. Seems very concerned with "being Alpha," whatever that means.

Xiomara - SEE-OH-MARA. ///HUGE///... tracks of land. Super sweet. Galactic Empress, Knight of the Order, and undisputed head of the Prospect Beautiful Nipple Club.

Gone But Not Forgotten:

Evie - Still can't believe what happened.

Grayling - Thank you for the strength and confidence you instilled in me. I miss you.

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RP Hooks
  • Science! - Lakshmi is a scientist / engineer, one of the foremost minds in the world when it comes to developing new self-healing plastics and other odd, wonderful, and potentially useful materials. Are you a science-type? She's been published extensively and has a number of patents to her name (or well... Stanford does, thanks to her). Do you have a specific project in mind with an unusual material use case? She may be able to point you in the right direction, if nothing else. (It's more fun than it sounds, I promise!)
  • Professor - Currently 'on loan' from Stanford to UC Prospect, Lakshmi is slated to teach a few extremely high level engineering and science classes. If you're in a relevant doctoral program she may soon be teaching you.
  • Big drinker - Like... not the fun kind. This typically happens in private, but she'll venture out to bars and such when loneliness proves to be too much. Which is often.
  • Secret sculptor - She probably won't show you her work (don't get your feelings hurt, she doesn't show /anyone/) but Lakshmi has a deep abiding love for art in many forms, so if you're an artistic type prepare to be fawned over -- particularly if there are darker elements in your work.
  • Wake up! - Chasing the next big rush is a thing, for sure. She's not in to hard drugs or anything (at least not yet) and seems to be making a conscious effort to avoid that particular pitfall, but if you want to go skydiving, or check out that weird club down in Mexico, or... whatever really as long as it can be presented as 'new and fun'? Yeah, Lakshmi's probably up for it.

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Race: Mortal (mundanely exceptional, exceptionally mundane)
Full Name: Dr. Lakshmi Mehta, PhD.
Occupation: Researcher, Theoretical & Applied Materials Science, Stanford / UC Prospect
Fame 2: Developments in self-healing plastics and materials science (very niche)
DoB: Impolite to ask. (Aquarius, if you must know)
Age: Thirty-something
Height: 5' 6"

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Notable Stats
Appearance: 4
Intelligence: 4
Dexterity: 4
Science: 5
Technology: 4
Artistic Expression: 5
Linguistics: 2
(German, Russian)
Fame: 2 (niche)
Resources: 5

Acute Sense, Touch
Ability Aptitude, Science
Ability Aptitude, Artistic Expression
Addiction, severe - Alcohol
Sensation Junkie

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