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Good Evening, dear listeners, and welcome to Late Nights with Becky Smalls! This, presumably, means that I'm your host, and they've not fired me yet!

Last week, I told you why Medicare is irrelevant, since the guv'mint isn't the ones putting microchips in your food. That would be the corporations. We had a call from a lady in Oklahoma, who asked us if it's true about the Chemtrails, and another caller confirmed that, apparently, you can smell it! Thrilling stuff.

Well, tonight, hopefully, we're going to carry on from there. We'll be talking about what they're putting in the water, and what they're taking out, too! Oh yes, fluoride is just the tip of the iceberg! There's a whole titanic down there... Anyway. We'll be discussing the effects of the Twilight books and all their interminable knockoffs on the more erotic side of the occult community, and as a special treat for you tonight... I'm cooking Crayfish Etoufe!

All that coming up after these subliminal messages. Stay tuned!

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Camarilla The Camarilla: "I know what you did last Thursday."
Sabbat The Sabbat: "Well, that's just in poor taste. I'm sure they'll grow out of it."
Independent The Independents: "How delightful! Good for you, you must be very brave to live like that."
Brujah The Brujah: "Please stop shouting, darling. Nobody cares."
Gangrel The Gangrel: "Please, come sit with me and lets talk about cryptozoology. Are you the local Chupacabra?"
Malkavian The Malkavians: Sometimes I think we're the only ones with any sense around here, darling."
Nosferatu The Nosferatu: "What do you know about the hidden lairs of the Worm People? Why are you laughing at me?"
Toreador The Toreador:"Oh, how delightfully quaint! She thinks she matters!"
Tremere The Tremere:"When Archimedes said that thing about long enough levers and somewhere to stand, I think he was talking about the immovable stick up all the Tremere's asses."
Ventrue The Ventrue: "Darling, what? You think you're in charge of things? Let me open your eyes to the truth!"
Lasombra The Lasombra: "There are scarier things out there than the ancients you're so worried about. Really. You have no idea, darling."
Tzimisce The Tzimisce: "Now, darling, this may sound hypocritical coming from me, but. You need to get your head checked."
Caitiff The Caitiff: "Democracy in motion! Evolution of the species!"
Assamites The Assamites: "I'm sure there's been some sort of misunderstanding, dear. Oh. There hasn't. Oh dear."
Setite The Followers of Set: "How horribly cheesy."
Giovanni The Giovanni: "Your women. I want to buy your women. The little girl, your daughters... sell them to me. Sell me your children! "
Ravnos The Ravnos: "You? I like you! So sorry about the whole 'eating each other' ...thing."
Demon Demons: "At the end of the day, the old ban against infernalism is just another form of racism."
Changeling The Fey: "They say they represent freedom, joy and wonder. They are just as close-minded and blind as the rest."
Pentex The Corporations: "I am /on/ to you."

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Full Name: Rebecca Smalls
Important dates: Born March 22, 1970, Embraced December 12, 2002
Faction: Camarilla
Clan: Malkavian
Career: Late Night Radio Host
Medication: Various painkillers, fed to her herd before feeding.
Kinain: Nocker
Reputation: Angry conspiricy theorist, but frightfully posh. * Beckyquotes

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In the know

Riva Such an absolute sweetie, and good to have about the house. And, for some strange reason, utterly delicious. Remember, Becky, it would be rude to try to chloroform your lodger!
Tiffani Darling, you see... a monster is something you chose to be. Intolerance, rejection, callousness... these are the traits of a monster. Dietry requirements are, I assure you, really not.
Basilisk This... this sort of thing, it's why we need the Camarilla!
Silvester You see this chap? This is what a gentleman looks like, and we need more people like him to set a good example to the rabble.
Kaye She can see it too, I can tell! She's a good kid, but she needs to show the world what's really there, rather than hiding from it.

In the dark

Erzsebet On the one hand, she's an utter hoot to be around and seems to be one of the less culture-less people around here. On the other hand, I'm pretty sure she's a diablarist, and might be gunning for me. Oh, the dilema!
Leila Oh, wow! She heard the show! And now I'm a giddy little fangirl, it's so embarrassing.
Lissie How sweet, and oddly vulnerable, and delightfully easy on the eyes. MINE. Sorry, do I sound possessive there?
Anisia She hides a surprisingly smart mind underneath all that ditz. Worth watching, probably.
Alisandra For somebody this fascinating, I can't believe you're so boring. Here, let me make things more interesting!

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Becky's mental state is rather changeable. She's normally fairly sane, with sudden, unpredictable episodes. Point being: just because the Crazy isn't immediately apparent, doesn't mean it's not there, waiting to surface.

I'm hoping to portray a character with fairly realistic mental health issues. As such, the exact nature of her derangements will likely change and develop over time.

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Notable Stats

Fame 4
Merit: Enchanting Voice, Soothing Voice...
Merit: Kinain
Flaw: Lame
Flaw: No Fangs
Humanity: 7
Appearance: 2
Willpower: 4

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