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It would be correct in saying that she hails from a Amazônia, but that wasn't for too long. The nameless jaguar cub was captured and sent to live 'in a humane manner' at the San Francisco zoo, a protected specimen, and eventually breeding stock for the older male already held.

The handler at the zoo, a middle aged gentleman named Christos, or Chris, was a balam as well, there to protect the male kin that had been captured before. The previously unnamed cub was dubbed Riva by the man, and raised with care.

Her first change came one day while they were trying to anesthetize the overactive cat. Luckly Chris was around to smooth things over and ensure none of the humans died. Knowing that he had a chance to mold the young feline, and perhaps propagate the species some more, he had the older male kin mate with her as soon as she proved fertile. And it worked, as just over three months later she produced a litter of three more kin cubs.

This caught the attention of some local wyrm types, and before long they discovered The two bastet and group of their feline kin. To make a long story short, she was the only one able to escape, and even that didn't happen unscarred. Chris' last command to his pupil was to go south and find others.

Obviously she hasn't made it far enough south yet.

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Stay out of the city. Safer in the woods

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Becky They told me to stay away. They told me you were bad. Now they are gone and you are family. They were wrong.

Chambers Did wrong....But Cubs are beautiful...

Tiffani Gone.

Francis William Aiden Gone

Typhanie Stopped liking me?

Willow Cute human cub. Don't think your mom wants me around

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She's a feline Bastet that thinks she knows much more about the human world than she actually does.

Collects 'treasures' always items found or given, she never steals them.

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RP Hooks

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