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“The flower that smiles today dies tomorrow.”
- Percy Bysse Shelley, 1824


At the moment, not much is known about this skinny, frail-seeming post-adolescent other than that he likes to wear old Soviet Constructivist t-shirts and attends some posh private college with a bunch of other weirdos. From his accent it sounds like he's either from the area or further up the 405. Often found at teen-oriented hangouts when he can get away from campus - the Sideshow, Off the Record, ClubRhapsody and Steamed and Hammered Tavern. That is to say, if he can be found in the city core at all. Co-Holds the Unicorn's Rest Mew with his Very Best Kitty Girl, Felicite.

Felicite - My very best Kitty Girl. - "Lovecats" - The Cure
RP Hooks
  • Changelings: My people, still clinging to existence by delicate claws. We deserve so much more.
  • Boggans: The eyes and ears and mouths and soul and nurturers of the Dreaming.
  • Clurichauns: I should like you more than I do, but I don't.
  • Eshu: Definitely entertaining, if a little suspect in their timing. Never turn down their help.
  • Merfolk: You're sexy and dangerous. Meh. Aren't we all?
  • Nockers: Your creations help stave off Winter as much as the Sidhe's beauty does.
  • Piskeys: Ne touchez-pas mein Schiesse! Seriously.
  • Pooka: There's philosophy in your antics and truth in your lies.
  • Redcaps: I empathize with your rage and hunger even while terrified of it.
  • Satyrs: Two minutes of squelching noises or some delicious philosophical debate? Disappointing that it's more often the former.
  • Selkies: Still trying to figure out a use for you.
  • Sidhe: So long as you remember the 'oblige' part of 'Noblesse Oblige' we're good.
  • Sluagh: Sly and earthy and dark...and oddly underestimated - just like us.
  • Trolls: Some of us are strong, too, just not as obvious about it.
  • Gallain and Inanimae: Inscrutable. For now.
  • Nunnehi: Got no quarrel with you that I'm aware of.
  • Kinain: I envy you. You have permanence.
  • Thallain: I despise you...though I also kinda get it.
  • The Seelie: While verging on too proper, they keep us safe and relevant.
  • The Unseelie: While I disagree often with your methods, you do show us how to be alive.
  • The Shadow Court: Wait- there's a THIRD Court? This doesn't bode well.
  • Muggles: We disparage you while also needing you to survive. I don't get it.
Theme Songs:

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Thoreau Baumgarten
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Birthday: October 10, 1999
Occupation: Student?
Sphere: Changeling
Kith: Ghille Dhu
Seeming: Wilder/Summer
Seelie Legacy: Hermit
True Name: Lucretius
Demeanor: Confidant
Metamorphosis: 2
Primal: 3
Fae: 5
Nature 2
Notable Attributes
Appearance: 3
Perception: 4
Stamina: 4
Strength: 3
Gremayre 3
Intuition 2
Kenning 4
Brawl 2
Occult 2
Lore Changeling 3
Chimera 2
Remembrance 2
Treasure 1
Good Right-Left Hook 1
Nature Linked 3
Poetic Heart 3
Curiosity 2
Echoes 3
Surreal Quality 2