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"Quiet girl, melancholic, but super driven. Always volunteered for all the extra shifts, always worked late. Really wanted to make a difference. I was worried about her, to be honest, as she was pushing herself too hard. Then one month, she barely said a word, and she was so tired sometimes she could barely stand up - I was going to say something to management, get her hours cut or something, but suddenly she seemed to snap out of it on her own. There still aren't many here who do more, at least in time, but she seems a bit chattier at least, and a bit tougher. Had a bad car accident last week, a young man died at the scene - she was sad, spent all the time at the scene comforting him in his last moments, but 'We did all we could - he's in a better place, now', and on to the next case. She started wearing a cross or a crucifix or something under her jacket too I noticed. I guess she must've found God. Whatever works, eh?"

- Chris, senior paramedic at Prospect Memorial Hospital

“Long is the way and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light.” ― John Milton, Paradise Lost

Drop your still dews of quietness,

till all our strivings cease;

take from our souls the strain and stress,

and let our ordered lives confess

the beauty of your peace,

the beauty of your peace.

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Luciferans He did what he thought was best. But he was wrong. I worked it out far too late.
Cryptics I'm sure they think they are doing something important.
Raveners So much for love.
Faustian Wasn't this tried before? I don't remember it working out too well.
Reconcilers Some mortals think the Creator can forgive any sin. Let's find out.
Mortals I love them still, and hate to see them suffer.
Garou Soldiers of a noble cause. Sounds familiar. Hope the ending is different.
Vampire Terrifying... not like wraiths at all...
Wraith My dearest charges. I am here for them.

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  • Andrea: My best friend, but one in such a different world to me.
  • Justin: I cared for you so much, but I suspect it was me who drove you away.
  • Eric: Have fun, but it's not really my scene.
  • Kumo: I wish I had your job, so much better than mine!
  • Jackyl: Cool old theatre, bit rough though!
  • Nathaniel Gregory: Cold as ice, but gave me good advice. Not sure he does the friendship thing, though.
  • Wormwood: Scary looking work colleague, but less scary when you talk to him.
  • Rinaldo: First wraith I meet and it's some obviously dishonest asshole with a poor sick sister who he won't even tell me the address of. So much for helping wraiths.
  • Nicky : Thoughtful, intelligent, compassionate.
  • Esme : We don't see eye to eye, but I feel a lot better after a debate. Better than bottling it up.
  • Madrigal : It turned out she was too good to be entirely true. But I care about her anyway. Thanks for teaching me what the Creator must think of me.
  • Azrael B. : Not sure why he has the name of my former boss. He's nothing like him! But anyway. Wow. Charming! (My former boss was not).
  • Mitzi : I have a therapist now. This will be interesting...
  • Elias : The whole notion of a Devil Reconciler is so odd. We are quite different though, as might be expected. But my therapist said I should make more of an effort.

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RP Hooks
  • Tabitha is an EMT. Anybody in need of emergency services might bump into her - not just patients, but other first responders or witnesses as well.
  • She's almost as at home in the Shadowlands as the Skinlands, and she tries to help wraiths out, if any wraiths need a contact in the lands of the Quick.
  • For that matter a medium might be a bit bemused by a 'ghostly' paramedic wandering around in the shadowlands who looks a bit different to the usual wraith.
  • Tabitha's Torment is mostly directed at herself - she hates herself, what she has done, and what she has become, and redemption - of her, and of all Creation - is all she really cares about. She'd love to meet some other religious types who would give her some hope that what she wants is possible. Open minded priests with a good ear, for example. Or for that matter, psychologists, counsellors, friendly mediums...
  • If someone is looking for a very hands off demon to do business with, she's looking for thralls.
  • Sometimes mortals just need putting down. If you're looking for someone to give some Nazi's stealing the Ark a painless death, she might just oblige.
  • Coffee is Life. She can potentially be found anywhere the holy bean is.

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Tabitha Cross

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Sarathiel, She who Scars, the Remover.

Lore of Death:


Lore of Spirit:




Atavistic Form
Upon their return to the mortal world, the fallen have discovered that many of their past exploits have lived on in human legend. Although time and the interpretations of human minds distort these legends, demons are nevertheless able to tap into these atavistic memories through the appearance of their apocalyptic form. Your characters revelatory form is an iconic image in human myth, be it the visage of a dragon, a fire giant or a winsome siren. The difficulty of all Social rolls decreases by one when interacting with mortals in the apocalyptic form. Additionally the difficulty to resist the effects of Revelation increase by one.
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