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This is an introduction

LogoCraftAhliBatin.png: Nice blend of folks. Helped me understand the numbers in a really cool way. Now they just won't stop!

Akashicbrotherhood.png: I trained with them for only a few months, but they were gracious to let me observe. I learned a thing or two from them, and know better than to call them Jackie Chan wannabes watching too much Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Sonsofether.png: They're like a softball team trying out for the MLB. Lots of ideas, but they get lost halfway there. I spent a summer at one of their bases. Definately need to stay on your brain-toes with these folks.

Virtualadepts.png: We know the truth of the world and everyone acts like DOS is still in. Get with the program. Literally.



  • 30#3~1: Still eh. Okay for the most part and don't see her often anymore. Still owes me a date though.
  • 41#5~2: Her? Haven't seen her around in a while. Must not run in the same circles I guess?
  • 50#5~2: I dunno. My gut tells me something my head is saying otherwise.
  • 59#14~2: The friend of a friend? Yeah I told you. We don't hang.
  • 68#14~2: Slick skills with AR.
  • 71#8~3: Seems cool to me. Reminds me of a Solo. No. Not THAT Solo. Far cooler than that one.
  • 89#17~3: Cute...but weird. Introduced her to Malort. The knowledge of that heinous liquour must flow..


  • 64#10~1: So originally people thought we were both from an alternate dimension. Buddies across time and space, cahooting in our cahoot-yness. Joke's on them. I'm not from another dimension. Ha!


  • 46#10~3: Gamer #2. No longer a newblet, but still a newb though.
Schrodinger, Rufus's Cat